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Madlipz Apk

MadLipz Apk: There are apps where you can spend hours and hours laughing and surprising your friends. This is the case with MadLipz, a dubbing app that delivers great results as you spend a little bit of time.

MadLipz Apk App

Take the scene from your favorite movie and put the voices you want with the MadLipz apk.

MadLipz Apk Reviews

With MadLipz you have at your disposal a large variety of video clips to which you can add your voice. Do you want Donald Trump to say something sensible for the first time in your life? You want Bart Simpson to have a voice of his own? Use this app.

Madlipz Apk
Madlipz App

The first thing that appears is an Instagram-style screen, in which there are different dubbing done by MadLipz users. These users you can follow to see next dubbing. On the main page, you have two tabs: Highlighted and Following.

The use is simple. Just below the video, you have different options. A video button where you can see the different voiceovers that were made in that particular video. A microphone button if you want to add your voice to that video.

To do any dubbing with MadLipz you must create a user and password connecting with the Facebook or Google account. You should then grant the app permission to record audio.

At the first dubbing with the MadLipz app, you just have to press the + button you see at the bottom of the screen. You can then choose from multiple videos to duplicate. These recordings are organized by topic and you have a search engine at your disposal.

There are more options like Television where you can see the highlighted voices and the user that follows and Profile button in which you see, in the form of a movie, all the voiceovers that you did.

When a video is selected it appears a series of icons with which you can go to the beginning of the video, cut the part of the video you want in case you do not want to use everything and a button that allows you to mute the video so that you can stay easier to dub.

You can record up to three audio tracks in a single voiceover. This is very useful if two or more characters appear in the video.

Once it’s over, you can share it on social networks or messaging apps. You can do this through a link to the app itself or through a video file.

At first, it’s a little tricky to sync the voices with the picture, but then you realize that with a little practice, this is resolved

MadLipz Application Bad Points

The app is free: to create basic voiceovers, you do not have to pay, but you need to support full-screen and video ads.

How to Download the MadLipz Application

To start creating funny voiceovers, you must sign in to the Android app store and download MadLipz, Google Play, or the App Store.

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