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Best Movies Apps for Android & iPhone of 2019

Here are the Best Movies Apps for Android or iPhone for all of you Among the best android apps that we can recommend, we want to tell you now about those that allow us to have a leisure time. apps with which to see one of our favorite hobbies. The one of seeing series.

Best Movies Apps for Android

In recent years the movies and television series, have had an incredible boom. Who watch movies and series on television but also through their devices and therefore we want to give you some of the best apps that allow you to keep up to date with your favorite fictions.

Best Movies Apps for Android or iPhone

If you are one of those who has been fond of watching series and movies through their smartphone or through your tablet, now you can follow them more frequently as more and more, we find apps that are launched in this regard although not all have complete contents, or simply are not up to date.

That is why we need to download apps that have the latest series that everyone talks about, but also those that can be viewed with content such as full seasons, with the possibility to choose if we want to see it in its original language or bent and even if we want the image to be of an exquisite quality like HD.

Below we offer you the selection we have made the best Android apps to watch series. And they are also Best Movies Apps for Android iPhone.

Crackle app apk/iPhone

Crackle Apk is a well-known app that already has more than 20 million people subscribed to them. It is completely free, you can download it from Google Play, and once you do, you will have access to thousands of movies and television series of all genres.

It is one of the best apps with more awards, and also stands out for having content that is original, and that has been made with some of the most popular names on television, such as actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

You can search for new movies and TV episodes added monthly by browsing their categories: Best Movies Apps, Shows, Collections, Most Popular and Genres. You can decree your favorites to see them in the app or online at Crackle.com. The video materials are of high quality and can be viewed via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Netflix app

No matter what a monthly payment app, Netflix is ​​the world’s leading subscription service to watch movies and series on your phone. The Netflix mobile app is designed to provide the best experience by watching the best of world cinema. You can subscribe and have one month of free trial service and enjoy thousands of movies and series or get a Netflix membership and enjoy the premieres of each month and all its features.

With Netflix, you can watch all the movies and series you want, and you can browse a constantly expanding selection of new titles and episodes added regularly. You can rate your favorite series and movies by categories or titles. Netflix is ​​also available in televisions, game consoles, tablets, phones and Blu-ray players.

It is always necessary to clarify that the Netflix service is only available in the country where you originally subscribed and requires a device that transmits from Netflix (manufactured and sold separately) and a broadband Internet connection to view the instant.

TV Time

TV Time also serves the fans of the series, helping them follow the progress on the episodes of different shows. As in the MyShows app, the user can mark upcoming, current and watched TV shows in the general catalog. As a result, the program displays statistics based on browsing history.

And yet the service is different from its counterpart. So, in TV Time you will find more information about the series, including the schedule for the release of the series, their brief descriptions, lists of characters and articles from the editors of TV Time mobile app. Also, the app has personal recommendations and a filter for ratings and genres that help find new interesting shows. Most of the information is available in English.

PopCorn Time

Service Popcorn Time apk stands alone in this collection. He does not report the news and does not allow tracking the audience’s progress. But with the help of its apps, you can watch TV shows and movies on Android and iOS. And for free, but illegally.

We call for the support of copyright holders and do not violate copyrights. But to use Popcorn time app or not – you decide. With the help of the service, movies and TV shows can be downloaded to the device or watch online. The user is almost always given a choice of video quality and subtitles. Many movies contain several audio tracks in different languages.

For legal reasons, Popcorn Time cannot be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. All versions of the program together with the instructions are available on the official website of the service. If you have Android, do not forget to allow installation of apps from third-party sources in the settings. If you use the iPhone or iPad, then to install Popcorn Time, you will need a computer.

KODI Apps Apk

Kodi is an open-source multimedia app which is available for platforms such as Windows and even Some Smart TV. A pretty big advantage of it is that it is free in the Play store, so we just have to install it and run it. But do not expect that just by doing that we will have free movies, otherwise, it would not be in the play store.

What we have to do is go to the link that is in the description and follow the steps within it to be enjoying one of the largest catalogs of the entire network of films of all kinds and in all kinds of formats.


