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Download Megadede: What better way to see your favorite films and series of Megadede lying on the bed or sofa in your house? Thanks to the free APK, or what is the same as an Apps for mobile phones you can do it without any problem.

What is the Megadede APK?

What is MegadedeIt is an online streaming page where you can enjoy the best series and movies for free. It is considered the perfect tool or company for movie lovers, students and workers who do not have enough time to pay monthly subscriptions for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Crunchyroll. Actually an APK is nothing more than a file with an extension. So, if you want to install Megadede on any of your mobile devices or tablets you have to download the compressed Apps that would carry the name of the page, plus the version and extension, thus remaining; megadede1.0.apk


Megadede is available for all devices:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

Regardless of the device that is used, the quality of the movies and series will always be as indicated in  HD!

How to Download the Megadede APK?

Download and install the Apps APK of Megadede is a very simple and totally free process, however, for users unaccustomed to using these Appss can become tedious. Therefore, from the unofficial informative page of the platform we tell you how to do it step by step.


The only requirement you need consists of a version of Android NOT outdated: Android 2.3. Anyone higher than this can install Megadede APK without problem. In the same way you must allow the download of  “Unknown Origins” within Settings> Appss (process that we explain in the next section).


The first step, as is logical, is to download it. For this you can go to  megadede.netlify.com, there you will find the latest updated version, in this case it would be; 1.0.3. If it is difficult for you to identify it, we leave you the link just below.

Once we have the file megadede followed by the version next to the termination.apk it is possible that if we have not downloaded any APK before denying us or downloading some problems. It is a common mistake, since current mobile phones are determined in this way, it is not possible to download Appss from third parties or from unknown sources without having previously approved them.

Depending on each device can be found in different sections, as is the case of the new versions of  Android P or Oreo.

Once we have finished with this step we just have to click again on the Apps to start the installation process on the device. The process will be short and will not take more than two minutes of your time. When the installation is finished you can open or create a shortcut on your smartphonetablet, TV or  emulator.

If you have done the whole process correctly, you should be able to enjoy any movie or series available in Megadede. Here are some screenshots of what the section of the well-known series Stranger Things would look like, however it will look the same for any series either: Vis a Vis, Las Chicas del Cable, The Good Doctor or La Casa de Papel.

In the following image you can see the servers next to the available links of the series and the Spanish language (Spanish or English), you can choose your favorite or simply the one that best suits your device.

Download for iOS

To download the Apps from any iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad you must open this web page in a Safari browser from the determined device.

Megadede APK for Smart TV, PS4, or Xbox

Enjoy your favorite series or movies lying on the sofa in your house through a Smart TV is possible, however, there are some unsupported browsers which the team is looking for a quick solution. Some users comment that updating the browser version solves the problem quickly.

In the consoles of videojuegos like PS4 or Xbox the problem has been solved completely. Anyway, the team continues to work to give greater stability to this type of device.

Is Segura the Megadede APK?

Do you think that if it were not safe it would be downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users throughout Spain? The really dangerous thing is to download a.apk Apps that is not “the real one”, that’s why it is always recommended to do it through the official page. In this case  megadede.netlify.com.

If you download it from another page, there will always be the risk and the uncertainty that it really does carry malware inside it. Therefore, before starting the installation process you should have a good antivirus. Both in the Play Store and in the App Store there are very good and free ones. It is something basic and important at the same time, because you can expose many personal data to hackers.

From megadede.net we link directly to the official page, so if you download the Apps from here you will never have problems. That yes, remember that we are only an informative page NOT official, that is, nor host links, movies or series.

Differences between the APK and the Web version of Megadede?

The differences between the Appss and the Megadede web portal are only addressed to different interfaces. That is, by logic, if you download the Apps you will enjoy your favorite series or movies on a smaller device.

In the same way, the menu or navigability is different, however, the content is the same, so do not be afraid to use the APK on your Smart TV, Android or iOS smartphone or any type of tablet.

If you are happy with the content of the website, you would do us a great favor by  sharing it  on the different social networks!

Pordede, Plusdede, Megadede 

The story of PordedePlusdede and now Megadede will last at least a few more months, from green to red, and from red to orange. Well that has been its evolution, simply aesthetic since users can continue to access the pages with their lists of favorite movies and series next to their old username. Moreover, the pages are so cloned have not changed the favicon of Pordede, if you look closely is green.

The reason for the closure of Plusdede as it could not be otherwise was legal, the subject of copyright and copyright in Spain are very controlled. It was something that “those who rule” could not continue to ignore. According to SimilarWeb, an analytics portal, had reached more than 30,000,000 million visits during the month of August 2018. However, the graph continued to show an upward trend.

