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Pic Collage APK: I do not deny that the photo editors are very good, it’s great that you can eliminate people from your photos or eliminate your imperfections. But hey, there are people who like how they appear in their photos and do not want to change anything.

Pic Collage APK

Can you use to edit an image or group of images in a fun and friendly way without going into photo retouching that does not interest me?

Pic Collage apk

Pic Collage App For Android

The answer to that question is Pic Collage App, available for Android from where you can edit your photos by adding stickers of different themes, text or freehand drawings on the image, achieving a style similar to what we see in Instagram Stories, with the advantage that you are not limited to editing only vertical photos.

In addition, I’m sure you’ve already had more than one occasion that you find the ideal editing app that has what you need and when you save the image of that weekend you spent with your friends appears in the middle of the image a watermark huge that can only be deleted with the paid version. With Pic Collage APK you can rest assured that your photos will be without watermarks.

How to use Pic Collage Apk

The first thing is to get the app, which you can do simply by clicking on the download link that we provide. Once inside, we find 3 editing options :

  • Photos: Windows Explorer will open and we will search for the images that we want to collect in the same collage. Once we have selected them, we will choose the type of organization we want and add stickers, text and everything you want.
  • Template: If your creative vein is off and you need inspiration, here you will find more than 100 templates that will serve as a base on which to add your photos and the extras you want.
  • Free form: This is where you can do whatever you want, you have a blank canvas on which to be able to put photos, stickers, text, draw, change the background …

Once you have finished adding elements and putting everything on your site, simply by clicking on the icon in the form of a little arrow on the right you can share your photo online or download it to your Android.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum requirements of the operating system Android 4.0.
  • Offer integrated purchases

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