Through its latest update, Wuaki.tv Player Best Movies Appsorganizes many new features such as improved support for Chromecast and greater compatibility with iOS devices. Its point is to provide its users with the latest contents of the television world, moreover keep the scoop by the most popular film premieres of the moment. From now on you can watch your favorite series and shows from any device, or if you prefer, mark them to enjoy later.

You Movies

More than three thousand films make up the catalog of this app. You Peliculas, in addition to updating its database constantly with the latest releases also have a great search engine that permits you to filter the search by year and language. Before deciding on any videotape, we can inform you about your synopsis, or try your luck with the trailer included.

Online Movies

Movies Online is a simple app with which you can watch movies online from your phone using the Wi-Fi or 3G network. The films are classified by categories for better visualization of them. With the installation of this app, new content will be added without the need to update, but it is recommended to have a good 3G connection or connect to a WIFI network so that no errors are displayed in the movie. It is simple but it fulfills very well with the task of watching good movies on our phone.

Movistar TV

25 channels at your distribution to combat the hours of boredom is what Movistar TV proposes, the app that allows Best Movies Apps you to access content on-demand such as football matches, series, reality shows and much more from your tablet or iPhone. To be able to enjoy the Multiscreen service, you only need to be registered to the company’s website so that you can play the contents on five devices simultaneously under the same account.


The best way to enjoy television content and even get advance emissions of the series of your choice. With the new update, Atresplayer has settled debts with iOS 8 users and also adds support for Chromecast and high definition playback quality for television and radio programs. The possibility of creating our own playlists and watching foreign programs in its original version has finished seducing us.


A good app to watch series, very easy to use and with which you can track the episodes that you have already seen, and those that are yet to be seen (with alerts of the premieres).

You can link the app to the Trakt app so you can comment and share what you are watching and go annotating the episodes already seen. It does not require online registration, and it works without an Internet connection. It also has a premium version.

TV Series

Although it is an app in English, it allows you to follow online all the series that everyone talks about. You can also see promos and information of each series, episode, etc … You can mark watched episodes, or those you want to see so you will have everything ordered to track the day and without missing anything.

It is an app with a clean interface and very easy to follow, and the best of all to organize depending on the series you see daily, which you want to see or the news you want to discover.


Canal +, and another large television that has decided to bet on the world of apps with a unique proposal that includes Video On Demand and Live Television. In this way, you can choose to enjoy the last season of The Walking Dead once that game of The Champions that you are witnessing live. The opportunities are endless with an app designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Finally, we talk about Viki, an app that serves both to watch series and movies but not all but in particular, those that are billed in Korea. Korean cinema has many fans, and in this app, you will find their latest releases, but you can also access the viewing of their series.

You can also watch dramas from Taiwan, China and the Philippines, soap operas, Japanese dramas and anime, American animation, NBC Universal programs, History Channel, A; E, E !, as well as movies from Indonesia, Hong Kong, and more. (note: not all content is available in all regions).


SeriesDroid is another recommended free app for Android devices with which you can watch online series, but you can also follow the streaming, quickly and very easily from different television channels. You can also add your favorite series of favorites so that access is faster.

Along with streaming playback, SeriesDroid also allows you to download chapters to your device memory so you can play them offline when you do not want, or do not have, internet on your device. On the other hand, once the app is installed, you do not need a web browser, to access all the contents directly and you can also organize them based on which are your favorites or which ones are left to be seen from the downloaded.


Easy to install since it is available on Google Play, MobyTV allows us to access more than 300 television channels around the world, and among the content offered would be like no, the series. We can search for some of our favorite series or select those that we can see that can be interesting and then reproduce them more simply and directly.

It has a fairly simple interface and although the streaming can be somewhat slow (it will depend a lot on the connection and the data contract they have), the truth is that it is a recommended app if you look for other content such as television programs in addition to series and even football matches and other sports, as well as movies and even the live broadcast of several channels.

Canal + Series APP

If you are a Movistar + customer, you can download this app from your channel dedicated to the series, Canal + Series, through which you can learn more about the series of the moment from your mobile or from the tablet Best Movies Apps.

In addition to watching series, the app will help you to give your opinion about the series by episodes or seasons that are broadcast on CANAL + Series; series like Game of Thrones, Girls, Fargo, True Detective, Orange Is The New Black, Gotham … And you can see some content, such as the making of" of the series that it broadcasts.

