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Piano for iPhone: (FlowKey) Learn to Play the Piano iPhone

Piano for iPhone FlowKey: Would you like to learn to play the piano but do not have time to attend classes? Do you want to learn at your own pace, from home, and with your favorite best songs? Well then keep reading, since the best app for iPhone that we want to talk about today will interest you a lot.

Piano for iPhone FLOWKEY Piano Tutorial App download

His name is flowkey Piano for iPhone and his slogan could not define better what he offers: “ learn piano with your favorite songs “. This is the main premise of the service offered by the app, and it fulfills it perfectly.

iPhone or iPad + Piano for iPhone FlowKey, Your Best Piano Teacher

Upon entering the app, you will find a menu in the lower area with four different sections:

  • Songs

from this section, you can browse the songs that are present in the app through different categories: musical style, popular, news, success, etc., etc …

  • Search

if you want to learn to play a certain song you can search it from here. Also, if the song you are looking for is not in Flowkey Piano for iPhone, you can request the team behind the service to rate it and include it in the growing catalog.

  • My songs

in flow key Piano for iPhone, you can keep your favorite songs, and from this section of the app, you can easily access them avoiding having to search them again.

  • Courses

the section by which you should start using the app if you are taking your first steps with the piano. In it you can find different courses: from the most basic introduction to the piano to more advanced ones about reading scores or specific to different musical genres.

Flowkey operation How to know if I’m doing it right?

The flow key Piano for iPhone app can be a complete substitute for a piano teacher, and the reason is that it listens to what you play and can tell you if you are doing it right or wrong.

Piano for iPhone Flow key

Thanks to the integrated microphone of iPhone, iPad or even Mac, the app can listen to what you are playing and thus tell you if you are going well or not.

To do this, the app shows you the score of what you should play and progresses through it as you play the notes. In case you make a mistake, the advance stops until you play the right note.

Also, you can also choose the speed of the song, which hands you want to learn (right, left or both at the same time) … In short, a great help to learn to play the piano in general and certain songs in particular.

It is also important to mention that Flow key Piano for iPhone is compatible with any piano or keyboard, so it is not necessary to make a large investment in a first instrument to learn to play.

More than 1,000 songs available and on the rise

At this moment flow key has more than 1,000 different songs categorized as beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. The number continues to rise and as I said before it is possible to request specific songs.

In addition to the songs, the app offers six different courses consisting of different lessons and practical exercises to reinforce the theory learned in the videos.

Download flow key for iPhone and iPad for free from the App Store

What is flowkey Keyboards Yamaha Music

If you want to learn to play the piano and you were looking for an option of this type you can download flow key for iPhone and iPad and have free access to eight songs and the lessons you choose within the courses.

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