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Best Personal Finance Apps for Android: Every day it is more common than we have problems when administering us, both in the alimentary sense, as in the time, as one of the most important factors in our life, our money.

For this we are always in constant evolution looking for ways to change things, taking a daily sum of what we consume as notes on the same.

Best Personal Finance Apps for Android 2018

We never have our control, know what we invest in and how we do it, which helps us to progress every day more in what we have to do or spend. Despite this, we face problems at the moment of doing so because we do not know-how, and have a complete disposition but can not find a way to do it.

List of Best Personal Finance Apps Android

For this, I am going to recommend the best personal budget control apps that you can download on your cell phone to keep managed, managed and control all your best personal finance apps avoiding the problems of excessive consumption.

Of course, you must take into account that the ability to manage depends completely on you and not on an app. The app will only seek to serve as a guide to help you save every cent or weight that you might not waste.

1. Next

Best Personal Finance Apps

The first of our selection of apps for finance on the Android stands out above all for its speed. Its minimalist interface allows us to access the different categories quickly; it will even show us with a darker tone the most used categories.

Next will also allow us to view our transactions in the form of history by week, month or year, and the evolution of the different categories. The detail to keep in mind is that Next does not allow us to add income, only record expenses.

2. Mobiles


The Mobile Financial Management App is the perfect solution for those who want to record all expenses, income and save easily and quickly. Have control of your best personal finance apps by setting budgets and making realistic goals. With many tools available, you will not only save more but also help others in this financial challenge.

Mobiles will help you maintain a family or personal budget management. With friendly interface and graphics, you can add expenses and income with a touch. It is a free app and the best financial app evaluated by Google and its users.

3. Monday

Monefy Money Manager

Highly recommended to you that you are looking to save a bit of so much waste your money. For that, this platform helps you in a very simple way, placing at your disposal all the possible expenses that you can do with the relativity of the money you have in mind ready to spend.

The app will be responsible for putting everything together to give you a compilation of expenses and savings, being an equitable balance between your assets and liabilities.

So, the platform begins to gain meaning by the entertaining way of placing the sectors, such as food expenses, and care services, just to mention examples.

4. Dollarbird

Dollarbir Personal finance apps android

The peculiarity of Dollarbird is that its operation is based on a calendar. Unlike the others, the calendar will be the fundamental part of use, being able to add expenses or income depending on the date.

We can also add scheduled transactions, and of course, we can use categories. Also, Dollarbird is one of the most powerful of the five, since it can show us reports of the different months.

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5. Wallet


Wallet helps you plan and follow your budget control and expenses apps flexible, so you can have control and achieve your goals. Throw out your notebooks and spreadsheets and allocate your money to clear and tangible goals that are easy to track in real-time. Set goals, plan your future and move on.

The wallet is designed to help you control personal expenses apps from the first day while giving you the notion of your financial situation and helping you to control it in the long term.

6. Wally

Wally apps

This app for finance on the Android will also be a powerful tool that will allow us to keep track of the balance of our accounts.

In addition to adding expenses or income, Wally will allow us to create plans to manage our balance or get an idea of ​​what a great expense will be like buying a car or a trip. Finally, we can also scan receipts and view reports of our activity.

7. Toshl

Toshl Budget Management App

Toshl is the Best Finance apps for iPhone and Android is a fun best personal finance apps manager. Find out where your money is going, stay on top of bills and expenses, schedule budgets and live peacefully with financial peace of mind.

It is a very good option for those who want easier financial control.

8. CoinKeeper

CoinKeeper spending tracker

Efficient interface, pleasant and intuitive. Excellent to carry basic control of your expenses with powerful graphics practically and simply.

There are more complete apps with more functions and features, but this stands out for the speed and ease of use. To register your expenses, you need to drag the coins, and that is very interesting.

9. Money Lover App: Budget Control App for Android IOS

Best Finance App

Money lover helps you manage your budget and monitor your expenses. Add financial details such as salary income, earnings or sales, and enter your expenses from departures to trips.

Receive reports about your financial situation and know that you spend your money easily. It will clarify your life and make it comfortable. It operates similarly on several platforms and devices, with Free and Premium versions. Very well evaluated in Google.

10. Quick budget

Quick budget best finance app for android

The app has a fully customizable summary page to view all the important information at a glance.

It allows you to have simultaneous income and expense control of several accounts and helps you keep your personal or family finances with these best personal finance apps for android entirely under control.

You have to be ordered, and the app will simply help you to keep accounts.

11. Spendee

best finance apps for android

Spendee is perhaps the most beautiful of our apps for Best Personal finance apps for android on the iPhone. With a design adapted to Android, it is not as agile as Next when it comes to adding expenses, but it does offer us more possibilities.

Our expenses will be registered in the form of a timeline, being able to choose different categories and being able to attach the images of the receipts. In the analysis part of our accounts, we can see reports by weeks or month, showing a balance of the cats and income by categories.

12. Accounting Register

Accounting Register app android

Accounting Register is a utilitarian app that helps you control the personal money. You can check the income, expenses and monthly balances in addition to the direct statistical data.

Applies the concept of double-entry accounting and allows effective control of your assets at the same time as the registration.

13. My Finances

My best Personal finance apps for android app is a tool for all those who want to control their expenses. From now on, the management of the family budget will be clarified.

Thanks to the well-selected functions you should not only save more but also analyze your financial operations more precisely.

In this way, I have explained to you about the best personal finance apps for android finance control apps you can use to help you in that much-needed administration that is very necessary when we have several sources of income. It can be quite helpful if you want to start or manipulate a lot of money, a simple, easy and practical way.

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