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Everything that is to come to WhatsApp: deleted messages sent, payments between people and photo albums

WhatsApp is the queen bee of all instant messaging applications, and proof of this is the chaos that caused its recent fall worldwide just a few days ago. We are used to communicating by text, and in that matter, as we say, WhatsApp has no rival.


Everything that is to come to WhatsApp

But even being aware of its supremacy, the application has to be continually renewed in order not to succumb to competition, especially that of Telegram. Therefore, we have seen how new functions have been coming to the application and soon we can have many more. Let’s see what WhatsApp has prepared for us for this immediate future.

Real-time location

Perhaps one of the novelties that more controversy will generate. With this new feature, any WhatsApp user could share their location in real time with a contact or group.

A priori it seems that it will be a function that will be disabled by default, but once activated, it would allow us to know how many of our contacts are in each moment showing their live location, all through an available map.


According to a few weeks ago WABetaInfo from your Twitter account, we could create an album to send five or more photographs to a contact or group, and thus, send them all together to form an album.

If we click on it, we can see the full size of each one of the photos that form it separately, but they will all be sent in a single message instead of in a queue as it happens up to now.

Deleting messages

Maybe one of the most anticipated. And it is that, who has not happened to send a message and regret or sent with errata because of the corrector? Well, it seems that the function is being tested in the application that would allow us to delete messages already sent for two minutes, even if the recipient has already received them.

Sending of money

Finally, we have a function that seems straight out of the social network star in China, WeChat. We refer to the money transfers between individuals that, apparently, could begin their first steps in India, a country in which WhatsApp has 200 million users, one-sixth of its global figure.


All these functions are still in the testing phase so we will have to wait a bit to know if they will be released permanently. Some of them are useful, and others are very controversial, but what is clear is that Facebook wants all its tools to reach as many functions as possible, perhaps, who knows, to end up becoming something similar to what WeChat is in Asia.

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