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Instagram Lite Apk Latest Version 2019

Instagram Lite Apk: Movidito summer for Instagram. A few days ago I launched IGTV, your new service with which you can share videos of up to 1 hour. Right after, it surprised with the incorporation of group video calls. If we did not have enough, now comes Instagram Lite, the light version of the app. Do not have much space on your smartphone? You’re lucky.

Instagram Lite Apk

Instagram Lite Apk is the simplified version of the famous social network. Instagram is one of the applications that occupy more space in our smartphone, this being a problem for many users. If the original weighs about 90 MB, with Instagram Lite Apk we will see its size reduced to a negligible 574 KB.

Instagram Lite Apk

Instagram Lite Apk
Instagram Lite Apk

Differences With the Original Version

Instagram continues to improve to reach more users. After announcing that they had overcome the symbolic figure of one billion active users, they want to expand to developing countries. With this lighter version, you will be able to reach those who have less powerful devices or limited data plans.

Obviously, the Lite version will have more basic features. You can browse, give likes and create stories, but you will not have access to the most recent services (for now). For example, you will not be able to use the Instagram Direct messaging service, so you will not be able to send private messages or make the recent video calls. In addition, the stories you create may not include stickers or surveys and some photo editing options are limited.

How to Download Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite Apk is not yet available in all countries through Google Play. For now, the best way to install this new version of Instagram is by downloading your APK file. We leave you with some links with which you can easily install the light version of this popular social network.

What do you think about this novelty? Will it make more people able to access Instagram?

What started as an application to put filters and edit photographs that could be shared online later ended up being one of the most powerful social networks at present thanks to the purchase by Facebook, Inc., which has given the push definitive. But as all its users are not the same, especially since not everyone can buy the latest Samsung Galaxy, it has been thought that it is convenient to take the light version of the app. That’s why we can download Instagram APK.

Lite Instagram APK

Share Photos and Videos Online With the Rest of the Instagramers

So if you are a user of this social network and share your daily adventures like for example the coffee you’ve ordered at Starbucks, which town hops or those feet with the beach in the background (cut those nails, you look like a sparrow hawk, the favor) that cannot be absent in vanity next to the commentary Here, suffering , this is the app that you need. Especially if your mobile does not give much or simply do not need all the functions of the mother application to follow Dulceida, Cepeda, Alejandra Rubio, Shakira, Aitana, Sara Carbonero or any other hero of our society.

Mark Zuckerberg wants “progress” to reach the whole world.

These are the main features of IG Lite that you can enjoy after logging in:

  • Post photos on your profile and edit them with filters.
  • Share several photos in your Instagram story that will be visible for 24 hours.
  • Look at the stories of other users that you follow.
  • Discover new users as well as photos and videos from the Explore tab.

If your phone stinks you do not have to give up do not molar on social networks.

Of course, if you have tried Facebook and Facebook Lite you will already know that there are differences in the functions that you can have in one and the other. Well, the same happens here, because for example you can not send direct messages with the app or access the online video service of Instagram TV or IGTV (as you like).

Otherwise, you will find a cleaner interface because there are fewer options but from which you can access its functions and basic features easily. That is, even if your phone is a chestnut you can still be an Instagrammer as God intended. Or whatever it is that you send.

Well, although one thing has to be said … if it were Lite it could really let the crappy phones make it run: it requires Android 5.0 … so as your smartphone uses Android 4.3 or 4.4, two of the most used versions, forget about sending cool photos with this app.

What’s new in the latest version

  • More and more countries are being deployed.
  • For now, it is not available in all countries.
  • Minimum requirements of the operating system: Android 5.0.

Instagram Lite Apk is Now Official, the Light Version of the Popular App Comes

After Facebook and Messenger, we can finally download Instagram Lite, the version that does not reach 1MB in weight and that retains most of the main features of the social network.

Instagram started as a fairly light app, with few functions, but little by little it has been integrating a multitude of features that have turned it into a monster capable of devouring our data rate. For this reason, it has also become impractical in areas where the connection is not exactly optimal, not to mention the weight of the app, occupying much of the internal storage. If you see yourself reflected in any of these situations, you may want to download Instagram Lite, the new light and official version of the application for Android devices.

As we have already seen in Facebook Lite,  Messenger Lite or Twitter Lite, it is the usual app but with functions cut so that the app occupies very little and the impact on our data rate is minimal.

It Arrives Instagram Lite, a Version That Occupies 600kb and That is Based on the Web Version

As you will notice once you see Instagram Lite, the app retains the same interface as the mother application. We will have the feed, the stories, the Explore section, the notifications and our profile practically intact.

Of course, you will quickly begin to miss sections as Direct, since at the moment it has not been implemented in this light version of Instagram. However, it is one of the options that will arrive soon according to the team of developers.

Instagram Lite

Regarding the upload of content, we can post photos and edit them with typical classic Instagram filters, but we will not have complementary tools such as brightness editing, contrast, vignetting, etc … Regarding the edition of the stories, we can only scribble and add text, always with default colors and not customizable.

On the other hand, although we can upload photographs both from the camera and from the gallery, it is still not possible to upload video either in the stories or in the main feed. Again, it is expected that in future updates that feature will be activated.

