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How to watch boxing online for free [2019]

How to watch boxing online for free: How to watch FREE online boxing : We are many who like to watch boxing but not everyone knows where to see it for free. Here we have prepared a large list of channels and apps where you can watch free online boxing to enjoy the best matches.

Watch boxing online

watch boxing online

In many country we do not have TV channels to watch boxing matches, sometimes Gol TV, but it is practically the channels and chains outside our country that broadcast this sport, such as: ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, among others. However, and believe it or not, we have thousands of free options to watch boxing online. From best free apps to sites on the Internet that broadcast live boxing matches and, best of all, for free.

Our goal is that you do not pay to see boxing and that is why we have prepared a list with all the apps to see boxing online for free.

See free online boxing

As a good fan of sports in general and a follower, sometimes boxing, I like to enjoy the great matches on any of my devices, whether mobile or Android tablet. Therefore there is an app that is one of the fixed in all my devices and that is in the top of the best apps for android.

Watch boxing online for free | Direct red

RojaDirecta is one of the web apps that is capable of linking, through streaming, with the main sports broadcasts on the Internet. We could  see the fight totally free on our tablet or mobile android and you can also see the rest of the fights.

How does RojaDirecta work?

The operation of RojaDirecta is very simple. You just have to download the app. Once the app is open you will appear on the screen of the android terminal that you use a selection of matches and combats that can be viewed via streaming.

Watch boxing online for FREE | SopCast

RojaDirecta is not the only app with which you can watch boxing matches via streaming. SopCast is another web app with which you can see the fight in the different international channels that kick the fight live. You can download the app for free on Google Play.

Watch boxing online for FREE | Splive TV

A recommendable app, only for Android , at the moment that it has the option of being able to numerous pay TV channels for free.

In this way, we can see then not only the online boxing matches for free but also we can see football matches and all kinds of sporting events.

Through the Splive TV lists that appear on your Facebook account, we can see when they update with a sporting event like the boxing match that everyone expects. In the app we will also find the days and times in which the boxing matches will be held (as well as any sporting event), in addition to the channel that broadcasts it and from which country the broadcast is. In addition, we can combine the use of the app with the use of a player suchas Live streaming.

Watch boxing online for FREE | Vipbox

This is one of the apps (or fact page) that are most recommended from the United States, where all the fights that become fights that everyone wants to see are celebrated.

It has a simple interface, which opens several options in which the different sports that are available appear. We just have to click on boxing , so we can see a list of all the matches that have been broadcast, as well as those that will be broadcast in the next few hours or in the weeks to come. In this way we can connect online to the combat that is already broadcast, or write us the date and time to see the streaming of the fight that we want to enjoy completely free.

Watch boxing online for FREE | YipTV

With YipTV you will have access to a global sports network for your streaming viewing as it is often seen in Being Sports so that in this app we will also find all the online boxing matches that are held.

In fact, in it we will find all the sporting events of the moment, with special attention in the last football matches, as well as basketball or tennis matches, but when a meeting like the one that took place between Mayweather and Andre Berto is held, it is the best apps to see it

In this way, you can download the app for free and have it updated to follow the specific combat that is held and in fact, all those that tend to occur throughout the year with streaming quality that we have to say, is quite remarkable.

Watch boxing online for FREE | Sports Stream HD

In this other app similar to the one we mentioned before, we have an app with which we can see not only the boxing matches that are played, but also all the football, tennis, rubgy and even hockey games.

Sports Stream HD connects with pages and channels from all over the world, also adding its own streaming links, so you do not have to connect to other apps.

Watch boxing online for FREE | WatchESPN

We can not say goodbye without recommending this other app of how to watch boxing online for free. This is WatchESPN that we found on Google Play and that has all the sports channels, or almost, of the world.

In this way it will be relatively easy to find the sporting events of the moment, and of course, the boxing matches of the year. In this way, we will not have to be searching between apps or other streaming services. Its interface is very clear and has all the sports very well ordered.

In addition, there are many channels in which you can see boxing live. And are next:

TV channels you can see live the Free Boxing

Two are the chains that are going to broadcast from the United States the fighting, on the one hand we have Showtime and on the other is the British Sky Sports , the bad thing is that the two are located outside our confines and the worst of all is that in both cases the issue will be pay per view (PPV), having to pay 77 euros to see the meeting in a standard quality, and 88 euros for what you want to see in HD.

Anyway we can look for television networks that offer free fights in our country. The time of emission in Spain is usually four in the morning , so that those who do not want to lose we recommend that you go through channels such as GolTV , or the Movistar platform that will surely connect live with the combats.

