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Pillow App Review for Android & iOS

Pillow App – to Monitor and Understand Your Sleep on Ios. Think answer: How many days in the last week did you get no yawn during the day? Because of this, you get less encouragement, especially in the morning? So what you probably need is an application that helps with this like the Pillow.

How the Pillow App Works

The Pillow monitors our sleep while we sleep and once we have this information we can improve and fall asleep a stone.

Pillow app

Pillow App Positives

We will hardly improve our sleep if we do not know how we sleep. there are different applications for this, but they are indecipherable. It is important that it be a clear application that, at a glance, we can know if we are doing something wrong or right.

Keeping this in mind, the Pillow stands out for it. The application has the quality represented by a sophisticated design and demonstrates quickly whether you slept well or not. Two simple rings tell you if you have reached your goal of sleep and the quality of it. Then there is a chart that shows the stages of sleep all night long in case you want to go deeper. It also has many other data and functions but the interesting thing is that it knows how to focus on offering the user only what is really useful.

The Pillow has two uses, one manual and one automatic. In manual form, you are responsible for setting the alarm and telling when you go to sleep and when not. In this mode, you do not need an Apple Watch because you can analyze sleep according to the noise recorded by the iPhone. But if you have an Apple Watch, it will analyze it according to the movement we do and the pulsations, so that it is more precise.

This manual mode is great because it allows you to set an alarm at a specific time and the application will wake you up at that time or a little before, only in a sleep phase that allows you to wake up easily and rested. The downside is that you should worry about setting the alarm always and having the iPhone recording for hours and hours.

The application has a function called Pillow AI, which is responsible for learning how you sleep to give a more accurate analysis over time. If what you want is to deepen and better understand how you sleep and what affects or not your night rest, it is interesting to look at the statistics by week/month/year. Compare the quality of sleep with different factors, such as the caffeine we drink, the heart rate, the measurements are taken that day … All this data is collected from the iOS Health apps.

Pillow is responsible for telling you whether you are doing well or not, showing the phases of your sleep and teaching what affects those phases.

Negative Points of the Pillow Application

The automatic mode only works with the clock.

How to Download the Pillow App

If there is a reason to give to use Pillow is that you do not have to be an expert to learn how to sleep better. Download in the App Store.

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