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Owly: Twitter Client Alternative App – Discover New Content

Owly: The majority of clients for Twitter made by third parties are based on improving the visual interface of the official app or on offering advanced options for the most enthusiastic users of this social network app like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Owly is one of the last to make his debut in this category full of options and he does it with a slightly different proposal and we liked it a lot.

Owly for Twitter

One of the facets that Twitter has tried the most in the last two years has been exploration: that we do not limit ourselves to our timeline and we could find new interesting and unknown content.

Owly tries to go this way but based more on discovering accounts based on themes and not offering an overview of what happens as the official Twitter app does.

Owly Discover and show the tweets with a lot of class

Owly has many reasons to convince us: from a simple and highly customizable interface to advanced functions such as setting up several accounts, passing through basic ones such as push notifications, background updates or showing conversations and threads in a very intuitive format.

The first time we open the Android app we will be taking a tutorial, in English that will explain the main functions of the application and some settings such as the set of colors, the size of the source and add our account to start seeing the content.

In the last steps, he will teach us his two most different functions: the reading lists and the follow-up of topics.

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Reading lists are basically following someone without the need to click on the ‘Follow’ button on Twitter. That is, we mark a profile within a specific pages brand (which has nothing to do with the lists that officially handles Twitter) and from there we can track the account.

It is a very useful option if we want to follow the activity of a profile during a specific time, to have it separated from the rest of the accounts that we follow or simply to be aware of what it does in a subtle way.

Secondly, we have the following topics: Owly suggests a series of topics and asks us for our location to show us the most relevant and closest tweets about them. In the tests we have done, I have to say that it works quite well, although it still does not have the power and precision that Nuzzel has, for example, it fulfills its objective of finding relevant and interesting accounts.

Another point for Owly is that it is free and does not include any type of ad so there are hardly any excuses to at least give it a chance and see if it is able to gain a foothold in our Android or even set aside for a season to the app that we use to consult this social network.

Features of Owly APP


  • Android version: from 4.1
  • Developer: Arthur Events
  • Download it on Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social Networks

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