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MS Office Online Free 2019 – [Word, Excel, PowerPoint]

Office Online Free:  Microsoft develops the office environment that everyone knows and all the developers imitate: Microsoft Office. This set of applications has evolved without stopping over the years and has managed to become a complete work platform and perfectly adapted to the current needs of all types of users to become what we know as Office 365, the rental system of the Office package , which includes absolutely all its tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive and Docs.com.

Office Online Free

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But there is more. The enormous improvement of Internet connections both domestically and professionally and the integration that Windows has achieved between its operating system and all its tools has made Office Online possible: its same set of tools for both office automation and mail management, contacts and storage in the cloud, but with 100% online access from the browser, and free .

The Great Advantages of Using Office Online Free

One of the main advantages of using this online platform is the possibility that the user has to work with Office documents in a collaborative way in real-time: several people can work on the same document at the same time, and all will be able to see the changes made to the instant.

In addition, having access to all work in the cloud allows you to work on the same files and continue a task whether or not you have access to the main device where you usually work. The user can work from the home computer, from the office or with a tablet from the meter without having to worry about saving the work in a USB key or other external storage.

What Tools Does Office Online Include?
  • Word: the text processing tool that allows you to achieve a professional finish and includes hundreds of customization and formatting options.
  • Excel: the spreadsheet management tool with which to work numerical or text data.
  • PowerPoint: Microsoft’s well-known software for creating slide shows, presenting ideas or supporting a meeting both at the student and professional levels.
  • OneNote: the notes tool with which to organize task lists or anything else that the user will need to remember.
  • Sway: the new Office tool for creating web presentations, and multimedia documents with great ease.
  • Mail: This option includes the inbox and all the necessary options for the user to work with the email.
  • Contacts: from here the user can access all the contact information of his agenda.
  • Calendar: this tool will prevent the user from forgetting any type of appointment. It allows adding events, birthdays, meetings or reminders with or without alarm.
  • OneDrive: Microsoft’s online storage service tool allows you to manage all documents and files that the user has.

And all this and more, even if you do not believe it, is free. Microsoft makes available to all those who need them, the tools of the office suite to use them through the browser without having to pay anything. And because? Because it serves as a claim. Thanks to this online version, Microsoft promotes its very complete Office applications in interfaces that the user already knows so that it also pays to enjoy the desktop versions that have more complete functions.

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