See watching FREE online boxing from a PC (Computer)

We have already mentioned how you can follow the boxing fights through your mobile phones but if you want to see the fights from your home computer you can also do it in two different ways.

One of them is entering some of the websites that usually offer sports content live and streaming. For example, we have already mentioned the SopCast website, or also in WatchESPN since both are actually pages that you can even reproduce with more quality if you do it through your PC.

The other way to see online boxing from a PC is to “convert” your computer in some way, to one whose IP is located in the United States so that it is easier for you to enter the Showtime streaming service, for example. chain that will issue the fight officially.

To do this download a program that allows you to make your IP appear with US address. SoftEther (VPN Gate) is one of the most recommendable and easy to use. In this way, the first thing you have to do is go to the SoftEther VPN Proxy page , and download the tab that says “VPN Gate Clien”, select your operating system, download the program and install it on your computer.

Once installed, you will have to execute it and select the second option that appears from a list called “VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers” where you can organize the list of servers by countries by clicking on “Region”, then you select an IP that is of United States and in the new window you write “Use TCP protocol (Ethernet over HTTPS VPN), you give” Ok “and wait for the program to connect. Now you will have no problem through the program try to enter the Showtime website or any American boxing website and see for free the most anticipated fight of all.

Where to watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez FOR FREE

The great fight of the century between Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Alvarez will take place on September 16. The most mediatic fight and one of the most anticipated in history. There are many of us who want to see this fight for free , although I’m afraid it will not be possible. Therefore, we have gathered, in addition to the apps to watch it, the television channels where you can see the fight between Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez.

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | GolTelevision

Along with the aforementioned apps, which can be used to see the combat that we are dealing with now, because it is the next “battle of the century” that is going to be celebrated, we have the option of looking for channels that emit boxing in our country and that also go to offer the Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Alvarez.

One of the first that we recommend is  GolTelevision, a channel dedicated mainly to football but that for a while also usually offers boxing matches.

This is then the first channel that boxing lovers resort to, given that they have been offering combats that are celebrated in Spain, or the most important ones internationally like Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez in September. At the moment, we do not have confirmation that they will issue it but it is rumored that this will be the case.

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | Movistar

Movistar is one of the television platforms that GolTelevision already emits, but since this is the fight of the century, surely its broadcast will be “pay per view”, that is, we will have to pay for it, and in this way, we have to recommend this other option.

In the  area of ​​Movistar rental  will surely be where you find the fight that we are talking about now and although you will soon begin to promote it, it will not be until the same day (September 16), when you can rent it. To do so or to request information, you can call for free at 900 411 883

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | BeinSports

beIN Sport is another of those channels that have recently come to our country to bring us all about the world of football but also has many other emissions related to everything that has to do with sport.

Boxing is among them, and considering that on previous occasions they have already offered important matches, some of them with Mayweather,  we believe that they will also be of the channels in which Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez can be seen online through its app,  or also through the aforementioned Movistar, which is one of the platforms on which the channel is present.

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | Showtime

For those of you who want to see the fight Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Canelo Álvarez, we have to say that the only chain that has confirmed the broadcast for the moment is the American Showtime.

In this way, we will have to achieve the service and for that, and to see it online, you have to do it through Sho.com, which is the medium through which Showtime broadcasts its contents in streaming.

But of course, living in Spain we will not be able to see the contents of Showtime that only broadcasts in the United States, so that what we have to  do is get our IP to be identified as if it were American. For this you must create or get a system called virtual private network (VPN).

To get a VPN we have several apps  that will easily make it look like we are in the United States. Once the app and the VPN are installed, you will have to choose a server  based on your location. In this way, the VPN will connect you to a VPN server that gives you a new IP, depending on this location. Once the connection is established, it is redirected to the web in question.

We now enter Sho.com and we will realize that it detects the service without problem and as if we were in the United States. If you do the indicated thing it is possible then, that you can see the combat.

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | SportZone TV

This other option to watch online and live combat Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Alvarez is another one that we find more recommendable or in fact, feasible. They have a series of links that will take us to the match or fight we want to see, in this case Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez.

Of course, you will  have to wait until the day of the battle to enter the web in question  and find the link that is active to tune the chain that offers the fight. I do not think you’ll find it before.

Watch online and live the match Gennady Golovkin VS Saul Canelo Álvarez | Skny.tv

Similar to the one we have just mentioned, skny.tv is another option that  will allow you to see live the fight of the century either by the computer or through a mobile or tablet.

All we have to do is enter on September 16 on skny.tv and look for the time of combat, the link that will allow us to go to the streaming channel that will be offering it live.


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