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Fortnite for Android APK – Fortnite Season 5 App [Latest!]

Fortnite for Android: The Fortnite Release date of Fortnite for Android is approaching , a long-awaited arrival and not free of unknowns. The developer, Epic Games, has fueled speculation, something that in the long run generates expectation.

Fortnite for Android

For example, everything seems to point out that first the game will arrive exclusively for those who buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . Later, in September, is when Fortnite arrives for Android globally.

Fortnite for Android

That said, this release may have small print to complicate everything even more: as reveals the source code of the Epic website, it will not be possible to download Fortnite for Android from Google Play.

Download Fortnite for Android

That means, as it is also specified in the code of the web, that it will be necessary to resort to the installation APK file . Let’s say it’s the Android version of Windows,exe: click on it and install an app.

Of course it is not as simple as this: first you have to download the APK from the web and then enable the unknown origins in Android . Otherwise, for security reasons, it will be impossible for you to have the game.

There are still almost two months to launch Fortnite on Android, although this information seems fairly accurate and comes from the official website. We’ll see if the game is finally available on Google Play, but if you do not do so, the potential dangers multiply.

Fortnite for Android APK

Why would Epic Games want to leave its star game outside of the official app store? Easy: as indicated by XDA Developers , entering Google Play means transferring part of the revenue generated to Google.

Taking into account the smash of cash in iOS , it is not surprising that the developer have made numbers and reached the conclusion that it is better to go free.

In fact, if we take into account the popularity of Fortnite, they do not need diffusion, because everyone knows the game. They will not grow anymore because they are on Google Play, since people will also go to their website to download it.

Fortnite for Android Apk

However, this leads to quite serious security problems. On the official website there will be no problems to download and install the APK of Fortnite for Android but what will happen to the scams?

The known as phishing is to make the user believe that he is in front of a totally legitimate and official website or application, although this is not the case. Then, he convinces him by means of alerts so that he pays in exchange for a service that should be free.

Surely in a matter of hours will begin to appear clones of the Epic website with a single goal: fraudulently passing through the box to the most clueless fans of the game.

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