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Best Running Games Android: The “endless run” are those kinds of Best Running Games Android games in which your avatar does not stop moving.

Best Running Games Android APK

It moves so fast that even you have that feeling of vertigo. Ideal games for a quick game but you can also catch for hours until you get to the next phase.


In this game, you drive a spaceship that plows through space through comets and rocky debris. You will be fired from the mothership at full speed, and you will have to dodge all obstacles to survive.

Best Running Games Alone

It’s very, very fast but the speed of response of the game to your movements will surprise you. To round off a scandal soundtrack.

2. Jet Run: City Defender Best Running Games

The world is endangered by an alien invasion and guesses who has to save it the Best Running Games. You’ll have to fly faster if you want humanity to survive because there are many enemies to destroy in Jet Run: City Defender.

Jet Run City Defender best running game

Along the way, you will also find medals with which you can improve your weapons.

3. Lara Croft: Relic Run

Sure you know Lara Croft, the protagonist of the Tomb Raider saga. On this occasion, we have to find clues along the way to find a very special person.

Lara Croft Relic Run Best Runnig Game

Jump into parkour-style, crawling on the floor and running along the walls. By achieving the objectives of each screen, you will get rewards to improve the character.

4. Run Sackboy! Run!

The protagonist is a doll, quite nice, made with sackcloth. It is a game in the horizontal scroll, like ALONE, but in this case, our protagonist is far from being a technological piece.

Run Sackboy! Run! Best Runnig Game

Jump over all the obstacles at the same time you collect coins to buy lucky chests.

5. Smash Hit

In this game we have no avatar in which to project our desires, we are ourselves who do not move at full speed through a surreal universe.

Smash Hit Best Runnig Game

Many obstacles are going to get in your way that will impede your passage. Almost all of them made of glass, so you will be able to break them by throwing metal balls.

In this list, I have omitted the Temple Run (1  and 2) and  Subway Surfers because I’m sure you already know them well and maybe you want to try something a little different.

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