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Best Movie Download App, Website & Software

What is the best website to Download Movies, Best Movie Download App or Software to download movies on your mobile? There are many apps where we can download our favorite movies in high resolution or with the language of our preference. Some free and other pay. Therefore, we have made this selection so you can enjoy them anywhere.

Best Website, Software & Movie Download App

We all like Sundays of sofa and blanket. And for that we have several options: rent a DVD, buy it or take the blanket to the movies. But we all know the fourth option: download them.

Today at ApkBuddy we teach you how to download movies on your mobile thanks to these apps, Software, and websites. You can see what you want on Android and iOS or on your computer. To enjoy!

Legal warning

Attention: This website is not intended to promote and/or disseminate any illegal activity, especially piracy. This post is intended to inform users of these apps, adhering to international laws.

There are apps that can be used to download movies and video files directly to an Android device. We have not listed any apps to download YouTube videos to comply with Google policy. If you want to download YouTube movies and videos legally, you should take a look at these apps to watch movies for free. Many countries can restrict apps to download movies on your smartphone. Use these apps in accordance with the rules and regulations of your country.

So, if they are not all legal, why do we bring them to you on this list? Well for educational and informative purposes. The user is our priority and should know about the existence of these means. Of course, its good or bad use depends entirely on the user, we are not responsible.

8 Best Movie Download App to Download movies

The time has come to download free movies on your mobile or on your iPad! One moment, where to do it and how? Is it reliable and safe? Do not worry, here we leave you the best apps to download movies.


[Recommended] Who has not heard about this platform? This popular service not only stands out for all the movies and series you can watch. It is also an app to download movies from the Play Store. Yes, this is how you read it!

Choose the title of your preference and go to the description. There, you will find a download icon. Once you finish downloading it, just go to “My downloads” of the app to enjoy your movie!

Verify that the title is available, and beware since you can only download 100 titles on your device. This option is available for Apple iOS and Android. If you want to know how to get more out of your Netflix, here we explain how to watch movies and offline series with Netflix.


[Recommended] There is a lot of talks lately about Netflix and the advantages of having a large selection of content by a monthly subscription.


And yet, sometimes its contents do not convince us, especially if we are a bit exquisite when it comes to choosing what to watch. Either because you’ve seen them all because you do not like them, the truth is that you needed an app with good cult movies.

Of which your friends criticize and your parents do not understand, we are talking about those. MUBI offers the possibility of being tested for 30 days for free, so during that time, you can download good movies to watch offline on your cell phone.

It works in streaming, with WiFi or data connection, but the good thing is that we can download them on our mobile (within the same app) to see them whenever we want. In addition, you have it for both Android and iPhone.

Without a doubt, an alternative that deserves an opportunity!


[Recommended] Almost all of us have uTorrent on our computer since it is one of the best download managers through torrents of the moment (in fact, there are many websites with uTorrent active). Thanks to this app for Android we can search, download movies and everything that we propose.


In its latest version, two new features have been added: your multimedia files are more easily accessed thanks to the integrated library, and on the other hand it closes itself.

It is fast, it weighs very little but it has a lot of power. Probably the best for this mobile operating system. The app allows you to put it in “WiFi only” mode so you do not spend mobile data unnecessarily. Downloading free movies has never been so easy.

Remember to exclusively download movies that are not protected, or otherwise, you will be breaking the law.


[Recommended] If the above, for whatever reason, it does not work well, you can try this sister app. Descend from the same company, BitTorrent and with it, you can download movies, songs, soundtracks, books, Software and everything you can think of. Whenever you find the torrent first, of course.


The app allows you to split the file that you are downloading in five parts to streamline the download process. And if at some point you suffer an interruption, you do not have to download from scratch, but rather recover the point where you had stayed.

The download app has no speed limit, facilitates the search of torrents and supports magnetic links. Of course, watch the torrents of dubious origin and always respect the laws of discharge of your country.


[Recommended] B-movies, apart from downloading movies, will allow you to search and view them from the same app, which has been very useful. You will be able to see them offline whenever you want.


You can browse through your multiple collections and with a single touch of your finger, display all the information and details of the work in question: the number of downloads, the score, etc. The contents are uploaded by the users, with which B-movies will depend on what people do and what you choose to see (whether legal or not, a decision for which we are not responsible).

Choose between the formats that are offered and start enjoying and the premieres and classics.

Snag films

[Recommended] The Snag Films database is incredible, one of the most complete on the market. You can enjoy a lot of content, documentaries, short films and TV shows for free: more than 5000 files!


You will find all kinds of genres, for all types of audiences. If you were looking for an app to download movies on iOS and see them, you have found it. It even has the most difficult to find! No doubt you will find a multitude of audiovisual treasures in this app.

Never before has it been so easy on iOS!


[Not recommended] Another favorite APK to watch and download movies is PlusDede. Its manual installation is simple and free. With it, you can see what you want on your Android smartphone or tablet with only 5MB of weight.


Its interface is similar to that of its website, only smaller. You will need your account information to log in. There you can find your favorite movies and download them by using a Wi-Fi network, authorizing all the permissions of the app.

We do not recommend it, not only because it is no longer available, but because it does not comply with legal guarantees of permits and rights in any country.

Update: Plusdede stopped working in September, as indicated on its official website. From there they recommend us to follow the project in Megadede.


