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Plusdede Apk Plusdede App Plusdede Download Plusdede for Android. Plusdede is a website that works as a streaming app. Within it, you can find a huge variety of movies and free series, just by registering with a username of your choice and password to be able to access its huge database.


Given the rise of Netflix in recent years, a large number of streaming apps have come to market such as Amazon Video, Hulu, Youtube Red, and Plusdede.

The great benefit that these companies provide all users, is that you can watch your favorite series and movies from the comfort of your home! Everything from the new megadede Giving you the possibility of accessing any type of titles easily and avoiding problems of buying tickets, popcorn, among others.


However, a major disadvantage of most of these apps is that to access them you must pay a monthly subscription, which may not be very accessible at certain times.

In addition to paying these subscriptions, another disadvantage of these streaming companies is that there is a huge amount of content that is not of your interest, so you are making payments for series and movies online that you will probably never see, adding that there are many quality films you will not be able to see on these platforms due to their recent release to theaters.

Without any doubt, the greatest benefit Plusdede can bring is that p you can watch series and movies for free, online and in HD! Giving you experience as you were in the cinema (only that you yourself take care of your snacks and soda, of course) but with incredible comfort and from wherever you want.

Accessing the Plusdede platform is very simple. However, let’s start by giving you a little guide about this free streaming app.

What is Plusdede and how can you register on the platform?

Plusdede is a web page in which you can search for all kinds of series and movies easily in the best Netflix or Hulu style.

Plusdede and Pordede: A bit of history …

If you are a regular searcher of content of your preference to see online, it is very likely that you remember the well-known website (in its golden times) Pordede.

This was a well-known page (mostly within the public) and was one of the references in the search for the best movies and series in streaming, finding a large number of titles to see in one place.

However, a while ago it became known that the online app was hacked, hacked, Ely eliminating it from the internet map. At first, it was thought that it was an episode of Phishing, defined by Wikipedia as:

“A computer term that calls a model of computer abuse and is committed through the use of a type of social engineering, characterized by trying to acquire confidential information fraudulently. The cybercriminal, known as a phisher, poses as a trusted person or company in an apparent electronic communication, usually an email, or an instant messaging system “

But to the surprise of all users who hacked the website of Pordede were the creators of Plusdede. Treating thus of a sudden movement to become owners of the sector of the films free online.

It should be noted that for most users of the old Pordede, the new website is much more intuitive, simple to use, novel and without so much invasive advertising, preferring it over the old one they used. Establishing this as the new reference in the world of online cinema.

How is the reception by users to Plusdede?

In a nutshell, users love Plusdede. Many positive comments have been the response of the community, ratifying the great utility and ease of use of the app that has undoubtedly broken some schemes in the streaming apps landscape currently.

Among many of the things that stand out the users of the app is: Its ease of use, the large number of series that can be found, the little invasive advertising there is (compared to its predecessor) and endless positive opinions. Of course, the app is not perfect and has its flaws, but without a doubt, it is one of the best (if not the best) in its sector.

Many of these comments can be seen on social networks, forums and other blogs that touch the topic related to the app’s history.

Many of these receptions are read from the official accounts of Plusdede, in which users usually ratify what they think about them. Even, you can see many comments preferring this page in the social networks of Pordede (yes, they still have their social networks active).

In fact, the old app has the time trying to return to the market, asking some monetary contributions to users to launch their platform again. Although some support and join the cause, the truth is that the vast majority of users do not agree with this initiative and show their refusal to the creators.

It is clear that there are a lot of differences between the two platforms, however, it would be prudent to explain it in more detail.

What are the differences between Pordede and Plusdede?

Despite belonging to the same sector, there are a lot of differences that can make abysmal the gap between both web apps.

As mentioned in the previous section, surfing on the Internet you can see what are the differences between the two using the most effective method for research of this type, and are the opinions of users.

Among the most important differences you can find:


Without a doubt, one of the most important characteristics of Plusdede is that it does not have as much invasive publicity as its predecessor. Already in its last months of life users used to complain about the large number of hidden ads that had the web.


Innovatively, the creators of Plusdede have managed to turn the app into something extremely simple to use. Creating a user friendly interface without overloading elements, something that is hardly found in a web of its kind.

