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All The New Features of Android Pie 9.0 [Reviewed]

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Android Pie 9.0: Discover all the new features of Android Pie 9.0. To everyone’s surprise, Google announced the availability of the latest Android update in early August. Your name? Android Pie 9! Available for update on all Google Pixel devices, a long list of smartphones will be updated in the coming weeks. We present all the news that it brings, betting on a greater role of artificial intelligence and providing a more intuitive and simple user interface.

Android Pie 9.0 Features

Android Pie is here!

After so many conjectures, Android P 9.0 already has a name and is none other than Android Pie (cake in English). Since August 7, the owners of a Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL can now update their operating system to this new version. And not only them, since Essential Phone has also announced that it updates its smartphone from today to Android Pie.

In the coming weeks, the smartphones that participated in the Android Beta program will be the first to receive the new version of Android, such as the Sony Xperia XZ2 , Nokia 7 Plus or the One Plus 6 .

News on Android 9 Pie

With a simpler user interface than ever before, Android Pie will take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn your smartphone into a smarter device that is more adapted to your needs, as well as adding features to help you regulate your smartphone usage.

  • Adaptive Battery that uses your usage patterns and prioritizes battery consumption only in the apps and services that interest you most.
  • Adaptive Brightness : learn from your preferences in brightness, taking into account ambient light, and do it efficiently to maximize device consumption.
  • App Actions : predict the next thing you want to do, to quickly perform the next task you want to carry out. Now, for example, when you connect your headphones, your list of favorite songs will appear directly.
  • Slices (available from fall): take a part of the user interface of your favorite apps to the device’s screen when you need it most, including, for example, Google Search. In this way, when you search for ‘Lyft’, you will see the prices of the trip home and what it will take a driver to arrive.

A more minimalist interface than ever

Another focus of the new version of Android is to provide a simple and intuitive user interface. For this, they have developed different things:

  • New navigation system : includes a single and clear start button. You can scroll your finger up from anywhere to see full screen previews of recently used apps and just tap to access them. If you constantly move from one app to another on your Pixel, we have good news for you: Smart Text Selection (which recognizes the meaning of the text you select and suggests relevant actions) now works in the overview of your recent apps, facilitating the realization of the actions you want
  • Small but useful changes : Android 9 includes a few redesigned Quick Settings, better screenshots, simplified volume controls, a rotation confirmation button and an easier mechanism to manage notifications.
  • The Dashboard (Dashboard) informs you how you spend your time with your device, including the time you spend apps, the times you’ve unlocked the phone and notifications you have received.
  • The application timer (App Timer) allows you to set the time limits for the apps and alerts you when you are close to reaching the limit, obscuring the icon of the app to remind you of the established.
  • Do Not Disturb (Do Not Disturb) mutes not only phone calls and texts but also visual interruptions that appear on your screen.
  • Wind Down activates Nightlight when it gets dark, and activates the Do Not Disturb function, changing the screen to a gray tone at the chosen sleeping time, to remind you that it is time to rest.

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