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Best Emoji Games of 2019 – Emoji Quiz & More

Emoji Games: The emojis, apart from serving us to communicate, are also worth playing. As shown by this series of emoji quiz games that put emojis in the center of the screen as the protagonists. Some fun games, simple and entertaining for casual games while we wait for the bus or we are at the doctor’s appointment.

Emoji Games

Emoji Games to Download

Through these lines pass a series of lists of games, how are you for when you have no connection or this one to enjoy games in 18: 9 format. This time we dedicate the list to emoji games that you can download now and that you can enjoy with the different proposals of several game studios.

Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney brings us a game of emojis that we have free to download, although the selected ones are all the characters that have passed through the big screen. From animated films like Toy Store or from the same Star Wars with that Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. By the way, you can go through these apps to enjoy the best-known science fiction saga on the planet.

Disney Emoji Blitz takes us to a game like Candy Crush Saga in which you will have to connect 3 identical emoticons to win prizes, complete missions and discover new characters. A game well developed and that has no other objective of presenting a fun casual game.

Android | iOS

Emoji Quiz

Emoji Quiz is a game that will put you before the tessitura of guessing the word or phrase that represents a series of emoticons. You will have a series of tricks in your hand to use credits to guess some letters and keep playing.

The problem is that if you can not guess the word, the only way to continue playing is to use the credits; forcing the user to use micropayments. A fun game of emojis without many complications, the only one of micropayments.

Android | iOS


This emoji game that you can download for free, tries to connect 4 equal emoticons to win the game. You can play with a friend or family member if you do not want to play against the machine.

Simple in its approach, Target 4 distances itself from the rest to be a different game in the mechanics, although it will remind us of the Connect 4 of a lifetime.

Emoji Five Nights Survival

Those who remember Five Nights at Freddy’s, this emoji game is based entirely on the game mechanics of the horror title. You will have to close the doors so that the emojis do not attack you.

Emoji Five Nights Survival Emoji games

Possibly we can say that it is the most terrifying emojis game of all that we present to download in this list, although it will also get you to have a scary time being quite funny. An original game in this theme that differs from the rest.

Android | iOS

Words to Emojis

Although it is in English, we put it in this list of games to download for being one of the most fun. It also comes in handy if you are learning English, here is a list of apps to learn languages, as it will force you to use the dictionary to know the words.

You will have to use the emojis located at the bottom to represent the chosen word. Something as simple as using the apple icon for “Apple” or the bat icon for Batman.

Android | iOS

Bitmoji – your personal emoji

You will have a great time downloading this game that really allows you to design your own emojis. You can customize them to include yourself and then share the emoji designed by chats or status update. A fun idea that comes or painted for this series of emoji games.

Bitmoji – your personal emoji

One of its virtues is the enormous collection of emojis it has, so with a little creativity, you can create well-customized emoticons. It is the exception of the list of emoji games to be an app, but you will have a lot of fun.

Android | iOS


And if you have despaired a little Emoji Quiz Games, EmojiNations is another alternative with the same game mechanics. It has a very good reception in the two virtual stores and is presented as a great emoji title.

EmojiNation Emoji games

You will have to guess the word represented in emoji to go choosing the letters that you will have in the lower part. EmojiNations tries to challenge you to have a good time with all your emotions and levels.

These emoji games of emojis to download with will spend a great time. Above all, we recommend Words to Emojis, because, although it is not in English, it is the most fun and enjoyable of all.

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