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Sony Vegas Alternative Apk for Android: Sony Vegas was a computer software to edit video and audio that happened to a better life, but you can download the best Sony Vegas Alternative for Android today to create your own movies.

Sony Vegas Alternatives Apk for Android

Sony Vegas is a very popular name in the world of professional video editing because it is one of the historical programs used years ago and one of the pioneers in non-linear editing. He started out as an editor and audio processor, but from the second version he included support for videos, a subject in which he specialized over the years to reach his status in the industry. Originally owned by Sony, it was sold to the Magix company and changed its name to Vegas Pro, with which it continues to operate today.

sony vegas alternative

However, the memory of the original Sony Vegas is still present and many people are wondering if they can use it nowadays on their Android phone. The truth is that the original program came up well before the arrival of smartphones so it never saw the light of an app version, and Magix, who is the current head of Sony’s heir Vegas, has not offered a version of its software for mobile phones and tablets.

Professional video editors for Android

Let there be no discouragement, in Android there are many video editors with advanced capabilities so that making your own films with professional quality remains a possibility. It should be noted that, logically, smartphones, due to the capacity of video processing that houses their components, can not be compared to video editing on a computer, but these tools try to adapt the functions as best as possible to the characteristics of the device and you may find one that, even with limitations, can do the work you entrust to it.


One of the best video editing apps for offering semi-professional editing options. To know work by layers, precise edition of frames, good effects of transition… All seasoned by the possibility of recording video and audio in real time to compose your film on the fly. Possibly the most efficient Sony Vegas Alternative to Sony Vegas in this operating system, if you are looking for the most professionalized edition possible is your best option. The free version will apply a watermark to the videos you make, if you pay you get rid of it clearly. Of the few that offer a linear edition.


Heavier than the previous one and originally designed to manage the audiovisual material captured with a GoPro, but equally valid for all the videos you have. It is designed to make more basic adjustments to videos already recorded or using images, so it is not a very professional tool but it is practical and effective because it is designed to generate videos in a few steps. As additional interesting things you have a music library to set the recordings and intelligent technology of video moments detection, quickly pointing out where the best moments are so you do not waste your time searching among all the brutes.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is one of the most popular multimedia companies and they have earned it thanks to their professional tools for the most diverse fields. The video editing on Android is not unknown to them because they offer that Adobe Premiere Clip that is a cut-out version of their suite for video editing on computers. It offers two modes of operation, an automatic one where the same app selects the material and makes a composition or the manual of all the life with the usual options to cut and join clips, all manageable with gestures.


Another simplified video editing app to create personalized videos on the fly. The operation is the basic: you have a content library where you can import your own videos and from there you can take the material in the editor, applying transitions between different clips to make longer and longer compositions. Do not look for a Sony Vegas in all its glory, but a good video editor adapted to today’s mobile needs.


Almost a copy of VivaVideo with some different options. It is also a simple editor suitable for all audiences with which to combine videos and photographs in the same clip. You can capture that material directly from the camera of your Android and with it have an all-in-one studio. Do not look for an advanced edition of photographs, but many stickers, stickers and filters with which to make your video something much cooler.


The second option of this list that uses a traditional timeline in video editing. PowerDirector is a software already available on computers and the mobile version tries to carry the same functions to your pocket, always taking into account the limitations of the device. The work format is again landscape. As stellar functions Chroma Key mode to work with this type of tool, support for video editing at high speed or at low speed, all kinds of effects and effects of transition between clips, export in HD and 4K… Very good Sony Vegas Alternative in the video edition for Android.


Very little flashy, not to say seedy and with an interface taken directly from a desktop, but very valid for the most advanced editing tasks and with support for formats that other apps on this list can not even smell. As you can see, it looks directly like a video editor for Windows 20 years ago, but behind those gray hairs you have a versatile and powerful editor that, yes, has its limitations in terms of handling in a mobile interface. Editing on timeline.


Another silly option at first sight but able to perform well in the task at hand. You have all kinds of tools to alter the appearance of videos that you can import from your gallery. You can join and cut clips, make conversions to other formats, add audio of all kinds, apply various effects included… All the necessary functions in an app of this type.


The last option on our list is FilmoraGo, another video editor that has gained a good market share thanks to a very simple use and a fairly modern interface. Without great complications it allows to import videos and photos, even from social networks and to carry out a quite in depth edition of those clips.

Combine all the material to create your own movie with a more than decent appearance. An important advantage is that it is free and does not apply watermarks of any kind when exporting video.

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