Social aspect

A great implementation of the new website is its social functions. You can post your opinions on a timeline, add friends and even follow your favorite actors / actresses!

More titles

An important aspect for home moviegoers is that there is a huge amount of content to watch movies and series without stopping, with a database larger than Pordede.

Among other aspects (mentioned these among the main ones) one of the doubts that can arise is about the security of Plusdede. Many users wonder how could a secure app be? If it was born from a big hack to a web of the same type. Well, we can assure you that it has a 5 star security.

How secure is the Plusdede platform?

In addition to having less publicity (in truth, the difference is great) than its predecessor (which protects you from going to pages of dubious origin with viruses that can infect your computer) Plusdede implemented the SSL certificate on its website.

The SSL certificate is the highest security protocol online, having to meet certain security requirements that reveal the high data protection status that web pages that want to implement it must have. Most websites are constantly looking to meet their security requirements because they give a sense of authority to their websites and it is even a positioning factor for Google. So it is very important to have.

Taking into account these two factors of great importance, you can be 100% sure that your data is being treated with the maximum possible security, as well as avoiding possible computer viruses that can damage your computer.

It should be noted that this web app has a large number of features and features among which are: Its simple user interface, the large number of titles in its database and it’s free! Taking into account these factors and the large amount of monthly (and even daily) traffic that the page has, it is normal that its security standards are very high.

To start using Plusdede from your computer or smart phone, you must register with your details as detailed below.

How to register in Plusdede and start watching your movies and series for free?

Registering on the platform is one of the easiest things you can do in your life (rather than sleep, even) and you should only follow the following steps:

Go to his website www. plusdede  com

By entering your url in the browser you will enter your welcome page, in which you are given the option of entering with your Pordede user (yes, the old website that was closed, turns out to be family) or if you did not have an account in said app, you can register totally free by clicking on the “Registration” button.

Fill in the boxes with the required information

Once the registration process in Plusdede has begun, the website will ask you to fill in general information such as: User, Email, Name, etc. So you can enter the app.

It should be noted that your data is 100% safe to be entered, as in addition to not request sensitive data, the platform has a strong privacy policy that protects the user and their information.

Enter the platform with your user data

Once you have your username and password, you can enter the web interface to start looking for everything you want. However, when you enter for the first time you can find some new features that do not have most of the famous Best streaming apps, but that make your life easier. Therefore, it is essential to tell each and every one of them so that you can get the most out of everything you want to see.

 How to start using Plusdede and enjoy your own online cinema?

Once you have entered your user data, at the beginning you will run into a home page that looks like this:

Within it can highlight aspects such as: pending chapters (in the case of series), friends (also known as followed), the date (which you have on your computer the same) and you also have a novel option to share any comment or opinion that you want, as in the social network Twitter.

As you can see, you have a superior navigation menu which has different criteria. Explaining them more in depth you can find the following:


In this section you can find all kinds of series (obviously not?) That you want to see and that are in the Plusdede database. We can assure you that it is gigantic, so you will most likely find what you are looking for or want to find.


Like the series, you can find a wide range of movies of all kinds. If you like action, drama, suspense, or terror, you have any movie you want in any of those genres, and many more.


In the lists, the results are filtered by similar characteristics. That is, in this section you can find categories such as: Netflix series, marvel movies, movies with unexpected ending and many more categories that you would not have thought existed (but yes, there they are).

Live (or live)

In this category you will find any sporting event (if we talk about football and basketball, of course) with the next broadcast dates for you to be aware.

NOTE: You can also add each event to your reminders so you do not miss it.


In the last section of this incredible streaming app you have the option to download their respective apps, their versions in IOS and Android so you can take the movies / series to any place (even to your office, if your boss is not seeing you).


Unfortunately, the app of the platform was removed from the iOS app store (yes, Apple) and it is still unclear if the measure is momentary or permanent. The reason why it was eliminated is the non- compliance of some of the policies of the demanding app store, which do not beat around the bush when imposing sanctions. However, apparently they are not very serious so it will probably soon be in circulation again.

