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Google QR Code Reader Android App (Without additional App)

QR Code Reader Android: Use your own Android QR reader to scan this type of code. That is, you can read a QR code without installing an additional APP.

QR Code Reader Android App

This function is available thanks to the Google QR Code Reader Android application that comes pre-installed from the factory on most Android devices. And if you need to read a QR when you do not have internet, we also tell you what are the best applications for this task.

Android QR Reader (NO application)

qr code reader android

  1. Press and hold the start button of your Android phone. This will display the Google Assistant.
  2. Bottom right, tap on the camera button.
  3. Focus the camera on the QR code you want to read.
  4. When a colored dot appears on the QR, tap on it to scan the code.

Remember that for this to work you must have the Android 6 system or higher.

If you have problems, check the Google Assistant support page . If you have a custom launcher, try using another or the original. If you use Nova Launcher, verify that the option Long-Home for Now instead of On Tap is disabled in the “Labs” menu.

Read QR codes (old method)

Previously, the Google app had a feature called Now on Tap (Screen Search) that was better for this task in Android 6 and older. You focused the QR code with the normal camera APP of the cell phone, you kept pressing the start button (to activate the screen reading) and the code was read automatically. As this option disappeared, now it must be done using the Google assistant, as indicated above.

Scan QR code without internet

The only disadvantage of the previous method is that it requires an internet connection to work. To be able to read an offline QR code you must necessarily install an application that works in this way. For example, a basic and simple APP as  QR Code Reader  or QR code reader (the latter also create QR and whose images are shown above). There are also more complete ones, such as Barcode Scanner (ZXing Team) or QR Droid Code Scanner .

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