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Best Football Apps on Android: Football is a passionate sport for many people, watching a game is almost like a ritual that is expected every Sunday, so we would like to show you the best applications to watch Best Football Apps Android online for free on your mobile or tablet.

In the article to see, you have more ways to see all the Best Football Apps iPhone online. If you are a football lover and you do not want to miss any game, you should know that there are some applications to watch football on Android, iPad, and iPhone very good to watch your favorite games with your mobile.

The truth is that there are dozens of them, we have chosen 14, among which we have a favorite app. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

How to Watch football for free on iPad, iPhone, and Android?

There are many applications to watch the game of your favorite team, both in Android and iOS, it is the responsibility of the users to make sure that each application contains the respective emission rights.

Best Football Apps Android iPhone iPad

Best Football Apps to watch football Online on Android

1. AS – League Guide

The League Guide app has European competitions, live carousel more complete, with statistics, alignments and summaries of each game and a player search engine. It also has the details of all the matches with the information updated at the moment, with results, goals, changes, and alignments.

AS - League Guide

In addition to the latest version of the app, more competitions are added: Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 and the ones that it already had are: Liga BBVA, Adelante, Champions League and Europa League, and now also the Copa del Rey.

This app includes more data, analysis, and records with a history of up to 10 years, both teams and their players and the classification of all competitions.

2. Soccer results

The first of these applications is called Soccer Results, that simple. This application, like all of them, allows you to select your favorite teams and leagues to personalize your experience with the application.

Soccer results

However, the differential point is that you can easily visualize only the games that your country’s teams play in, as well as show you on which television network you will be able to see them. Something very useful when planning.



App of the ESPN chain, with which you can access most of the content of this television channel. With ESPN Play you will need to hire a cable service so that it works and you can watch the games you want on your New Android Version, and you can also watch the games online on an Ipad / iPhone, it is a more than valid option if you want something of quality.

4. Professional Football League

This is the official application of the Professional Football League for the 2016-2017 season, and with it, you can follow all Spanish teams minute by minute. The Best Football Apps offers all the schedules, results and rankings of the Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante, Copa del Rey, Champions League and Europa League.

Professional Football League

Among its features has live comments and you can follow and comment on the day through Twitter. It also has real-time alert services with notifications of the start, goals, schedules, expulsions, substitutions, end of matches and much more. You can see the 3D Goals with 3-dimensional reproduction of the goals of the day just minutes after the goal.

With the Android app, you can configure your favorite teams to quickly access all the games played and upcoming matches, the club card, stadium data, template, images or goals of your favorite team.

5. Veetle

Besides The Best Football Apps Android, there are other sports, and that is the great advantage that this app has, the possibility of watching other sports.


Veetle belongs to the online platform with the same name, so it can also be accessed from a PC with an Internet connection and has an interface that gives access to several television channels, this makes it one of the valid options for watching games on Android and also to watch free football on iPhone or Ipad. You can download it to the Apple Store.

6. Forza Football

More than just an application is a source of news about Best Football Apps Apk, with a large community of soccer fans behind, in addition to being able to watch matches online for free. With Forza Football you will be aware of the latest news of your favorite sport, be results, dates and you can share with the community of the app.

Forza Football

A great option for football lovers. This app is available for Android. During this summer, there was an application to watch the soccer matches on Ipad and iPhone but only those of the European Championship. A complete free football application.

7. UStream

UStream is a very useful option for people who want to watch TV from their Android, and of course also to watch free soccer games, just look for the channel where they are broadcasting the game, and that’s it.


The app works thanks to people who share their TV connection through the Internet, with which you depend on the existence of another person who is streaming the party that interests you. It has an interface similar to Youtube, quite intuitive.

It is a good way to watch free soccer matches on an Ipad or iPhone since it is available in the Apple Store. And of course also on Android.

8. FotMob

This is the app that has the news and data of the largest number of football leagues in the world: 23 different leagues on several continents. With it, you can get the results live with alerts, match statistics, lineup, goals, cards, changes, rankings, news of tournaments and teams.


The FotMob – Soccer app powers news from clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Liverpool, and others. FotMob – Soccer Scores has a detailed iconography and is very intuitive to reach the final results you are looking for.

9. Onefootball

Onefootball is an application to keep up with the latest news about Best Football Apps Android, live scores, results, signings and more information about your favorite team and other clubs around the world.