To avoid problems of the same nature with Android (better prevent than sorry, right?) We recommend installing the APK version of the app from Google. Probably do not understand or papa of this type of versions, but there is no problem, we explain it to you.

What is the APK version of an app?

The .apk extension of an app is defined by Wikipedia as follows:

“It’s a package for the Android operating system. This format is a variant of the Java JAR format and is used to distribute and install packaged components for the Android platform for smartphones and tablets, as well as some distributions focused on their use on personal desktop computers and laptops. “

That is, it is the complete installation package of an app, which unlike the version that is downloaded from the Play Store(which is exactly the same) you will be downloading from Google. The difference that both have is that the version of the app store is installed directly, while in the apk version, it must be installed manually.

How to download the APK version of Plusdede ?

The best thing about installing the. APK extension of an app is that it is completely simple. In the case of plusdede, it is enough to follow the following steps, which are very simple:

Access Google

First you must enter the search engine and place in the search bar the words “Download APK Plusdede”

Enter the first search result (APKPURE)

In the first search result of the search engine a web page will appear that has as link

In it you can see when this extension was published, as also the download button is very clear.

Click on the button “download APK”

Now you just have to click on the green button of medium size that appears on the screen. It should be noted that it says that the app weighs only 5 mb! Being very light.

Install the app manually on your phone

As we explained earlier, the. APK extension of the Plusdede app (well, and of all apps) must be installed manually. That is, if you are downloading directly from your phone (which is the recommended option, because it is faster) it will ask you for installation confirmation.

Otherwise, if you are downloading from your computer, you must pass the app to your Android using a USB or Airdroid app and then install the platform of free series and movies.

Following these simple steps you will be able to have this app on your phone in minutes. This is not complicated at all.

[End of update]

NOTE: Plusdede apps (for both Android and IOS) have the same specifications as the desktop version. There are no novelties or complicated interfaces that can not be understood.

Search bar

You can also skip looking for the content you want to see, typing the keywords of the titles you are looking for. If there are several series or movies with a similar name, Plusdede will let you know and you will be able to choose what you finally want to see.

Undoubtedly this pile of functionalities make this app an excellent place to consume content for which you have to pay on other platforms that do not guarantee to find what you want so easily (and without having to pay for accessing much content that does not it’s your taste)

On the other hand, given the option to even see live sporting events as you could do in the old days with RojaDirecta, Plusdede has nothing to envy to cable television with channels such as: HBO, ESPN and even soap opera channels .

However, another level functionality in the app is the ability to add friends and make community. Either to share curious information about the content they see or to talk about what they want, so do not overlook this section that can help you a lot in navigating the website. But, to make use of this part we recommend you to configure your profile.

How to configure your profile in Plusdede and what features can you find on the platform?

If from the beginning you go to the upper right corner, you can find the user image that you have selected (if you are starting you probably do not have it) along with your username and a small arrow pointing down. Clicking on that little arrow displays a menu with some options, among which is to see your profile. You enter there and it will direct you to a section that looks like this:

Once inside you can notice that Plusdede is not only an app to watch movies and series online, but it is also a social network for movie lovers! Within the interface of your profile you can see different sections in which all your activity is summarized.

In the same way, you have the possibility to enter your profile picture, and in the rest of the fields there are data such as your name, pseudonym, biography, among others. So that other users who want to join you can identify you.

Added to this you can notice a good number of sections in which the actions you perform within the platform are summarized. Explaining them more in detail you can find:


It shows the publications that you have made in your timeline (also known as timeline) in which mentions to other users are included. That way you can see a summary of everything you’ve shared within the interface, as other users can see it.


Without much to explain in this category, you can see which are those movie titles that you have added as favorites and so you can see them from where you left them to see (if you did) and can access without much trouble.


Like the “movies”, in the “series” section you will have the content that you are following (whether it is an original Netflix, that you can watch on TV or that you only find in Plusdede ) and access it directly. If the series in question is in progress you can also see when a new chapter has been uploaded (from your notification bar, we’ll talk about this later) and watch it whenever you want.


One of the possibilities that gives the app, is the possibility of leaving an assessment to the movie or series that you have seen, as you can see what users think? Of some title you want to see to see how well received it is or not. The minimum score is one star and the maximum ten, different from the old scheme from one to five. In the same way, you can leave an additional comment or question in the film / series to narrow down something, clarify a doubt or evaluate it in writing.