TV Shows Favs

This is another app in which not only you will be able to watch TV series but also you can follow more than 25,000 live programs, as well as store your favorites to watch them whenever you want.

Along with it, you can keep track of the episodes seen, the ones you have yet to see and receive recommendations and suggestions to continue watching more and more series.

In addition, this app, completely free and available in the Google Play App Store, integrates the ability to remove ads while you watch your series, or share on social networks like Facebook apps, what series you are following at this time.

TV Tubi

Tubi TV is another app to watch free series that we want to recommend because it also offers the possibility to watch movies of superior quality and continuous transmission. Once downloaded, you will be able to find more than 40,000 titles from around the world.

It has an excellent interface that is simple to use, moreover having different sections, by genre, in which movies and TV series are divided, both new and classic. If you have a good connection, the load of each video is fast and safe, and you can certainly enjoy interesting content without paying anything.


If you are fond of history documentaries and programs as popular as The price of history, sure you will sound History, a channel that is available on payment platforms, but also has its app so we can also see what they emit from our mobile phone or tablet.

The only thing we have to do is download the app that is available on Google Play for free, and we will see that the app has a simple interface that also reminds us a lot of the logos and style of the television channel.

Obviously not all content, especially the live broadcast because History is present in many countries, but the best thing is that you can access their recent releases including some series of their production as Vikings.

miTor TV

This is a simpler app, which surely reminds many of YouTube when you download it. In it, you will find not only series videos but also we can also watch music videos, movies, and even news.

It is perhaps a somewhat reduced app in terms of content or the offer of them, but the truth is that it hardly occupies space, allows you to see a good number of series and the truth is that it stands out above others in terms of subtitles, something that does not It is usually valued a lot, but that is also important when we have to see our series in the original version.  At least here you know that you will find them and that they are well translated.


Although Mediaset has Mitele so that we can watch its series and programs, from Antena 3 (or Atresmedia) recently launched Flooxer, a streaming content platform whose app is one of the most downloaded this year.

Why Flooxer has been so successful is because it has fun and original content, including some series that have just been released and that everyone wants to see. This is the case of Paquita Salas, a series created specifically for this platform and that you can only see through its app.

AE Play

A & E Play is the app belonging to the A & E Best Movies Apps chain with which you can see all its contents that the truth is that there are many. Series, movies and even reality shows that we can enjoy completely free on our smartphone as well as on our tablet.

Yes to see the contents, you must be subscribed to a cable television operator. Once installed you can create lists of favorites, and you can also share on social networks and with your friends what you are seeing.

Plex for Android

An increasingly downloaded app that is a multimedia content distribution system with which to view all the video and image files you want. You can play series, movies and other content online, but it will also be useful for playing music files Best Movies Apps. The app organizes all the uploaded contents and plays

them in the order that we select. It is a good app, but yes, we have to say that it consumes a lot of data so you must have a good data rate to enjoy what it offers fully. Available on Google Play.


Previously we have talked about Kodi Best Movies Apps, and now it’s Kodi’s turn that is still an app of the same developers but much more complete. With it installed on your mobile device, you will be able to play all kinds of multimedia content, both video with different types of formats as well as images.

You can also add multiple add-ons, as well as show the weather, and install some programs, video games and more. With Kore, you can also open all those files that have restrictions for the country and with that to see series from the United States and like no movies and all those contents that interest you. It is available on


A foreign Best Movies Apps but that we can use without problem on our Android device. Of course, we can watch series and movies in English. although surely many of you already do it so that you will be able to enjoy full seasons of popular series, the latest releases in movies as well as children’s programs and even sports.

All the contents are free and have a parental control function, something interesting since many of the apps that we find of this type do not have it. In this way, we make sure that when our children use it, they only access the contents that we have selected for them.

TelecinePlay Best Movies Apps

Another app that in addition to offering series and novels, allows us to see films premiere. TelecinePlay, which is available on Google Play, has more than 1,500 movie titles that we can see on our Android device for free, although it should be noted that the latest releases are not free. Once downloaded, we have to make a user profile to see its contents.

With a simple interface, you can organize the contents in categories and also once you start to select what you want to see, new series will be added without the need to update the app, and it will suggest itself depending on your tastes.

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