[Not recommended] Showbox is another app that you can have via APK to download and watch movies. It is free, without the need to pay for the subscription and compatible with Android and iOS. You can choose the film of your preference in any language, with minimum download time.


No matter the size of your multimedia file, you can change and adjust the resolution during the download or when you are viewing them online. You can share your movies on other devices using synchronization.

With a wide catalog of movies in any genre in full HD, you can not stop having this app. Oh, and you have no download limit, so you can download as many as you want!

We recommend Showbox exclusively to see content that is not protected by copyright or broadcast. Although you can get all the movies you want, remember the laws of your country.

6 Best Software to Download Movies – Movie Download Software

Let’s suppose you’re already at home and you just want to turn on your computer and see that movie you like so much while you relax. Do you know that you can do it with different Software to download free movies, without having to spend even one euro?

An example of this is the famous uTorrent. This Software is the most popular for downloading and sharing multimedia files, including movies.

Here we present the best Software to download free movies in your language without registering.


Ares is not dead! It is still one of the multimedia download Software of the last decade. Many of us use it to download music, but it is also an excellent Software to download movies. Its interface is easy, intuitive and easy to use.

As if that were not enough, Ares can perform simultaneous downloads through its manager. It also comes with a player if you want to see your movie there. It is available in more than 20 languages and is compatible with Windows 10.


If you are one of those who can not wait long, you can download free movies quickly with BitComet. And boy, it goes like a comet! All these thanks to the compatibility with numerous web protocols of the last generation.

Its main advantage is that it allows you to preview the file while you are downloading. So you can be sure in real time that it is the movie of your choice.


Emule is one of the most used software to download. This p2p Software with open source is completely free and you can download all kinds of movies. You can get movies on local and global servers, like a great library!

It has a system that allows detecting if the file has errors or is corrupt. This will ensure that your movie is downloaded with the best quality.


How to have a home theater! This is how it feels when you have CineGet downloaded to your computer. Access an immense catalog of free movies legally, easily and simply to see through its alphabetical classification system.

Its main advantage is that you can download children’s movies in your language without registering without a virus, and in a totally legal way. A large part of its content is also offered through streaming platforms that do not violate copyright.


Do you want to share the movie of the moment on Facebook or Twitter with your friends or your partner? Then you need BearShare. Download all films in your language you want legally, to share them on social networks of your choice.

Once the software is installed, you will see an extension appear in your default browser. In this way, downloading content will be quick and easy, completely free of charge.


Lighter than water and faster than the wind. We could define yourself Deluge, a multiplatform software that works with BitTorrent clients. It is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Without paying anything, you can download and extract files from your favorite movies.

The 10 Best Torrent Site to Download Movies 

Now, if you do not want to download or install a Software on your computer, but you want to have free movies in your language, you can go to a website. But beware, not any web. There some that move based on torrents or magnet links.

That is, with them you can do exactly the same as we discussed in the previous section. Completely online and without installing anything. Here we leave you the best Torrent Sites to download movies without registering.

The Pirate Bay

On this Torrent Site, you can find the torrents best adapted to your internet connection, so that the proxies work correctly for you. In this way, you will have faster downloads. Find in The Pirate Bay movies in your language.


Download movies in Latin your language and your language, and countless other languages with Kickasstorrents . This website will indicate the weight and size of the file, as well as its reception in the community . Do not forget to enter your forum to get more information!


Another of the best torrent search engines today is 1337X . It comes with a library and catalog of HD movies as well as other categories. You can even know what is the trend of the moment, so you do not miss the most viewed movies.


A place to download famous movies or that have had their premiere on the big screen in your language for free is through MejorTorrent . Here you will find HD movies and normal resolution of all genres.


This Torrent Site works in collaboration with some other web torrents to find you the best downloads for your movies. It can even show you what the search trends are at that moment. Do not miss what Torrents.Me has to offer.


LimeTorrents is a site where you will find fresh and new torrents. To get them, you just have to place the keywords or keywords of some content that you would like to have. The system will filter them and order them for you, starting with the best ones.


This your language website brings you the best torrents to download movies in your language, including a brief synopsis . In Elitefreak you can find free movies of drama, thriller, suspense and much more.


While EZTV is a website strongly focused on television series, you can also get different movies in both English and your language. Above all, those series or films broadcast on television .


Torlock has a simple promise: free yourself from the fake Torrents . You can get the top movies of the moment in your language or Latin your language. The links are updated and their operation is verified.


If in doubt, EliteTorrent is an elite website for fans of free movies. This torrents website gives you the latest releases in Latin your language, your language, and English. You can get movies in MicroHD or HDRip of any genre.

Remember that you are never 100% protected when downloading content from the Internet. That is why we recommend you only use reliable websites and always be covered with a good antivirus, whether you use your mobile or your computer. Also, we remind you that you are the last responsible for the use of the information in this article and we do not support any type of illegal activity or piracy. Enjoy the movies, but always in a legal way.

The best websites, apps, and Software to download movies on our phones and tablets, both for Android and iOS. If you want, you can read this post about the best apps to download videos from Youtube iPhone. Choose the operating system that suits you best and start enjoying today the best movies and TV shows of the moment.

And tell us if you know any other downloaders! Do you know more Torrent Sites, websites or apps? 

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