In the list part you can find those that you have added recommended by Plusdede (as explained above) or those created by you, in which you can include the content that is only in your preferences.

On the left of the page (which contains your information) you can also find two features that can be cataloged as novel and end up giving that social touch to the platform. These are:


From this sector you can see in summary your friends and the amount you have in your profile. This information can also be consulted by other users.

Actors actresses

You did not know you can follow the celebrities in Plusdede! One of the features that most impact the app is the ability to follow these people and see the publications they make.

Knowing this wide range of options offered by the app will allow you to get the most out of it and the content you want to see.

It should be noted that it may cost you a little at first to set yourself up for this wide range of options, but we assure you that you will grasp the thread to the few uses and it will be worth it in the long term.

On the other hand, you should ask yourself how to find the titles you want and how to navigate within the categories. And that we explain to you next.

How to find movies and series in Plusdede?

Finally! One of the most important sections of this article for us and for you is that you learn to find your favorite movies and series by browsing the different categories of this platform. At the beginning we tell you that it is not difficult, but if you do not have anything to think about and you want to find something good to entertain yourself, we detail the steps below:

Plusdede App

Enter the section “series” or “movies”

Click on any of the two options as we have shown you before and you will see a large number of movie or series options to see.

In the same way, you can see that there are several options available. Among which you can find:


There is no type of filter in the options that you have available. They are movies or random series that gives Plusdede.


Without much to explain at this point, is that content that you are following or have not finished seeing.


It is about those titles that you have added to “see later” and that you have gone lazy and have not seen.


If you are one of the people who are interested in seeing your history, whether to show off or recommend movies to other people,you can find all the content you have seen in this section.


Based on what you usually look for and see, Plusdede gives you a few titles that could find you and guess what? The algorithm of the app is very common.

On the other hand, you can filter a little more your search for new features (it’s the default option), the most viewed by the community and all the available options. You can apply these filters and even be much more specific in your search with the following options (by clicking on the “show filters” button of course):
If you want to specify more your search, you can access the “show” section. Here you can tell the app what kind of links you want. Here you have the possibility to use:

Only HD links

This option allows you to tell the page that you only want to see options that allow you to watch your movie or series in high definition. Removing all those links that do not give you the feeling of being in a real cinema.

Good quality links

This is the option recommended by us, since it guarantees that you are using secure links free of any computer virus. In addition to finding good quality movies (sound and image) within this category).

Links any quality

No matter where you end up watching your content, they give you the available options. The disadvantage of this option is the possibility of finding some unhealthy link for your computer, as well as the appearance of deceptive advertising in heaps. Its advantage is that most movies and series load fast with this option and you have a greater chance of finding them.

Also without links

Similarly, you can choose not to need links to access the titles but you can see them directly from the platform’s video players. In this option, the results you find will be smaller.

We remind you that the case shown can be applied in the category of series or movies, so you do not have to break your head trying to decipher what to do? In each one. However, for the lists a different menu is displayed, which we will explain below:

Enter the “lists” section

Another of the great features of Plusdede is the possibility of creating lists. Including all that content that is of your taste in one place so you can access easily and quickly.

They also give you the option to add a new one (in case you regret it and think it’s time to create one) and add all the movies or series you want. But below you can find interesting functionality that are popular lists.

Going down a bit in your browser you can see which are the lists that are fashionable on the platform giving you the recommendations of what the audience of this website likes the most. Normally you will find among these lists grouped Netflix series, movies uploaded by certain users or groupings of titles of a specific genre. There are many options that you have to choose.

Once explained how the lists work in Plusdede, it’s time to show you the part most hated by cable TV (especially sports channels).

Enter the “Live” section

This is one of the newest options offered by this web app because even the streaming platforms pay offer sporting events live online, so it’s a real nugget this functionality. It makes Plusdede a very original place.

Once inside this category you will find something similar to this:

It can be seen as a simple interface in which you can consult the upcoming sporting events available at the specified times. You can get to find programming for a month, so you have no excuse to say that you forgot to watch the last game of the UEFA Champions League.

