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5 Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2019 – To Quit Smoking

Best Quit Smoking Apps: Do you want to quit smoking? These apps will help you. 34% of Spaniards consider themselves smokers. This was revealed by the survey of drug consumption that the Ministry of Health elaborates biennially last year.

Best Quit Smoking Apps

Although it tends to decline more and more over the years, it is still a vice that many smokers want to cut for good once and for all. There are millions of methods to quit tobacco but technology, as always, can be on your side. Today we show you a few apps that will give you a cable.

Quit Smoking Apps

App to Stop smoking

Books, hypnosis, therapies … there are endless ways that promise the smoker to help you quit smoking, although the most important thing is always to have willpower. If you already have this much-needed ingredient and you just need a little motivation, then try one of these applications that we bring next.

Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free

One of the most common problems when considering quitting smoking is probably to think of spending more money on therapies or drugs that substitute nicotine. This app, besides being free, is very well valued by users. It is responsible for accompanying you day by day with objectives and statistics of your tobacco consumption.

Stop Smoking Apps

You will have to record how many cigarettes you smoke and when to see how your body (and pocket) changes with nicotine and when you spend hours without it. If you want to leave it little by little, the app will design a plan for you. It is complete and intuitive.

Smoke Free, quit smoking now and stop for good

Another Quit Smoking App that is well valued and that resembles the previous one in terms of functions is Smoke-Free. You will be able to monitor the time you are without smoking, the money you save, the factors in which your body benefits when you do not smoke, and carry out daily missions to leave it little by little.

Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

The functions of this app are very similar to those of the previous two: it tracks your progress, helps you motivate you with challenges and rewards, records all your progress in a journal and you can see how your health improves without tobacco.
Quit Tracker App

It also has a Premium version but it is not necessary to complete the whole process, but it contributes some more detail to push you to achieve it.

QuitNow! Quit Smoking App

Quit Now is another smoking cessation app that helps you stay away from cigarettes. Although its functions are very similar to the previous ones it has two points in favor. The first is that its interface is very clear.

QuitNow! Quit smoking App

At a glance, you can see how long you have been without smoking, the money you have saved and the cigarettes you have avoided. The second advantage is that you have a community of users to share your concerns in the process. In addition to willpower, the support of others always helps.


The Society of Tobacco Specialists (SEDET) also has its own application to help you stop smoking.

Sacabo app

Although aesthetically leaves much to be desired, it is different from the others in that it offers many tips to help you achieve it. You can also get information similar to what the other Quit Smoking Apps have.

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