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Gta 6 for Ps4 – Price, Review, Gta VI Vice City APK

The GTA saga or Gta 6 for Ps4 has a history of more than 20 years in the Videogames market and is one of the most popular deliveries in the world. Proof of this is GTA 5, of which more than 800 million dollars have been sold in copies on its first day of release.

For fans of this game who are waiting for the arrival of the new GTA 6 for PS4, we will show you that we know about its release. It is even possible to premiere directly on the PlayStation 5.

New Game scenarios

In GTA 5 the adventures of the 3 people take place in the city ​​of Los Angeles, or as they call it in the game, Los Santos. In GTA 6 for Ps4, it is expected that this will radically change and that the game will leave the United States, to develop in the United Kingdom or even Berlin or Japan.

GTA 6 for Ps4 Rumors 

There are rumors that the game could be developed in two cities, one in the United States and some other part of the world, as a way of winking at the story “History of two cities” by Charles Dickens.

This is speculated to say that there is no possibility of GTA 5 being maintained in a current way. It is expected that GTA 6 for Ps4 is a saga that breaks with the current paradigms of the game, taking the gameplay to another level and allowing to develop other functions in the game.

It also speculates with the possibility of adding new climate options, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and more. This added to the possibility of having several cities, surely it will be more interesting for more than one.

GTA 6 for Ps4 – More Realistic

There are rumors that indicate that in GTA 6 for Ps4 the objects can be destroyed, for example, when colliding with building this will break and when you return to the game, you will see construction workers rebuilding the building.

Gta 6 for Ps4 Grand Theft Auto 6 INCREDIBLE REALISTIC Graphics GTA 6
GTA 6 – Grand Theft Auto 6: INCREDIBLE REALISTIC Graphics! (GTA 6)

With which the game acquired the ability to build a custom scenario, according to the user’s game mode.

New characters

The current version of the game, has 3 characters, passing the story of these simultaneously. In GTA 6 for Ps4, it is believed that there will only be one person and possibly a woman, although there are rumors that talk about totally customizable characters.

Gta 6 for Ps4 Characters Unbelievable New Characters Appearance

In this sense has even been speculated with the participation of celebrities within the game, including his voice for a character, Eva Mendez is one of the names that is currently playing most, but at the moment it is just a rumor.

There is also talk of including his partner Ryan Gosling, which would make a pair in the game with two characters.

Other rumors indicate that there would be the possibility of creating personalized characters, with the paradigm shift and gameplay that this would bring.

Compatibility with GTA 6 Virtual Reality


It is expected that the new consoles will be compatible with virtual reality, so it is not strange to think that the new version of GTA 6 is compatible with this technology, which would change the game mode and become a first-class experience. Person.

Availability of platforms

One of the most talked-about issues with GTA 5, was the delay that the release of the PC version had, with a large number of players who choose this platform to enjoy the saga.

So at the moment, it is believed that GTA 6 will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Two and PC and is not supposed to make much difference between the launch time for one or another platform.

What is certain is that unfortunately, we must forget the support for PS3 and Xbox 360, basically because the end date of the support by the manufacturers is approaching and it would be very strange that Rockstar, play it by developing the new delivery of GTA VI for Ps4 these platforms, taking into account the graphic limitations of these consoles.

The idea is to maintain compatibility with at least the previous version of a console, that is why there will be versions for PS4 and Xbox One, but it is believed that they will have some limitations in terms of graphics, although with the speculation about the PS5 many things can happen, especially considering that there is talk of taking the PS5 to a virtual reality helmet, which would change completely as games are developed.

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The Release Date of Gta 6 for Ps4 or Ps5?

At first, it was thought that the game would be available by the end of 2018, but it is speculated that several issues have caused the development of the game to be delayed until 2020.

The future appearance of new consoles such as the PS5 or Xbox One, conditions the launch of this game, because if you have read something about the PS5, you will know that its creation has been delayed and its future is quite uncertain, so it would not be appropriate that the developers release a new version without knowing what the specifications of the new consoles are and therefore know to what extent they can develop the game in graphics, for example.

Another issue that is speculated has delayed the launch, is the great success of the current delivery GTA 5, reaching a trillion dollars in sales in just 3 days, which is thought to make the most of this delivery, providing new derivative products , instead of creating something new from scratch, with the impact that this would have.

On the other hand, the PC version of GTA 5 was released a year ago. The desktop market is one of the largest, after that of consoles, with which there is still a possibility to develop the GTA VI for this platform.

GTA 6 For Ps4 Price

It is rumored that the price will be similar to the current delivery, only that adapted to each console. Although it can vary enough if we take into account the viro that are doing the games to platforms in the cloud, with the cost reduction that this would include.

It is not strange to imagine the possibility of playing Gta 6 for Ps4 paying a monthly subscription to access a server where our data will be stored, something new today, but real and responding to new ways of using technology.

So far they are just rumors, it will be a matter of waiting a while to get more information from the developers about this fascinating delivery.

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