You can easily access the team page, where you will find all the content about your favorite team at a glance, with player profiles with clear statistics and data.

You can get results of matches, live scoreboards, statistics and results of each game, team or player on your phone, using automatic notifications that can be customized for an unlimited number of teams and games. You can also read hundreds of newspaper articles about soccer published every day, with videos of press conferences, interviews, and highlights.

The social features of the app allow you to share your opinion with the community with the predictions of TipsterHero matches and connect with friends and other fans in the Fan Zone.

Onefootball offers data and news about international football championships and leagues such as the First Division, the Copa del Rey, the Champions League, the Europa League, the Bundesliga, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Serie A, the World Cup 2014 and many more.

10. Direct red

You could not miss our selection an application like direct red, which you surely know if you are a fan of the game and you like to watch the games on the PC. For some time there is also the application to watch free online soccer on iPhone or Ipad, in addition to Android. Download it for iPhone / Ipad and Android.

Direct red

With direct red, you can access many free online matches, as it has a large catalog and availability of leagues. Take advantage while it lasts as this app borders on the legality and there is a strong campaign by the producers to end this platform.

11. TVdream

Application to watch TV very interesting to try, since it gives several options to see, there is free and paid.

The app gives access to sports channels from around the world that broadcast lives, although the only negative thing is that some of them are paid, it is a great option to watch football online. This app does not exist for Ipad or iPhone; it is only available on Android.

12. Libre Directo GP

Another possibility to watch games on Android is to opt for this application, which with a very simple interface offers its users a good service, although with the limitations of clear free.

libre directo gp app

With Libre Directo GP, you will be able to see in the interface the matches ordered by date, with which it is very easy to access a match that you want to see at that moment.

Although on Google Play the developers mention that the app only shows the programming, it does give access to external links to watch the games; they only say that because of a legal issue. A very good choice if you want to watch free online games on Android.

13. Football Live

Another interesting option to watch games on Android is Football Live since it is an app that persists out of the rest due to the possibilities it offers.

Live Football

It is easy to use and allows you to watch matches from leagues like Liga BBVA and the Premier League, Bundes Liga and also from Latin American leagues, with which within the spectrum of mobile applications is one of the most complete.

14. Free Soccer Android

Free Soccer is one of those easy-to-use apps that meet your goal very well without much filler.

90min - Live Soccer News App

This app will give you access to thousands of games around the world and will show them in a grid ordered by the day of transmission, also giving multiple options regarding channels so you can pick the one which is best at that time.

15. Sopcast

Many must know because for a long time this app is present in thousands of computers of football fans around the world.

Sopcast app

To access the app, you must download it from the official site, and create an account, with which you can enter the application. I leave the link here.

Among the options that exist to watch free games on Android, both the BBVA league and the other leagues are one of the most recommended.

16. Splice TV

Splice TV provides a similar service to the applications mentioned above, only that inside it also contains paid content, which can be an advantage, because you can find more options.

Splice tv app

Within the app, you have the option to use ChromeCast with which you can connect your Smartphone to your TV, as long as it is compatible and watch the games at a higher resolution.

17. Sports TV Live – Television

Basically, it is an app gives access to several sports channels in the world, with which you can see leagues from several countries, both in Europe and other leagues.

Sport TV Live - Television

The interesting thing is that it has a fairly simple interface, which is easy to use and you do not have to make complicated configurations to access the content.

18. Livestream

Like UStream, it depends on the users, since they are responsible for guaranteeing connection to a game, so availability is not 100% guaranteed.


While Livestream allows you to watch free games, which in itself is a great advantage. It does have a counter and is that the quality of the images is not always the best and sometimes the transmission may be cut at any time, and you have to go out and look for another source to watch your match.

19. DIRECTV Sports

Although this is not a free app, it is worth mentioning, since it would fit into the category of the best football apps because of the quality it offers.

As its name suggests, this application belongs to DirecTV, for which you will need to subscribe to the service to log in to the device and access the application and its functions.


If you are traveling a lot, maybe you are interested in having an app like this one, since it allows you to watch the games of which DirecTV has the rights on your mobile, which in general are the great majority. This type of App is available for Ipad, iPhone, and Android.

So far the selection of the best applications to watch games on Android and iOS for free, each provides a different service for which you have to choose.

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