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Money Lover App (Apk) – Download Free for Android

Money Lover App – Budget Control App for Android IOS: Money Lover is a very reliable budget control Best Finance Apps application available for any regular Android phone or iPhone user. And the best thing is that they use the Premium model-free use, it pays to unlock features.

Money Lover App Review: Budget Control App for IOS

Money Lover (Money Lover in Spanish) is really a tool that will help you cope with all your expenses with a basic daily summary. This budget control application is also very practical, considering that we are at a time where we need to make more money and when getting it has become more difficult than before, so it goes without saying, the money saved is money earned.

What Functions does Money Lover App have, budget control

This tracking application allows you to manually enter general transactions, in exchange for obtaining a complete set of analytical data in the form of a pie chart of your expenses that are categorized by Money Lover App free category.

Money Lover Apk: Budget Control App for Android and IOS

All you need is to establish a budget for each category such as travel, food, purchases, recharge, bills, miscellaneous. etc., and you will be notified when you are near the posted limit. You will also find a bar chart that will imply the likely trends of your net income.

Money Lover App Review

Money Lover Apk: budget control, is not connected to bank accounts or any account in the investment portal, so it is not a concern for those who do not feel safe when revealing personal financial details.

That’s why you require adding your recurring transaction manually in the system (so you can self-customize). But unlike other alike apps, this personal budget control tool besides allows you to add details of all the revenues or expenses that They are made with titles, categories, notes, reminders, photos, etc.


  • Best of 2017 App – Daily Helper
  • Google Top Developer
  • Editors’ Choice by Google Play Store
  • Top 5 best app, Google I/O 2017


  • The fixed bug only remind adding transaction 1 time/day
  • Fixed bug app crash when clicking on budget Notification
  • Fixed bug pay off debt without creating a money transfer between 2 wallets
  • Fixed bug keyboard reports too many characters after adding two decimal places and operators
  • Fixed bug app crash when clicking on share transaction on android 4.4
  • Fixed bug delete a transaction but not exit detail
  • New UI for export Excel & CSV

This Budget Control application is entirely independent of any financial institution so that anyone from anywhere, (any country) can make use of it. The Money Lover app budget control Android, it’s free, so you’ll often run into advertising banners (below the app) even though it did not affect my usage experience.

You can always get rid of those annoying ads (if you think that does not require them) by purchasing the best apps for android on Google Play store or best apps for iPhones on iTunes.

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