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[Download!] Genesis Framework Free for WordPress

Genesis Framework Free: Since I got to know Genesis Framework I have not stopped developing web pages and blogs of my own and for my clients with this Framework. As you can see one of my services is the development of web pages with Genesis.

The themes of Genesis are the best option when you want to create a professional WordPress blog with an excellent design and a fast upload so that Google takes us into account in the web positioning.

Genesis Framework Free

Compared to other WordPress themes, Genesis Framework for my way of seeing has a lower learning curve. Many themes for WordPress are complicated to configure and when you want to play something else you can see problems due to lack of knowledge.

There are many important blogs that use Genesis, like the blog of Darren Rowse creator of ProBlogger and nothing less than Matt Cutts director of Google’s anti-spam department.

Genesis Framework is still in fashion, more than 186,000 people trust him. But, what is Genesis Framework that you like so much? We will go step by step in the tutorial so that you understand it from the most basic.

What is the Genesis Framework?

WordPress + Framework + Child Theme

If we resemble it as the following graphic with the example of a car; WordPress would be the engine of the car, the body would be the Framework and the painting or design would be the Child Theme.

Genesis Framework Free

Genesis Framework consists of:

Framework: It is the father theme, the basis of everything. Only with the Framework, our web page could work, but the idea is to add a Child Theme to have a nice web design.

Child Theme: It’s the son theme. There are many themes to choose from for all tastes. The Child Theme you choose according to the aesthetics, the design you want for your website or blog.

The good thing about Genesis is that you can change the children themes without having to learn each topic because the base is the same and there are some small differences between them that you will learn quickly if you also dedicate yourself to web development. If you are a developer you could also create your own child themes.

Every so often when updates to your Framework come out, you can update without fear of losing the changes you make, because these are in your Child Theme. In the following video, you have an explanation of what the Genesis Framework is.

Reasons to choose Genesis Framework

1.- Optimized for search engines

This means a better web positioning (SEO) due to a clean programming code so that the loading of the website is fast and gets better ratings to a position. In addition, the compatibility with the schema.org code allows the output of microdata in the code of your website. The themes have been optimized by the expert Greg Boser.

2.- Responsive design and HTML5

The new code standard is HTML5 and Genesis Framework incorporates it to have greater compatibility between browsers and adaptable to different devices. I think it goes without saying, but a very important part of the visits are made from Smartphones and tablets, with which today the theme of our website has to be responsive (that adapts to the different devices).

3.- Update and unlimited support

When you see in your WordPress panel a new update you just have to give it update and you forget, super simple. You have unlimited support for any questions you may have, as well as countless tutorials that can help you. Lifetime updates, not like other WordPress themes.

4.- Security of your theme

You already know that security is very important and the programming code has to be the best to have the least number of vulnerabilities and not put your website at risk. The topics are supervised by Mark Jaquith, web developer, and WordPress security expert, so you can rest assured that you are not installing any topic.

5.- Instant updates

As I said before with Genesis the updates are at the click of a mouse, anyone can do it and without fear of losing changes, since these are made in the code that is in the background.

6.- Customization with plugins and specific widgets of Genesis Framework

From the menu, in ‘appearance’ you can change the colors of your theme very easily. You have specific widgets and plugins optimized for the Genesis Framework, so you can leave the theme to your liking.

If you need something more for the design of your website where your technical knowledge does not arrive, you can consult the following article: WordPress design plugins.

7.- Community of developers

You can rest easy, you have a community of developers and users around Genesis that will not let you down. Multiple tutorials for whatever you want and live support forum with daily updates. With Genesis Framework it stops suffering from themes that after time there is no support.

8.- Price of Genesis Framework

With all that I just told you is to think that the subject has to be expensive, but quite the opposite, for my way of seeing I even see it cheap. You have different options but from $59.95 you can already have the full power of Genesis Framework. Then later in the article, I leave you the different options you have to buy and a video of how to choose your theme Genesis framework in Studiopress.

How to buy the Genesis Framework 

To buy you must go to Studiopress in the theme store.

You can filter by:

  • Categories: You can choose between different categories, what I never filter, I like to see all of them. You can filter by business, company, real estate, magazine, photography.
  • Types of sidebar: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns.
  • Development by third parties: here you have two options or the Child Themes of Studiopress or those that are developed by third parties.

Once you have filtered, or better without any filter, you go through all the designs of Genesis and you can see prices and demos of how they look on different devices. This gives you an idea of ​​how your website will look once it is finished.

Buy Genesis Framework $59.95

With this option, you have the Framework and a simple Child Theme, the Sample Theme. This option is also recommended if you want to purchase the Child Theme from another developer other than Studiopress.

Buy Genesis Framework + Child theme $99.95

There is some cheaper son theme with what you can get to about $ 79.95, but the vast majority is going to $ 99.95 with the Child Theme.

This option of Genesis Framework + the Child Theme of your choice would be the one advised to have a son theme of your choice among the more than 50 that you have available in Studiopress.

