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Redstone 5 Automatically Adjust the Brightness Feature

Redstone 5 will automatically adjust the brightness of your outdoor videos. Windows 10 definitely would not be what it is but for its constant updates because, since Microsoft left behind the use of licenses to keep the operating system updated, the only way to keep our equipment up to date is precise with the updates.

Redstone 5
Redstone 5

Redstone 5 Automatically Adjust the Brightness Feature

On the other hand, those of Redmond have decided to implement a new policy of updates for a couple of years, getting the patches on the second Tuesday of each month and the most important every six months, what happened with the Creators and Fall Creators Update in 2017.

This year the first of these updates has been the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which arrived just a couple of months ago, while the next one will be Redstone 5, key name of the mass, in October.

Little by little we have known the main developments that will include this future update and we have already reviewed the best known. A new feature comes to light and is related to multimedia playback.

A function that is not new but needed

Users of the Insider program have begun to receive a new update of Windows 10 corresponding to the Redstone 5 with several changes, one of the most prominent being a function in the reproduction of videos.

Soon it will be possible to configure Windows 10 so that, with the use of the lighting sensor of some equipment, it can automatically adjust the brightness when watching a video outdoors.

This option called “Set the video as lighting” will be available via menu Settings> Applications> Video playback, which will not have to be manually adjusting the brightness properly.

The function itself is not a novelty, in fact, in mobile devices the automatic brightness has been used for years, while in computers, especially in laptops, Windows 10 makes use of this sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen, but Curious is that it had not been integrated to the playback of videos.

Thanks to this, you can take your equipment quietly abroad and if you need to watch multimedia content, it will be adjusted for better visualization. Obviously, it will also work indoors, determining if a room is dark (lowering the brightness) or illuminated (increasing it).

Do you like this new function? Do you think that something arrived late?

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