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Download Pixelmator App for iPad, iOS or iPhone, Pixelmator App for iPhone from Pixelmator App store. Pixelmator Apk. Pixelmator Photo, a new photo editing app for iPad.


The developers of the Pixelmator team worked to provide excellent best photo editing apps. , Both in iOS and in macOS in recent years.

app Pixelmator, Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator for iOS They use a new Pixelmator Photo to complete a variety of apps when they are quoted in a mobile market, powerful and easy to use.

Pixelmator App

Now they have just launched apps for the latest apps, Pixelmator Photo, only for iPad. Focus on photo editing.

This app has an excellent design and performance of desktop computer to edit your photos. More than 500 cameras on the market, in RAW format. , You can get all the details of the image for a perfect finish.

In addition, you have excellent tools such as the “repair tool” to recover images by removing unwanted content. You can reproduce the background in a completely natural way.

Pixelmator Photo uses machine learning with the “ML Enhancement” function. It automatically focuses on improving the balance, exposure and color of the image, quickly obtaining good results and giving the final effect to the image. The ML Enhance algorithm has been trained with more than 20 million professional photographs.

Pixelmator Photo will be available for iPad only on April 9 for € 5.99 ($ ​​4.99) We can enter the App Store (on iPad) and make a reservation at € 4.49. ($ 3.99). In this way, we will obtain it at a discounted price that disappears on the 9th and the iPad will download the app as soon as it is available.

This app completes the scope of the Pixelmator app. We have Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator for macOS, Pixelmator Photo for iPad and Pixelmator for iOS.

Download Pixelmator App | Photos of Pixelmator


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