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Last Day on Earth: Survival Game | Apocalyptic | World Full of Zombies

Last Day on Earth App Android IOS: After the hangover of Halloween, nothing better than trying a new game of zombies. And beware, we do not talk about any game but of Last Day on Earth: Survival, available for both Android and iOS devices and that will become an essential game in your library. And it’s free!

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In Last Day on Earth: Survival you will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world in which a strange disease has killed 90 percent of the population. Well, killing is not the correct word because it has turned them into zombies that you are going to have to face to achieve your goals.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an MMO that will surprise you for its realism and level of difficulty

And in this game of strategy, we must survive against the zombies who will constantly make things difficult for us. Luckily we will have at our disposal an arsenal of weapons more and more complete to be able to cope with the best possible tasks as daily as getting wood to cook our food or improve the shelter.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is not the typical zombie shooter where we will shoot right and left. To begin with, we play with a small third person character that we will have to take care of. To do this, we must collect everything we find on the map since most items are useful.

In this way, we can create a shelter to store our weapons, food and other objects. In addition to the shelter, we have different elements to build, such as foundry ovens or work tables to build more powerful weapons or clothing that protect us from the iciest environments.

Because of another of the most interesting elements of  Last Day on Earth: Survival is its impressive map. At the beginning of the game, we will have very few options, a couple of forests to visit, several quarries where to collect metal and stone.

As well as some shelters and the dangerous Alfa and Bravo bunkers in which we will have to go to get weapons and objects with the intention to build a means of transport that allows us to reach the most remote areas.

This game of survival will force us to take care of our character by feeding and hydrating him. For this, we will have many options, from hunting deer and wolves, pick berries or create our garden where to plant food to cook it.

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Another of the most exciting points of Last Day on Earth: Survival is that it is continuously updated to improve the gaming experience. Also, with each update, new options have been added, such as more vehicle parts or new weapons.

Say that The Game from PlayStore

Last day on earth playstoreSurvival is not a simple game. Not at all. At first, you will have a terrible time when you face the zombies, especially if you go into the dreaded bunkers. But with time and above all armloads of large doses of patience you will begin to understand the game, and you will know what the best tricks to survive in Last Day on Earth: Survival is.

As expected, Last Day on Earth

Survival has a system of micropayments that will help you cope with the harsh life in the post-apocalyptic world in which you find yourself. Yes, paying the game will be much more comfortable, but you can be calm because you can play correctly to this game without spending a dollar.

Finally, say that right now Last Day on Earth

Survival is in beta. What does it mean? Although the game is fully functional and in principle is an MMORPG, for now, you can not face or interact with other players. You will see that when you go to collect resources, some other players will appear who will attack you, but for now, they are bots.

The creators of the game, the Kefir! Development studio, are continually updating the game and shortly we can find other players on our server. There it will be our choice to interact peacefully or assault their shelters at the stroke of an ax and C4 to steal all their resources.

Finally, we leave the download link so you can play Last Day on Earth: Survival completely free. Do not miss the opportunity to try this game because it will not disappoint you.


  • Christmas is coming and we are happy to present an update dedicated to this holiday:
  • Decorate a Christmas tree and collect ornaments and your gifts won’t make you wait.
  • Added new event “Holiday Van”. Keep an eye on the global map, it will appear towards the holiday!
  • Treats to any taste that also gives bonuses to stats.
  • Christmas without a turkey on the holiday table? No way!
  • Enable a device that can restart the Alfa bunker.

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