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How to Install the Addon Kodi Spotify

Kodi Spotify: Do you want to have Spotify in Kodi? We teach you how to install the Spotify addon with which you will have the possibility to use the Spotify Premium Free app.

Kodi Spotify

kodi spotify

How to Install the Addon in Kodi to have SPOTIFY PREMIUM

The following guide below will help you to install a Kodi Addon that will allow us to enjoy Spotify in its premium version, so you can enjoy all the music you want and even be able to access the songs when you are in mode. “Offline”

Install Spotify on Kodi Jarvis version 17 or higher

To install the Kodi addon to have Spotify Premium we started downloading the Zip file from the Spotify repository, you have it,  HERE  and you save it on your computer.

Now you must open Kodi; Go to the complements menu on your left; Click on the package installer icon.

Select  Install from Zip file in the list> Search for the file downloaded from your system and then load it > You must be patient since it takes some time to install the file in question.

Now you must go to  Install from the repository; Select the Beta Kodi Embry to add – ons section from the list; You click on  Music Add  – ons; Then,  Spotify; Install; You will see how the program download will start automatically.

If you want to see this add-on, we have to go back to  Kodi Home; Go to Add-ons; Music accessories; Spotify; Now you can start enjoying Spotify Premium.

We have already seen how “simple” it is to install Spotify Premium through this Kodi Addon but in the case of having an earlier version than version 17, we explain how the steps you have to take.

How to install Spotify in Kodi Jarvis version 16 or lower

  1. Download the  Spotify Zip file  HERE  and save it to your system
  2. Open Kodi; Click on System; Then complements; Install from the Zip file option; Browse  the downloaded zip file; Wait for the installation to complete
  3. Go to  Install from the repository; Select  Beta Kodi Embry add-ons; Music accessories; Spotify; Install; Ready!

How to install Spotify on Raspberry Pi

If you have a Raspberry Pi (a plate that we can say, it does the functions of a computer and that we can connect to a TV), you can also install add-ons or best add-ons for Kodi.

  • First, you need to install Raspbian in Kodi which is the operating system for Raspberry Pi. It’s very easy, you should look for it on the OpenGL website.
  • Once the zip file is downloaded, you extract the zip file on your device.
  • Now we have to opiate the extracted file in a micro SD card, and for that, we need a software called Rufusthat creates USB boot drives. Download the file from the link presented here.
  • Once downloaded, you open Rufus; A box will appear that will require information; Select your SD card from the device option; You click on a Disk image.
  • Now look for the file that was extracted and select the particular file; Press the Start button in the box. The file will be written to the SD card.
  • Now remove the SD card and put it back in your Raspberry Pi device. Once the Raspberry Pi device is turned on, it will automatically start in Kodi. We can now continue to install Spotify Premium.
  • Open the Chromium web browser; Add an extension called ‘ User-Agent Switcher for Chrome’
  • To choose the new agent. In the Chrome settings for User-Agent Switcher, go to Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer 10
  • Now go to the Spotify website and listen to music, since Spotify will not recognize that you are using the Chromium web browser.

Spotify is still the best music app in the world, it has millions of songs in its library that you can listen to at your fingertips. The Spotify Premium features are exclusive and allow you to listen to songs even in offline mode so that you enjoy now through of the steps that we have indicated.

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