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Playdede: The New Pordede Alternative App

Playdede: Watch movies and free series online is something that many people want, for this reason, diversity of pages and platforms designed to offer the best service movies and series are available today, and now comes a new alternative called Playdede.


This is an official Pordede alternative, the first dedes lineage platform that came out, offering the public a diversity of categories and genres in series and movies to be enjoyed online or from applications, which had to close its doors due to problems with the servers.


In this way, Plusdede was born, an alternative that migrated all the data of the users from Pordede to Plusdede, and to be able to access this new platform could be done with the data already created in Pordede, due to problems of server failures and leaving unprotected some Private data, Plusdede decides to leave your child, called Megadede.

This platform, on the other hand, had been working very well, until the end of the year 2018, when a variety of failures and problems began to emerge and registered users complained a lot, since the platform was down all the time, the movies they were not reproduced in the best way, among other failures.

When the creators of Megadede apk announce that the platform is showing flaws and that it is necessary to have a little patience to be able to solve all the problem with the servers, this app platform comes to light, as a better and new alternative for users when watching movies and online series.

What is Playdede?

Then we can define Playdede as the new alternative of Pordede that will offer a better and newer service of movies and series for free to users.

At the moment of registering in the platform, you will create a new account, since it has nothing to do with Megadede or Plusdede apk, which were platforms that were created with a migration of user data from Pordede, which should be much to be desired because The security of this private data was always in danger or migrating from one server to another.

In the case of  this app is not the case, since the platform is much more secure, offering a better service to all users who wish to register on the platform, for this, it is necessary to access the official page of this app and in the option of register just fill out a small form with:

  • The username.
  • Valid email
  • Password.

And ready, this way you will have your account to Playdede and thus be able to enjoy all the content that is published, at the moment the registration is not available, because this app is in its beta phase, which has already closed, and therefore the platform is not yet admitting the registration of new users.

Features of Playdede the best Pordede Alternative

When creating a new platform of series and movies this must be much better than the others, so Pordede, Plusdede, Megadede, and even Dixmax, have been left behind with this app, since this platform offers better services and more security for users, among the features that make Playdede the best alternative we have:

  • The content of this app will be much wider, with movies, series, anime, documentaries, television programs and much more.
  • You can watch more than 2000 series and 50,000 movies from the web.
  • The filters will be available, to filter the search by gender, year, language or other options.
  • Playdede has a search service to make it easier for users to use the platform.
  • Movies and series can be seen Live streaming, that is, online, or they can also be downloaded for later viewing or shared with family and friends.
  • You can create the lists or follow the ones of other users.
  • Playdede has the support in Chromecast, to enjoy the content of the platform on TV, PS4, or Xbox ONE.
  • There is no advertising, this being a great attraction for many, plus there is no migration of cryptocurrencies.
  • The content is of quality.
  • The security of the users is guaranteed.
  • Playdede has a community, to be able to comment on series or movies or even read the opinion of other users.
  • The registration to obtain a new account guarantees the security of the users’ data.
  • It has Latin language, Spanish and English subtitled.
  • It is a much more stable platform, so the server crashes will be almost zero.

Download Playdede APK

This type of applications are not available in the Google Play store, so in order to access it directly from your mobile, you must download your APK version, in addition, to accept on your mobile the receipt of data from unknown sources and This way enjoy the platform of movies and Playdede series.

Because the platform is still in its test and launch phase, we do not have the links to download the APK version of Playdede, but soon we will have this information, so that you can enjoy all the Playdede functions from your mobile.

Where will Playdede be Available?

Playdede is currently available directly accessing your website, after registering you can enjoy all the content that Playdede offers on its interface, it is an application that is compatible with the android system, iOS, with Windows and Mac.

Achieving enjoy this way of the best audiovisual content that is available at the moment, thanks to the functionality, quality and security that Playdede will offer on your server.

The Security of Playdede

On the internet nothing is 100% secure but the security offered by Playdede to users is very high, since having a new record, what it means is that it has its own encryption, and therefore all data will be safe thanks to the security certificate that the Playdede server has.

On the other hand the security will also depend a lot on you as users, since the presence of antivirus is very important, to keep your device free of viruses and keep the pages safe, for this reason it is recommended to use a totally new email and a password newalso when making the registration on the Playdede platform, avoiding any type of inconvenience with the web.

Playdede does not work What is happening?

For example, if one day you come home and you want to download a movie and you find that Playdede is down and does not work, you must be calm first, since this type of page usually collapses very quickly due to the large number of people that play it. They visit daily.

In addition to this type of platforms are constantly monitored by law, because they infringe intellectual property and copyright and this is considered illegal, for this reason may be suspended momentarily or permanently.

But there is nothing to worry about, because the security and good functioning of Playdede is guaranteed, since its creators have claimed that Playdede will fall very little, since their server is much better structured and more secure, also have several SysAdmin, and a template that is responsible for keeping the Playdede platform afloat, and of course the web code is totally original, and this will prevent the platform from falling frequently.

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