Buy Genesis Framework + all Child Themes from Studiopress 499.95$

With this option: Pro Plus Membership, I would include the Framework and all the Studio The Child Themes without limit of facilities. It is an option for developers who, as a server, are dedicated to making web pages for clients with this fabulous Framework.

If, after all, you prefer that the web is for you, visit my website development service in Genesis.

How to install Genesis Framework on your WordPress blog

Well, once we have decided on the best option of our Framework plus the Child Theme, it is time to install it in our WordPress. This is done in a simple way, but it has a particularity, you must install the Framework on one side and also install the Child Theme, although you only have to activate the Child Theme. To upload the theme to your WordPress you do it directly from:

  • Appearance> Themes> Add theme> Upload theme

First, you will have downloaded the compromised files (Zip) in your computer from both Genesis Framework (parent theme) and the Child Theme (son theme) of your Studiopress account. Now they upload directly to your WordPress. But for you to see it clearly here I leave a video of how to install Genesis.

How to configure the Genesis Framework 

Once the process of installation and activation of the Child Theme is finished we will see a new option in our WordPress panel. We will have a new tab called ‘Genesis’.

Let’s move on to configure the Genesis theme:

  • We will leave the recommended updates activated.
  • We will not touch the personalization of the feed.
  • The design of the template will depend on the installed theme but we can customize it to our liking: only content, sidebar on the left or right, or on both sides.
  • Activate bread crumbs (Breadcrumbs). It is like a kind of map of where you are in the navigation. For example: Home> Computers> Laptops
  • We can activate where we want to have the comments and trackbacks, in pages and/or posts.
  • Display of outstanding image, post extract, type of paging.
  • Categories to show and posts per page.
  • Custom scripts in the header (header) as well as in the footer.

Genesis Framework customization

In addition to the configuration of Genesis, we will have to configure the customization of the theme. Here we will select a logo for our page of some measures that will depend on the Child Theme that we have chosen or simply a text. Also if we want to show the last entries or a static page etc.

Some things that we have already configured in the ‘Genesis’ tab of our menu will see that they are repeated in the customization section.

The Genesis Framework Widgets

In addition to the typical WordPress widgets, Genesis brings its own that you will love. In some topic like the Metro Pro, you can even mount the homepage to hit widgets.

Genesis Widgets:

  • Genesis Featured-Page: Shows the pages you prefer depending on the configuration.
  • Genesis Featured-Posts: the same as the previous one but for blog articles.
  • Genesis User Profile: Displays the user information.

Plugins for Genesis Framework

In addition to any WordPress plugin, Genesis Framework has its own. Then I put links to the most typical, although there are many more to do what you can with your Genesis theme. Here you have all the Genesis plugins.

I use some of these, but you already know that it is not good to load your WordPress with many plugins, those that you do not use, deactivate them and delete them.

Plugins for Genesis from Studiopress

  • Genesis Connect for Woocommerce: This plugin is used to install an online store in Genesis, it allows you to connect with WooCommerce.
  • Genesis eNews Extended: Necessary to put our subscription box in a widget.
  • Genesis Simple Comments: To personalize the comments.
  • Genesis Simple Edits: If you did not know how to change the date, author of a post or the line that appears in the footer where the ‘Copyright’ and so forth, with this plugin you have the very easy task to replace, change or remove what is not you like it
  • Genesis Simple Hooks: Very useful to insert HTML code, PHP, Shortcodes on our website through the ‘action hooks’.
  • Genesis Simple Menus: Assign different secondary menu depending on the categories, posts, labels, etc., where you are.
  • Genesis Simple Share: To place the share buttons on social networks. Very nice and easily configurable.
  • Genesis Simple Sidebars: If you want to show different sidebar depending for example if you are in a certain category or another, this is your plugin.
  • Genesis Simple Social Icons: I always use the same to insert the icons of social networks in a widget, easily configurable. You can change the sizes of the icons and colors.
  • Genesis Responsive Slider: It helps us to create sliders that adapt to any device.
  • Genesis Translations: Very useful to put your subject in Spanish. It’s the first thing you have to install.

Plugins for third-party Genesis

There are some plugins developed by third parties that are very interesting and it is worthwhile to take a look at them.

  • Genesis Design Palette Pro: This plugin is paid but very useful if you have no knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can customize your theme in a simple way. If you do not have much knowledge look at the following link. Web design plugins for WordPress.
  • Genesis Extender: Very good and necessary to help you design and personalize your theme.
  • Genesis Visual Hook Guide: If you use the Hooks to insert code in certain areas of your page, with this plugin you will have everything easier in a visual way.

As you may have seen,  Genesis is a very good option for your website or blog.  But if you still do not have time and need help to start your project, you can hire the web development service with Genesis and I will take care of everything you need to have your website and/or blog as soon as possible.

Well, so far we have arrived with Genesis Framework, I hope you liked the post and I thank you to share that article.

I wait for you in the comments.

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