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Instabridge Apk: Instabridge – Wi-Fi Passwords for Android offers a database with thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that shows by location and connection quality.

Instabridge Apk

Instabridge Apk for Android

With so much YouTube video, funny photos shared and downloaded from WhatsApp, so much to see Instagram profiles … of course, the consumption of data suffers and when there are still 20 days to change the billing cycle you have run out of mega. And there you are, begging for wifi around the corners: problems of the first world.

Discover free wifi networks near where you are

But you can forget about this drama with an app like Instabridge – Wi-Fi Passwords. If you do not know what it is, because it interests you: it is an application that detects Wi-Fi networks around you, as others do, while keeping a database with public wireless networks near your location.

That is, based on your position provided by GPS helps you find a connection for your mobile. It is no longer necessary that you and your friends are necessarily at the door of the Apple Store and remain like pariahs because you use Android: you can go to other sites.


At the same time these networks are classified by a color code (green, yellow and red) that indicate their operation. And all this without the need to enter passwords or anything like that.

Characteristics and Functions

Download your APK  and enjoy its main functions:

  • Get free wifi connections wherever you go.
  • Without costs or data limits.
  • Automatically connect to a network as soon as you are within range.
  • Previous map of your next destination without connection.
  • Share your wifi privately.

How to use Instabridge is simple: just launch the app and find the networks that are within your reach … there are thousands of positive opinions that support this tool that works quite well. And it’s also available apps for iOS, huh?

Now, remember that if you connect to public networks you can compromise your privacy and browsing data such as passwords, so be careful with where you connect and, above all, with what you share.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 4.1.

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