Similarly, you can see a tiny option called “add new event” in which the app gives you the option to recommend a next sporting event (or series, although we think that this option is cast there) if you would like to see it in Plusdede.

You can easily differentiate that they give you the option to add the name of the event, its start and when it ends. Once you complete the configuration of the event click on “send” and they evaluate your request. You even have voice and vote in this app, what a wonder!

Bonus: Friends and notifications

This point was previously discussed. However, the Friends and Notifications feature is a shortcut that lets you see the following:

Activity of your friends

In a very simple way you can find in a list form (from most recent to oldest) all those mentions, latest news and other aspects that can help you sniff a bit in the lives of those who have added to the app. Note that you can also hide the notifications if you think they are very annoying for you.

Friendship requests

Without much to explain at this point, next to the direct access to notifications you will find the requests of those people who want to add you to Plusdede.

This movie theater / social network could be a bit overwhelming for any user who is just starting out. However with the points that were previously explained you can have a roadmap to know where to go when you are taking your first steps.

On the other hand, one of the most important aspects (the main attraction center) of this platform is what is the content that you can see? Since it is useless to have all these nice functions if their main function is not according to the needs of users (Just like those watches with calculators that do not give the time well) and then we explain it to you

What movies or series can be found in Plusdede?

When we mention that your database is gigantic, it is because it really is.

Taking into account much of the tastes of regular users of its predecessor ( Pordede), the founders of this website included virtually all the content of the previous one (which already had a large number of series and movies available to view online ) and also adding the functionality of being able to see a lot of content from different places, as some of the most famous streaming apps do. This exponentially increases the chances of finding what you are looking for.

Among the most important content that you can find without major problem within the web are:

Netflix series

As we explained earlier very briefly is that one of the main attractions of Plusdede. For no one is it a secret that the original series of Netflix are petando, and that everyone wants to see them at any cost (even free). So within the app are famous series such as: Narcos, the paper house, stranger things and many more.

Billboard movies 

The best thing that could have been implemented on the page since its founding is the ability to see movies that are currently in the movies without much trouble and from the couch at home. Even on several occasions new films are filtered before they go to the cinema. To that you did not know that data.

Original series of other channels

If you are one of those who like series that happen on HBO, Fox, FX and other channels then Plusdede is as if you were at home. The platform uploads a lot of content related to these channels, allowing you to see series of your taste that you may miss because they pass them too late (it seems on purpose).

Old and very old movies

In the timeline that we explain to you that you have in your filters, you can search for endless titles that were in vogue when our grandparents were children. They are unusual tastes in today’s youth, however, it is respectable that you like the movies of yesteryear. You can also search these movies or series directly from the search engine that has the app so you do not have to search randomly what you want to see.

Anime / Cartoons

If you are a child, teenager or adult who likes these Japanese series or cartoons, Plusdede is also a quality website to find all that content related to this genre. From Doraemon, through Dragon Ball Z and even supercampeons there are many series that you can see from here.

Any other incalculable number of genres 

The previous bullets serve as an explanation for the enormous variety of content that can be seen on this platform. Without a doubt you will find what you like without much trouble (whether you have common or super extravagant tastes).

To conclude, it should be noted that streaming is what currently reigns, and it is possible that it will remain that way for many more years.

Undoubtedly the great ease of watching movies or series from anywhere, at the time you want and on the device you want adds a very interesting bonus to this to see any type of content online. It makes this form of display invaluable.

However, a large saturation in the market can make you not decide for one in particular (or do what most people do, which is to go by Netflix) can make a wrong decision. That is the reason why we have presented you Plusdede

As lovers of streaming movies, we can assure you that this is one of the best (if not the best) apps in your sector today.

Free, with a good security, easy to use and with a gigantic database are only four of the infinite features that add value to the user that we can explain right now. But, when you make use of its interface you will notice that those that we have mentioned fall short.

Despite the problems that arose for its creation and the criticisms it may have received for the implementation of this strategy, Plusdede is the best tool of its kind that can exist in the market today. Even surpassing giant payments such as: Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu.

We invite you to make use of this incredible app! We assure you that it will make you spend entertaining hours with your friends, family or anyone you are with.

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