It should be noted that this is a web-app so the experience is almost the same as visiting www.instagram.com from the browser of our smartphone. Hence, the app occupies so little and the consumption of data is reduced compared to classic Instagram.

Moreover, when we open a story and it contains a video, we must touch the screen to confirm the reproduction. A method to avoid consuming data without control and that we ourselves decide whether to watch the video or not, with the consequent drain of Megas.

At the moment only users of Mexico can download Instagram Lite, although you can always install the APKAt the moment, you can only download Instagram Lite Apk from Google Play in some countries like Mexico, where it is already officially available.

The New Instagram Lite Apk is the Perfect App if You Have Little Memory on Your Mobile

Instagram has launched a version of its service that occupies very little space, perfect for those with low memory phones. It’s called Instagram Lite. Instagram is one of those applications that is increasingly popular. Your user numbers (monthly, daily …) are only available to giants such as Facebook or YouTube and among the youngest is, without doubt, the most important application.

So, what reasons could someone have for not using it? Well, for example, you can not install it on your mobile because it takes too much. It is a multimedia app with which I tango the application as the cache will use a lot of memory. Therefore, its developers have launched a reduced application, Instagram Lite, which occupies only 500 kb.

Instagram Lite Apk is a Progressive Web App

The reason that this version occupies so little space is that it is a version created from the web interface that we have in the browser when we access the service from the mobile. In this way the images that we see and upload are not stored in our mobile, saving us storage space. And in addition to occupying less is faster to use so the less powerful mobiles will also benefit in this regard.

It Has Some Limitations

But every advantage has its price and in this case, it comes in the form of limitation of options. The fundamental options are maintained, and we can see and upload photos and videos to the feed, see the stories of our contacts and upload ours, although in them there will be some fewer options, such as the questions, the last one added.

Both the options for editing photos and stories are cut, not having as many as in the normal version. We will not be able to use the latest stickers or edit the images in an advanced way.

And the last limitation is instant messaging, which has been removed from this version. Not only will we not be able to make the new video calls, but we will not be able to chat directly with our contacts either. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store although at the moment it is only available in some countries.

If you can not download it, you can go to Chrome and create a shortcut on your mobile. You will differentiate it from the normal one in the icon, which is white instead of multicolor and the operation will be the same as if you install Instagram Lite.

You Can Now Download the Lite Instagram Apk

A few days ago Instagram has presented the Lite version of its application. Until now, the firm only had one way to access the app. Thanks to the development of this progressive web application,  we can all enjoy a much lighter version.

Instagram Lite Apk occupies about half an MB and that’s spectacular. Unlike the native version, this is much lighter and spends much less data but with some limitations. At the end of we leave you the download of the Instagram lite apk.

What Are the Shortcomings of Instagram Lite?

After testing it thoroughly we have seen several shortcomings, important for some users. All these features are not available in the light version of the application.

  • You can not chat, although this feature will be added soon.
  • There are no videos of the new IGTV.
  • You will not be able to make video calls.
  • It has no Explore section.

As you can see, these are extra features that some Instagram users do not use. Yes, it is true that chat is important but Facebook has ensured that Instagram Direct can be used soon.

Did You Know That You Can Install Instagram Lite Apk Without Using the Apk?

The best thing about this app is that you can use this version without installing anything, directly from Google Chrome or any other mobile browser. You can publish stories, news, etc. without any problem.

Here we explain how to install Instagram Lite Apk without using the APK. But if you prefer the normal method then we leave you the APK and the download from Google Play, which is still limited to some regions.

Where to Download the Apk From Instagram Lite?

As always, we do not recommend using “strange” pages to download official APKs. For that reason, we leave you the APK Mirror download, one of those reliable pages that checks that the APKs are correct and that they are not infected with viruses.

You can install the app, log in and enjoy the lighter version of Instagram. For many people an Instagram Lite Apk does not make sense but its operation is very good and less developed countries will appreciate it.

So You Can Use Instagram Lite Apk Even if It is Not Available in Your Country

This morning we echoed the arrival of Instagram Lite Apk to Android, the light application of the social network, with a size that surpasses 500 kB in weight, and optimized for lower consumption of resources such as battery or mobile data. The problem? That is not available in the whole world … or at least we thought so.

Although Instagram has released the application through Google Play in a small number of countries, it is not even necessary to download it from the store, much less resort to an external APK file that could endanger our device if it is downloaded from a not too reliable source. In fact, Instagram offers another way to use this application, which is nothing more than a web disguised as an app.

Install and Use Instagram Lite Apk Without Having to Download Anything

As Twitter did with its Twitter Lite application, Instagram has not developed an app independent of the original. Instead, the firm has adopted the platform’s mobile web, converting it into a progressive web application, which will be executed using the native WebView of Android, or in other words, through a browser.

Therefore, in order to install Twitter Lite without downloading the application, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. From the browser of your mobile, access the Instagram website.
  2. Open the browser menu, and look for the option “Send to home screen” , “Add to home screen”or similar. Click on it and accept.
  3. You will see how the browser starts to install the web application. Return to the home screen and the Instagram icon will appear with a white background.

In this way, it is possible to use all the Instagram features -Stories, direct messages, upload images and videos without installing the complete application of the social network or wait for the Lite version to arrive at the rest of the countries. Without a doubt, one more option to take into account if what you want is to save some space of the memory of your mobile.

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