As a result of the closing and opening of the new platform, new websites have emerged such as megadede.es, megadede.online, megadede.info etc …

Official Communique of Plusdede

What we did not know until Plusdede change the home main portal was hypothetical disputes had among administrators. Apparently, not everyone wanted to abandon the project, however, they were forced to do so after the abandonment of important team members. Immediately, after announcing the final closure they began to look for options to save the follow-up of series and films, for it all seemed to indicate that DixMax would be the perfect substitute, in fact, they announced it in their official Telegram.

With the passing of the hours, and the constant complaints of the large community about the continuous falls of DixMax, the team decided to transfer the project they had spoiled so much, in this way it would be sure that it would continue active and this has the name of Megadede. Users would not take long to make trending topic the #Megadede hastag on Twitter, and making jokes about hypothetical new websites called SuperdedeHyperdede, Ultradede  etc …

Finally, the statement only thanks the team, moderators, administrators and uploaders. In addition, to ask donations to the Spanish public for animal protection, to take off their hats.

Megadede features

The characteristics of your favorite portal to watch movies and series with the best HD quality are practically the same as the predecessors Pordede or Plusdede. Among them, mention that in no way cryptocurrency with your computer. I had to mention it since many hoaxes or false myths have been created about it. Regardless of it;

  • Large catalog of movies and series, including 100% Plusdede.
  • You can enter the platform with your old Pordede or Plusdede account.
  • Content classified by genre, type, language, quality etc …
  • Large variety of servers, you will never miss your favorite series.
  • Diversity of languages or languages between the chapters and the interface of the page.
  • Active comments, that is, you can discuss with other moviegoers.
  • At the moment, the lives will not be available, they are not discarded.
  • Custom lists like Netflix Originals or Marvel World for example.
  • Same as Plusdede, but orange.
  • Chromecast compatibility.

Will Megadd be able to overcome Plusdd or Pordd in the future?

We add, to the list of characteristics, a suggestion that the platform’s own team has made on their social networks. It is a new background color; night / dark mode. It is very likely that it will soon be available.

Megadede’s Appss

As Megadede has been launched very recently the apps are not yet ready for operation. Do not be alarmed, it is a matter of hours that administrators synchronize with the new website, however, while you can enjoy all your content in the online portal. Sincerely I have been pleasantly surprised by the fluidity with which it develops. As we mentioned above, they will be available for;

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone)
  • Windows (PC / MAC)

We will be updating this thread constantly as we have new news about the launch of the Appss. How will the substitute or alternative of Masdede (Masdd) be?

Download Windows

The Apps for Windows computers was the first to be launched by the developers of Megadede. And so they have made official on their Twitter account that already reaches 500 followers in a matter of hours. Then we leave the link for download.

Megadede Desk has been updated to a new version: v.1.0.6. In this update has been added;

  • Dark Theme (Black).
  • Lists Added.
  • Optimization of the Code.
  • Download Enabled
  • Remote Administration of Servers.
  • Choice on Update or NO Apps.
  • Minor Error Correction.

Download Android APK

The Megadede APK Apps is now available, click on the link to go to the tutorial on how to download and install it correctly.

Download iOS


Download MacOS

Download Megadede for MacOS devices from this link. The version, unlike the others, is 1.0.4.

Download Linux

You can also download version 1.0.6  for Linux devices, for some fans it is better even than for Windows.

How to Register in Megadede?

The registration and login in the platform of Megadede is the same, however, if you had an account in any of the two previous versions you will not need to register. For the more clueless we explain how to do it step by step, and without mistakes in personal data.

  • Go to  www.megadede.com

Once the registration button has been pressed and the advertising passed, if advertising, a form will appear to complete with enough data such as: user, email, password, real name, gender, date of birth, biography and city. We recommend filling only the mandatory ones.

Later, we can only confirm the mail, it may not arrive, however, nothing happens. You will be able to enjoy all the series and movies immediately once you have accepted their strong privacy policy, with which they protect and protect themselves.

How to start using Megadede?

megadede apk

If you have previously navigated through Plusdede or Pordede, it will be turkey mucus for you to do it through Megadede. Well, the interface is practically identical. When making the first login  the first thing you will see will be several sections with the name of series, movies  and lists  by that same name. A section for pending chaptersfriendships and even a reminder calendar also appears on the right.


The series section is placed first by logic, it is undoubtedly the most visited. In it we can select anyone to follow it, put it in favorites, pending and even views. We also find a section of recommendations in which you can only enter if you recommended before 5 series.

