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How to get more followers on Instagram for Free – (11 Tips)

How to get more followers on Instagram for Free: Although the billion-dollar mark of Instagram users is just around the corner, marketers are still moving through the masses. And why not? As the platform continues to launch new business-specific features, there may be no better time than right now to build its Instagram presence from scratch.

How to get more followers on Instagram for Free

The beauty of using Instagram for business is that the platform is not reserved for any particular brand.

We do not think there is a secret recipe, nor can we reach that point without effort. However, some of our advice can help you increase your engagement in this social network!

How to get more followers on Instagram

Start with your immediate network – No one likes to drink in an empty bar. Although you never want to be “that boring friend” who continually markets your business to friends, a subtle “tracking” of your business account is acceptable and lays a foundation upon which to base your business.

You will not be able to do much on Instagram until you have correctly filled the entire description of your profile. There is no correct way to create your profile, and the following principles are an excellent way to start the best practices on Instagram:

Profile Photo

We recommend, if you have a business, that you use your company/shop logo as your profile picture, so people can quickly identify your brand.

Account Name

We advise you to set up your profile name and logo in a similar way to other social profiles in your brand.


In this field, you can fill in with the “Link to your website” URL that can be clicked on your Instagram page. A vast majority of companies use their website or link to other social profiles so that they can promote their other pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


Your bio is the entry point of your company. It will be where you will leave all the characteristics of your company and where it will capture the attention of other users. It can describe what your company does or just put the slogan of your brand.

We recommend that you convert your account to a “business” Instagram business profile, especially if your business has a physical location. These profiles have access to in-depth reviews and additional contact and location information for people to contact the company.

11 Tips To Get more followers on Instagram, you should

How to get more followers on Instagram for Free

Have a Short and Intriguing Biography

In my, for example, I talk about my studies, since it is the main subject of my Instagram account. I also indicate my email address, where I live, and my blog, since they are questions that ask me every day.

Post New Photos Regularly

I post, on average, one photo per day, but you can display up to 3 pictures per day. Do not be intrusive. Otherwise, your followers may stop following you.

Add Your Location to Your Photos

We can also browse the locations on Instagram. Add a place to your photos so that more people can find your post! It is not necessary to be very precise, use the largest city near where you live.

Tell a Story, Be a Little Personal and Be Yourself

At Instagram, you do not need to post perfect photos to get engagement from your followers. The important thing is to tell a story to inspire people through your photos.

Use a Lot of Hashtags!

Use at least 15 hashtags. Some “studies” showed that 11 hashtags would be the ideal number, but I use a little more. I do not have a specific number, and everything is going very well. The maximum allowed on Instagram is 30.

It is not advisable to use hashtags with many publications. For example, “instantly,” since this hardly brings visibility because it is overused. Also, I use different hashtags from time to time. It’s good to change things sometimes so that new people can get to know your account.

Select Other Accounts When Applicable

I do not use any tags if they do not apply. On the other hand, if a notebook I bought at Amazon is in a photo I publish, then I mark Amazon in the post. This gives you more visibility as people who visit your Amazon account will be able to see your posts in Amazon tags.

Engage With Accounts Similar to Yours

Almost every day, I get involved for over an hour with other people. I like and comment on other images I encounter through specific hashtags. I, for example, do it when I’m on public transport – it’s the perfect way to enjoy the time!

Reply to Comments

I respond to almost every comment I receive in my photos! If I do not answer, it’s probably because it’s a comment from a robot – or I have nothing to say!

Reply to Private Messages

Also, try to reply to all the private messages you receive! Sometimes it can take a few days or a week, but try to respond! I think it’s an excellent way to make friends with your followers.

Have a Balanced Number of Followers and Followers

It is essential to have more subscribers than signatures! Following many accounts can be useful when you still have small numbers for both metrics (up to 600, maybe), but a statement that follows 2000 people and has only five subscribers, is a bit strange! And many people will not want to track such an account, including me. Keep your numbers balanced.

No, It’s Not Too Late to Master the Instagram for Business

If you have not started as a business on Instagram yet, do not panic. With an increasingly active user base, Instagram has proven to be an excellent social marketing product, not a flash in the pan. For brands with a visual history and a desire to cultivate a tribe of dedicated followers and customers, there is still a place waiting for you on the platform.

We want to hear from you, though. Which companies do you think are standing out on Instagram? If you had trouble getting started with the platform, what is your biggest obstacle? Let us know in the comments below!

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