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Final Fantasy III: (Walkthrough) Last Installment of The 8-bit Trilogy

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Final Fantasy iii WalkthroughFinal Fantasy III finishes its first trilogy of 8-bit games for Famicom. This new installment is the most ambitious and extensive Squaresoft of Nintendo’s desktop, which came to the stores in early 1990, only fourteen months after its previous game.

final fantasy iii

During the development, some problems arose, that they knew how to solve, and this delivery established the bases for the later games of Super Famicom.

The best of Final Fantasy III, I and II in a game

With Final Fantasy III Squaresoft touches the technical ceiling of Famicom, taking all the possible performance to the console of 8 bits of Nintendo. This third installment is the union of ideas and concepts seen in its two previous games, rescuing what worked best in each of them, and compiling it in a single title.

Many ideas implemented in Final Fantasy III come from his previous two games, but the evolution system of the Final Fantasy II characters is also left behind, rescuing the experience system of the first delivery and adding the works or classes, with many news about it.

The worst thing that could happen to Final Fantasy III was to coincide with the launch of Super Famicom (Super Nintendo), which meant that we did not know the game outside of Japan until sixteen years later, with the Nintendo DS version released in 2006.

This was because Squaresoft focused more on the development of Final Fantasy IV for Super Famicom than on the translation of this third installment outside of Japan.

News, Changes, and Improvements of Final Fantasy Iii

Ne of the most obvious changes of Final Fantasy III was the length of the game, considerably more than in its first two installments. Squaresoft wanted to make its most ambitious game to date, and this led to many changes regarding Final Fantasy II and the rescue of some idea of ​​the first delivery.

final fantasy iii walkthrough

It eliminated the system of progression of the characters, which did not make use of experience, but a system of improvement of skills, adjusted to the use given to each player to each of the heroes. A system that has never returned to the saga, being exclusive of Final Fantasy II.

For this installment, the system of experience and rise of levels of Final Fantasy I was rescued, and more classes for the personages or works were added, with a total of 23. These works could be changed when the player wanted, with his corresponding cost of skill points, thus giving a greater variety and depth to the character evolution system.

Also, more depth was added to the work system, since each one had the exclusive equipment, which we could equip to the character that would use the work that had been specified.

There are many aspects that had to be taken into account for the development of the heroes, much more worked, and with more personality than ever.

On the other hand, changes were made in the fighting, improving the menu system, which also acquired the blue tone that would accompany the saga. Damage and states were also introduced in the matches themselves; they were no longer represented at the bottom of the screen, is much more visual and appearing next to the sprites of enemies and heroes.

The Moguri or Moogles and the Invocations Appear in This Installment

For this third episode, there were also new features and new additions or stellar appearances. In Final Fantasy III is the first time we discovered the Moguri or Moogles (in English), characters that have accompanied the final fantasy since then.

final fantasy iii

Another novelty of this delivery is the appearance of invocations, which could be accessed from the work of “Summoner”. These invocations could be achieved by defeating them, as we have also seen in later games, or even buying them in stores.

Some invocations that appeared for the first time were: Infrit, Shiva, Ramuh or Titan, among others. Do they sound good to you?

A Problem With the Template Forced Squaresoft to Move an Entire Team

For Final Fantasy III Squaresoft did not count this time with Akitoshi Kawazu, who was involved in another project of the company, the game SaGa.

A title that they knew in the USA as Final Fantasy Legends, to take advantage of the success of the series and its name.

But perhaps the most serious problem they had to deal with during the development of this third installment was that Nasir Gebelli, programmer of the previous two Final Fantasy games, had to return to the United States; since his visa for Japan was over.

Squaresoft could not lose its programmer and what did he do about it? Well, neither more nor less than taking part of the development team with Nasir Gebelli to Sacramento, California. Place where they developed Final Fantasy III for Famicom.

Final Fantasy III on a more personal level

Final Fantasy III came to my hands through emulation, where I could prove it, although not in depth. But with the delivery for Nintendo DS, the only original copy that I have of this game today is when I have been able to enjoy the title. I intend to get the Famicom version in the not too distant future, I hope.

As I said at the beginning, Final Fantasy III did not leave Japan until 2006, with this remake of Nintendo DS, which extended the history of the original title and made some changes; in addition to the evident graphics jump to the three dimensions.

The possibility of using the touch screen of the Nintendo notebook was also introduced, and the option of sending emails with the Mogured to NPC or other players via Wi-Fi was added. Also, this version is translated into Spanish, is perhaps the best way to enjoy Final Fantasy III today. Although there are other platforms where it is also available.

This delivery of Nintendo DS was also ported to other systems, such as Sony PSP, a laptop that received the game in physical format in Japan and that here we had to settle for the digital version.

There are also versions of the game for Android and iOS devices, and even a PC version on Steam and the Ouya console. Now you only have to choose where to play it, we have gone from knowing nothing of this game to have it available on many systems.

final fantasy iii

Final Fantasy III has been one of the most forgotten and unknown installments of the saga, with its second part. But today is very easy to access it and enjoy it, in the system that you like. This delivery serves very well to know the foundations of the Final Fantasy saga.

And it is a good initial approach since it includes the best of the first two deliveries. Although at a narrative level it would be surpassed in a very loose way by its next delivery, of which I will speak to you very soon.

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