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Pixel Launcher APK Latest Version (ROOTLESS) for Android

Download Pixel Launcher Apk: Pixel Launcher Ultima Version is the home screen experience for Google Pixel phones. Personalized information from Google is just a blow away.

Pixel Launcher Apk

Pixel Launcher

The latest version of Pixel Launcher APK the Last Version is designed to improve the ease of access and operation of Pixel phones (including Pixel XL) from the main screen. Basically, you are given the flexibility and access to customize your device with easy gestures or bumps.

It is a known fact that the management of a smartphone can be complicated. If you want to improve the function and the use of your own device, which has some of these very practical utilities or direct access to your most used apps and will make everything move faster and more efficient.


  • Go to the right from the main Google screen to see the cards that bring you news and personalized information, at the right time.
  • Quick access to Google search on your main home screen.
  • Scroll up in the bottom row to go to favorites to find your AZ apps.
  • App suggestions.

Install from Google Play Store

File informati11on

Developer: Google, Inc. 
Version: Q-4753642 
File size: 2.2 MB 
uploaded: November 28, 2017 to 14:07 GMT + 07 
Requirement: Android 5.0 and

Pixel Launcher Apk Review

There are some new things to find in the Google Launcher pixel for Android. An appetizer is, that you can customize Google cards for news and information in a personalized way.

And to access it, just swipe the home screen and go! Everything is there. The user interface is smooth, although it takes time to learn things.

But once he hangs up on her, everything will be easier. For example, do not hesitate to make or get access to Google Search from the main screen. No need to open the browser anymore, it will take time.

There are rows at the bottom that says favorites where you will find all your apps, numbered and ordered from A to Z. There is also the Suggestion App that will help you find the app you want from those from A to Z lists.

Pixel Launcher Apk

The app itself is free, and it is easy to download and install it. In fact, it will only take minutes to do everything.

The latest updates include a fresher look for wallpaper selections, new look-and-feel in circular mode, and weather information that can be accessed from the upper right corner. It sounds like a real bargain, huh? Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same.

Some users even feel that an app of this type has no advantageous benefit and is just a waste of space. Some of the annoying facts are the inability to eliminate some of the functions, such as the time function. Until now, there is no way to disable or delete it.

Pros and Cons


  • You are given direct and simple access if you want a more efficient result. 
  • The operation and use are quite smooth. 
  • The image and the visual aspect are attractive with bright and clear and crystalline results.


  • It takes a while for the learning curves. 
  • Some of the features are new so you’ll have to explore again to find the things you’re familiar with. 
  • Some of the features that can not be deactivated or eliminated, which compromises the space.

How to use

You just have to download and install it. Once you do it, you may see that the home screen appearance will be different. Go to Settings and look at the different options. The integration is there.

All you have to do is make the adjustments if there are any. In the apps section, for example, you can see the details of the apps. Or, if you want to see the available topics, go to the Themes section.

Change Log:

From Oreo 8.1 Developer Preview 2

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