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Facebook Will Give Priority to Content from Friends and Family

Facebook announced on Thursday a major update that will put friends and family over the pages or celebrities in a user’s News Feed and will likely result in people spending less time in the leading social network.

Facebook Will Give Ppriority to Content

In the top 5 of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Amancio Ortega. He added that public content should also “encourage meaningful interactions among people.”

The purpose of this device designed by a Facebook department called Building 8 – a “secret” department dedicated to working on mental reading technology and doing military research – is to use face recognition to let users log in without having to write passwords and they can put together video conferences with their friends. “But I also hope that the time spent on Facebook has more value.”

In the blog of the social network, Moser explained that the new algorithm would prioritize “the publications that inspire the round-trip debate in the comments and publications that may wish to share and react”. And in the long term, you must preserve the Facebook business and ensure that you still have a platform to provide referral traffic for news publishers and marketers, albeit less than before.

What does this change mean for companies and their pages that offer a lot of public content in the news feed?

With what objective will Facebook transform News Feed?

“When we launch this, you’ll see less public content such as business publications, brands, and media,” Zuckerberg said. “On the other hand, reading articles or watching videos passively, even if they are entertaining or informative, may not be so good, ” he added.

“Now, I want to be clear: in making these changes, I hope that the time that people spend on Facebook and some compromise measures will go down.”

Zuckerberg admitted that videos and other corporate content on Facebook had grown a lot in the last two years, so now there are more publications of this kind than personal ones from friends and family. Note that four of them have fortunes from business selling products, while the creator of Facebook got it through mobile ads.

This point generates criticism because it would bias the content that the user receives.

The hope of Facebook is sure that the most important news continue to appear in the feed because his friends actively discuss it, although that may be giving too much credit to people. The social network is now focusing on the quality of the connections and content on its platform after a hard year of stories about false news, interference in foreign elections, filter bubble and addiction to social networks.

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