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Best Mega Drive Games

Mega Drive Games: Best Mega Drive Games for iOS and Android: Sonic, Golden Ax and Altered Beast are some Mega Drive games that are now available for iOS and Android.  The Mega Drive is one of the most popular consoles in history. In it we could see the beginning of consecrated franchises, like Sonic, Street of Rage, Double Dragon and Mortal Combat. Many of these games are available for mobile phones and tablets. Check out the list of the best Mega Drive games for iOS and Android :

Best Mega Drive Games for iOS and Android

1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This is undoubtedly the most iconic chapter of the SEGA mascot. In addition to cooperative gameplay for up to two players, the title was present in most of the Mega Drives of the time, which were sold with a kind of bundle with the game.

Mega Drive Games
Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic 2 is available for free for iOS and Android.

2. Golden Axe

Although it became popular in the arcades, a lot of people bought the cartridge to play the medieval Beat ’em up in their house. In it, it was possible to control between three characters: a warrior, an Amazon and a dwarf. The gameplay was limited to walking and knocking, as well as collecting items whenever small goblins emerged.

Golden ax
Golden ax

Golden Axe is available for free for iOS and Android.

3. Street of Rage

Other classics that made fame in the arcades and became popular on Mega Drive. In the game you take on the role of one of the former police officers: Axel, Blaze or Adam. A major advantage of the mobile version is that it has the cross-platform local multiplayer support that allows cooperative matches between iOS and Android users.

Street of Rage

Street of Rage is available for free for iOS and Android.

4. The Revenge of Shinobi

The classic franchise game was released in 1989 for Mega Drive. In the role of warrior Joe Musashi, players face the great criminal organization Neo Zeed, who captured his fiancé and murdered his master. The game consists of eight districts, each with three phases in which two are of action and one is an intense confrontation against the head of the area.

The Revenge of Shinobi
The Revenge of Shinobi

The Revenge of Shinobi is available for free for iOS and Android.

5. Altered Beast

The game was originally released in 1988 for arcades and Mega Drive. It is action packed and extremely challenging, with the great variety of enemies, scenarios and obstacles. With perfect gameplay and an unforgettable soundtrack, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest classics in videogames.

Altered Beast is available for free for iOS and Android.

6. Kid Chameleon

This is considered to be one of the most difficult games on Mega Drive. There are more than 100 stages and abilities that the protagonist can acquire by changing masks, all without progress saving and a series of random paths and enemies throughout the journey.

Kid Chameleon is available for free for iOS and Android.

7. Comix Zone

Released in 1995 for Mega Drive, the player takes on the role of a comic book author who ends up stuck in one of his own stories. From there, you’ll have to face your own challenges in a visual that simulates the traditional HQs.

Comix Zone

Comix Zone is available for free for iOS and Android.

8. Phantasy Star 2

Despite having four chapters, the second title of the RPG franchise has always been considered the most iconic. It features a turn-based combat system, but with a third-person perspective. Even though it was originally released for Mega Drive, it still looks beautiful and has a “clean” impression with its colorful graphics.

Phantasy Star 2 is available for free for iOS and Android.

9. Beyond Oasis

This is an action RPG first released on Mega Drive in 1994. It is considered one of the best titles on the old console thanks to fun gameplay and intriguing story. The game is one of the most beloved of SEGA fans, who could never rely on the Nintendo classic on their platform.

Beyond Oasis is available for free for iOS and Android.

10. ESWAT City Under Siege

It’s an action game that first came out on Mega Drive. Inspired by film works such as Blade Runner and Terminator, ESWAT City Under Siege has first-rate action and varied stages in a violent future, full of remarkable scenes. The title puts you in control of the latest equipment, with the right ICE combat suit, in addition to jetpacks and rockets.

ESWAT City Under Siege

ESWAT City Under Siege is available for free on iOS and Android. Will the new Super Nintendo arrive in Brazil ? What will be the price? Find out in the Comment box

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