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Download Moto Music App for Android [Latest]

Download Moto Music App for Android: On more than one occasion I have brought you this music player based on Phonograph, which, under the name of Moto Music, wants to simulate the old music player of the well-known brand of Smartphones that for some time belongs to the Lenovo group.

Moto Music App for Android

This time I bring you, apart from the download for the manual installation of the Moto Music APK in its latest version, I also show you where to get the updates to new versions of this sensational music app that I personally love your design and added functionalities.

Moto Music App

In the attached video that I left you just at the beginning of this article, I tell you in great detail how to get this latest update of Moto Music APK as well as the simple method of installation and everything that the player offers us. music that has the best appearance according to the canons marked by Google in its Material Design design.

Where can I download the latest Moto Music APK?

In principle, today the latest Moto Music APK corresponds to version 2.1.8, a version that, as I have already mentioned, is based on the Phonograph source code.

A version that you can download directly if you are a Telegram user from your own dedicated channel called WSTprojects clicking on this link.

These developers are also responsible for the development and update of the Quickpic gallery app without a trace of Cheetah Mobile that I shared a few days ago with all of you in this other post.

Everything Moto Music offers us 2.1.8

  • Light and functional music player where they exist.
  • Spectacular design Material Design.
  • Based on the Phonograph source code.
  • Organization by songs, artists, albums, and playlists.
  • Improved search option.
  • Direct access from the sidebar to the music library or folders of the internal memory of our Android.
  • Possibility of adjusting the default tab to show when entering the player.
  • Three themes to choose from, Claro, Oscuro or Negro special for AMOLED screens.
  • Settings to customize the whole theme, main color, emphasis color, navigation bar, shortcuts, notifications, etc., etc.
  • Two options for the appearance of the music player in the playing mode now, Flat option and Card option.
  • Option to download album covers.
  • Option to show or hide album art.
  • Option to blur the image of the albums.
  • Chained or non-paused playback option.
  • Volume reduction option when receiving notifications.
  • Sleep Timer or sleep timer.
  • Options to go directly to the album and the artist that is playing.

How do you see a music player the sea of ​​complete and with many possibilities although you are missing some options that nowadays can be essential in a good music player for Android?

These shortcomings are the lack of support for the reproduction through Chromecast and the non-integration of an own equalizer.

How do I install the Moto Music APK?

To install the Moto Music APK it will be enough to download the apk from its official site; link that I left a little higher, and part of that, how logical you should have unknown origins enabled from the settings of your Android terminal.

Some unknown origins that are within the Android settings in different places depending on the version of Android that you have installed on your device. That is why then I leave you a video-post where I explain where to find these settings according to the version of Android you have installed.

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