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Manymo Online App Download Free

Test and test Android applications with Manymo, an online Android emulator. Run APK files from your web browser thanks to the Webapp Manymo. Test the Android operating system from your web browser! Manymo is an Android emulator online, that is, you can access from your usual web browser and test the benefits of Google’s mobile OS without downloading anything. Test your Android applications before installing them on your phone!


Manymo Online

  • A better Android emulator.

This Android web emulator is ideal for application developers who need to test the operation of their products, although anyone wanting to try an APK file can use it.

Manymo Characteristics

  • Android online emulator.
  • Choose up to 53 screen sizes and OS versions.
  • It allows embedding the emulator in any web page.

Try Android without downloading any software with Manymo, the perfect solution to test applications of Google’s mobile operating system from the same web browser.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The application can be used for free for a maximum of 10 minutes.

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