In addition, on the right you can see the gender filter, video language or subtitles, broadcast year and any type of links, including HD. In the most viewed series section we find great classics and updated news such as;

  • The Girls of the Cable
  • The Good Doctor
  • American Horror Story (Apocalypse)
  • Vis to Vis
  • Elite (Premiere) (Season 2 has been announced)
  • Shameless (Season 9)
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Game of Thrones (Coming Soon Season 8)
  • The House of Paper
  • The 100
  • Merlí
  • Vikings
  • Riverdale
  • The Walking Dead (Season 9)
  • The one that Avecina (LQSA)
  • Stranger Things
  • Velvet
  • The originals
  • For Thirteen Reasons

On the other hand, we can also see animated series (anime) such as;

  • One Piece
  • Attack the titans
  • My Hero Academy
  • Rick and Morty
  • Pokemon
  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Family Guy
  • Big Mouth
  • Paradise PD
  • Disenchantment
  • Virtual Hero (Rubius)

You can also see some programs like;

  • Operation Triunfo (OT)


The movie section is the same as the series, therefore, we have nothing to add. However, if we want to highlight some of the  most viewed titles, premieres or movies on the platform;

  • Megalodon
  • The skyscraper
  • Champions
  • The Nun
  • Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom
  • Amazing 2
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Deadpool 2
  • The Purge: Night of the Beasts
  • Venom
  • Coconut
  • Smallfoot
  • Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Glass (Crystals)
  • Aquaman
  • Avengers: Endgame (Infinity Wars 4)
  • IT 2
  • Captain Marvel
  • Dumbo
  • The Lion King
  • Frozen 2
  • Aladdin
  • Joker
  • Detective Pikachu: Pokémon


The section of lists in Megadede can become without doubt the most used by users. Since in it we can find and above all filter many series and movies in a simple way. The most popular at present are Netflix OriginalsMarvel World and Series that you can not miss.


The issue of spoilers is an issue that worries a certain sector of fans of the series and the cinema. Well, in a matter of seconds, you can be bothered by tens of hundreds of hours spent in leisure on your part. Therefore, the team of Megadede through its moderators monitor that this does not happen, anyway, to avoid “swallowing” any of them is advisable not to read the comments until the end of the movie or the chapter of your favorite series.

  • They are prohibited on the page.

How to Configure the Megadede Profile?

It should be noted that Megadede more than meets what users demand of it. However, it is also possible to interact with other movie lovers thanks to its social network system. Therefore, if you want to make a good first impression, what better to configure the profile correctly.

As you can see in the image, it is a simple profile that other users can follow or ignore, that depends on your needs. Choose to publish the details that you think are appropriate and that you think will not affect in any way your privacy within the page.

If we click on “Settings” we can change the profile image, user name, email or any other data previously entered in the registry.


One of the most important details, and take into account is the configuration of servers or hosts. These can be configured if we go to “Settings” “Hosts”, there we can choose whether to activate advertising for adults or choose from a variety of favorite servers among which we highlight: Vk, Openload, Estream, Streamango, YouTube, Streamcloud, Nowvideo, Uploaded, Depositfiles, Rapidgator, Mega, Filefactory or Atresplayer.


If privacy is an important factor for you, we recommend you go to “Settings” “Privacy” to configure it at your whim. In this section, you can choose who can see your activity tab, series and movies, ratings or list tab. Also, to choose if you want to appear in the search engine.

Delete account

Removing your Megadede account is very simple, just go to “Settings” “Your Account” and “Unsubscribe”. You will find this section at the end of the page.

“I want to cancel my account and I understand that once it is done I will not be able to re-enter”.

The action is not reversible, this means that once you have unsubscribed the account you will not be able to recover it. However, you can always create a new one.

Is Megadede Safe?

The alternative or replacement of Plusdede is “required” to have maximum security, even more so after the hacking of Pordede at the beginning of the year. However, also by the requirements of search engines like Google that are increasingly more special when it comes to positioning over other results.

Does this mean that it is 100% safe? In life there is nothing safe, to be calmer you can always register with an email that is not personal. In addition, it has an SSL certificate that will protect our data.

Megadede is Fallen?

Currently the Megadede platform has had its first fall of servers after saturation, and therefore does not work as reported in its official Twitter account. However, they encourage not to bother themselves since they will solve it very soon and they apologize for it, something that undoubtedly makes them great since they are doing a good job.

he servers are already available. By this means or our Twitter account we will inform about the status of your servers whenever a similar problem occurs.

Update: The team is making changes to the servers to improve the performance of the portal, it is likely that some users experience failures, problems or “500 errors”, nothing will return to normal. It is also possible that it goes slow or practically does not work at the same time that a phrase appears:  “There Has Been an Error”.

During this update time it is possible that;

  • Megadede does not charge, go or operation is slow.
  • In our Twitter you can always check the status of the page.

Does Megadede NOT Work?

Megadede is one of the most visited pages of the online series and movies. It is normal that sometimes we find that it does not work. It can be a server problem or a security certificate (in the latter case). In the case of being of the certificate, it is not worrisome, because it is because it has expired and needs to be renewed. It is not a hack, and therefore the page is completely secure to this day.

To fix it, you must only access as an unsafe site : “Configuration” -> “Access as an unsafe site”.

Opinions about Megadede

The first impressions, experiences or opinions on Megadede are very positive compared to the disappointment of the first “official alternative” DixMax. Users were confused after not finding any Apps or website to view their favorite movies and series, however, the short wait brought with it the first comments.

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