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Best Free Wifi Finder Apps 2019

Best Free Wifi Finder Apps: Have you run out of data on your mobile? We present you with nine different Android apps to find free and open Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.

Best Free Wifi Finder apps

When you run out of data on your mobile, surfing the Internet is over. It is one of the great problems of the world that we live, but all is not lost. In addition to stand and wait until the phone company renew the data, you can use any of the apps that we offer here to find Free Wi-Fi hotspots near where you are, either in your country or anywhere in the world. Keep reading and you will discover 9 best apps for Android that provide you with the information you are looking for, many of them with the option of downloading the maps so that you can consult them when it is impossible for you to do precisely because you do not have data in your mobile.

Wifi Finder apps

Download and try each and every one of these apps to know which one best suits your needs. The information here is public and is available to anyone or has been shared by the users themselves, so there is nothing to fear. Of course, if you’ve landed here hoping to find a way to hack Wi-Fi networks, you do not have much to do.

Instabridge – Free WiFi Passwords and Hotspots


The user community of Instabridge is the main source of its huge database with free access points that do not require any password spread around the world. The app is especially popular in countries like Brazil or Mexico, but that does not mean you can not use it anywhere.

What it does basically is collect access points of individuals who share them and also those of businesses or establishments that offer free Wi-Fi without the need for a password. It is a Swedish company.

WiFi Map – Free Passwords & Hotspots

WiFi Map

Wifi Map is another popular application that works similarly to Instabridge and offers more than 120 million access points worldwide according to the company’s calculations. Each access point offers information about the place and even photos.

You also have a list of access points organized by countries that you can download to consult offline. Of course, advertising is a bit more invasive.

Avast Wi-Fi finder

Avast Wi-Fi finderOne of the leading security companies also offers its own scanner and free Wi-Fi locator. Avast provides information about all those open networks and how to reach them.

In this case it is the Avast user community that provides the information, including the upload and download speed, the security level or the number of successful connections made by the users.

WiFi Finder – Free WiFi Map

WiFi Finder - Free WiFi MapWiFi Finder is one of the best tools you can use for these tasks. Its main asset is to keep the information of its maps and connection checks very updated.

In fact they claim that all zones have been checked and the speed measured. It also has a function to download the maps and check them offline: when you are without data, you do not have a way to see where the nearest points are.



WiFox is a payment tool that focuses on airports around the world. They are places where there are usually shared wifi networks and that everyone treads. If you take into account the time lost in them waiting for the next flight this app becomes necessary to not merge your data plan.



According to Wiman, the company behind this app, in its database there are more than 60 million access points scattered around the world and do not need a password. In practice you have the typical map, this time with colors to indicate the situation of each access point. Clicking on any of them you can see the related information, such as the number of users and connections or bandwidth. Also as usual you have a direct access to Google Maps to get there.


Wifi Mapper

OpenSignal is a relatively popular company in this field, and although they have some additional tools, you are interested in WifiMapper, with 650 million access points scattered everywhere. The usual, works through its own community of users, who are the ones who provide the information to locate new points and testing existing ones.

Swift WiFi

Very much in the style of the other apps on this list, Swift WiFi provides you with a list or a map with the known Wi-Fi networks closest to your position and whether they are open or protected access points. You can also see the amount of signal they offer , so that you do not move to a point where the signal is very low.


Best Photo Album Apps for Android IOS iPhone - facebook

Sometimes you do not have to go far to find what you need. If you use Facebook on your Android you may not know that among all its functions there is a wifi network locator. To access it, you must go to the options menu (the list where you can find your groups, events and others) and click on See More. A second menu will be displayed where you will find the Search Wi-Fi option.

It provides information of the places near your position with available networks (you will have to activate the location services in the Facebook app) and although it is not so complete, it can get you out of a hurry.

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