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Mobile Fax App

Mobile Fax App: If you need to send fax quickly but you do not have enough to send it around, you have to send or receive fax documents early in the morning or late at night. I do not use the fax frequently, but it is really useful when you need it occasionally.

Mobile Fax App | You can fax from your smartphone at once

How do I know about this app? I need to send a fax quickly. I do not know where to send it. I do not know. I do not know. I tried to search for fax in the app search. I have an app called mobile fax. At that time, I did not think that app was so grateful when I wrote a mobile fax app.

Mobile Fax App

It is easy to use. Select the country you want to send to, enter the fax number in the Fax number field of the recipient, and then send the document photo, portrait/background photo, ID card, and then attach the photo.

When it is shipped, it enters the shipment history and it is marked as shipment completion in shipment. When the shipment is finished, when receiving the fax, you can see the received fax by entering the reception history.

Mobile Fax App for Android

When I download the app, it will automatically generate my mobile fax number.

When you want to keep your faxes, you can also keep important documents by pressing the archive button. When you want to print, you can connect to the printer and print it.

Mobile Fax App for iOS iPhone

If you do not have to go outside to send and receive faxes, it is a great advantage to be able to use fax on your smartphone. I hope you enjoyed using this mobile fax app.

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