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The 5 Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps – [Fastpokemap Alternative]

Best Pokemon GO Radar What is the Best Pokemon GO Radar? As time passes the madness caused by Pokemon GO seems to diminish in the immediate time, everyone who plays is looking to be the best trainer. Fastpokemap has been the most used map worldwide, but unfortunately, it does not work anymore.

Best Pokemon GO Radar
Pokémon Go Release Map

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The original Best Pokemon GO Radar was a great help, it never really worked well, you saw the tracks of the Pokemon, and it was supposed to tell you the distance you were from one of them, although it did not work well and they ended up removing it.

From July to November 2016, Niantic has been testing another radar system that it seems that on November 7 is already beginning to be seen in some cities in the United States. At the beginning of 2017, the new Best Pokemon GO Radar is working along with the other Pokemon Go updates.

What is the Best Pokemon GO radar app?

Before, take a look at this short video to see if you like:

Every day, more people go out on the street, alone or in groups to hunt Pokemon, to fight in the gyms and capture the prizes in the poke stops. However, not all manage to complete their collection of Pokemon since they do not know how to find that specific Pokemon that is missing in the Pokedex.

Due to the great demand for the search of these Pokemon, applications have been created that help to achieve this, such as radar best apps for android for Pokemon GO. It’s the easiest way to find a Pokemon.

When the hobby started for Pokemon GO, the creators Niantic and Nintendo had focused the game mixing augmented reality with virtual reality, combining this optimally to guarantee the best experience.

With the popularity of the game increasing so quickly many have dedicated themselves to creating tools and tricks that helped players locate the missing or some specific Pokemon.

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As the demand for a good Best Pokemon GO Radar, recognized by the founders as illegal or tricky, was so great, the blockades were applied to accounts, permanent or temporary, to those who broke the rules.

However, there are still radar applications that will help you locate the missing Pokemon on the map, no matter where you are in the world.

If you want to capture any Pokemon in particular or all Pokemon, you are sure that you are interested in this list of Best Pokemon GO Radarr applications for Pokemon GO. You may also be interested in the article about all Hacks for Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Official Radar

The official Pokemon GO radar is finally updated.

After being a few months running in San Francisco the beta version of the radar to expand shortly in other regions of the US is finally launched in part of Europe and Mexico.

In 2017 it is already operating all over the world, although it has been a disappointment, it is not as useful as expected and the worst thing is that practically no unofficial radar application works, only 2 work correctly.

How does the Pokemon GO radar work?

When you see a pokeparada, you will see the tracks to where the Pokemon are closest. When you try it, write a comment with your opinion.

Pokemon Go Radars for iPhone

As of November 25, 2016, only 2 radar applications are working correctly, and unfortunately for those who have Android, these 2 applications only work on iOS (iPhone and iPad). These 2 speedcam apps are PokeExplorer and Pokemon Go Map Radar.

I invite you to download them and leave your opinion in the comments and if you find another app that works correctly, tell us! We will keep this article updated.

The best Radar Apps for Pokemon GO

It is possible that when you read this article, some of these radar apps no longer work as a fast poker map.

1. PokeRadar-Poke Radar Go Map Vision For Pokémon GO

This application of Pokemon Go Radar for Pokemon puts at your disposal a radar that locates in each zone the Pokemons that have been trapped in the area, especially the most popular and rare Pokemon that have been found by other trainers.

Anyone can download this application and use it since you only have to make a record of where you got a specific Pokemon and the other players can confirm this information by qualifying it.

If you have a Pokemon in mind and you want to know where it is, this application will help you with that, because in the game they can be a little harder to find that they really are. Simply enter the name of your desired Pokemon and the radar will tell you where to find it, remember that some may be much further away from your area than others.

The advantage of this app is that it is based on the contributions of the community for which, it is less susceptible to a ban by Niantic.

Not only IOS users can enjoy this application to find Pokemon, since it has been included in the Android operating system, also highlight that the application of radars is completely free.

2. Poke Notify – Browse Nearby Location on the Map for Pokemon GO

Poke Notify - Browse Nearby Location on the Map for Pokemon GO

This application is a complement similar to the WhatsApp messaging application, but instead of notifying you every time a new message arrives, it will notify you of the nearby presence of a Pokemon.

Not only will it inform you of the appearance of each Pokemon, but it will mark them on your map taking the information from the same game.

The add-on was available at the time of its launch in the Play Store but was removed from it. The author does everything possible to make it available again but this time in Google Play, if you have been interested and you want to download it, do not despair, the creator has put the APK online with a new version that runs perfectly with the latest update. Recent of the game.

3. PokeMesh – The most famous Pokemon Go radar

PokeMesh - The most famous Pokemon Go radar

For me, it is the best app for Pokemon Go radars. Here it shows you the map with all the Pokemon that are available right around you, although you can also determine an area and it will show you those that are nearby.

Not only will it show you all the available ones, but you also have the option to filter the search so that you get just the ones you need. This application can be downloaded directly from your website.

In its latest version, the errors that were presented before and that could lead to the banning of your account are corrected. Now correctly detects Pokemon and even includes several patches to avoid the problems of bans and others. Enter the official website to download this app.

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4. Skiplagged – Pokemon Go Radar

Skiplagged - Pokemon Go Radar

The application developed by the same company that is dedicated to providing search options for cheap flights has a new option to search for Pokemon and that is, of course, it is a perfect marketing move with the popularity of Pokemon GO.

This application will show you on the map the silhouette of the Pokemon, and where they are, if you click on any of them you will see the name of it and the remaining time that will be available before disappearing.

If you access the “directions” option, the application links to Google Maps showing the location with much more accuracy. The only negative is that it does not include the integrated search engine, so you will have to look for it separately.

5. FastPokeMap – IT DOES NOT WORK

5. FastPokeMap - IT DOES NOT WORK

Not all applications or accessories that are in the market work perfectly with your device and the game itself. Fastpokemap has remained among the most downloaded, use OpenStreetMap maps and works just like most applications; it shows you the map along with the Pokemon that you have nearby and the time they will be before disappearing.

You can also open your browser and enter the official website to see where the closest Pokemon are.

Improvements in the location of Pokemon GO RADAR

The updates of the game have not been made wait, in the great majority have been based on the opinions of the players themselves, who manifested different problems which they looked forward to improvements, is an important one the location system of the Pokemon.

And it is that, while you rise in level to become the best, the game will present you more difficulties, as, for example, you will not be able to see the tracks and the proximity of the Pokemons as easy as before.

Pokemon GO RADAR

The game itself had risen to the level regarding radar, before where the traces that indicated the proximity of a Pokemon, now appear two options: “nearby ” or “sighting”.

How does the Pokemon GO Radar work?

When the Pokemon is “nearby” they will appear in front, in a circular photo, which will refer a stop poke. Which implies that the Pokemon is very close to this stop. The sightings function shows the Pokemon with a kind of bush behind, indicating that you are close to them. But not near a pokeparada.

Although of course, none of the methods will tell you exactly how far they are and for that you can pull the applications.

Pokemon GO RADAR

Without a doubt, these Best Pokemon GO Radar applications will be very useful for what you need. Do not think twice and download the one that best suits your needs and let the fun begin.

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