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Best Sports Apps 2019

Best Sports Apps for Android & iOS: Many people blame new technologies sedentary lifestyle that affects a part of the world’s society. But it is also a hundred that some of these new information and communication technologies, specifically those linked to mobile telephony, can help exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle linked to sports.

Best Sports Apps for Android & iOS

In this selection we will show you from Android apps to monitor races and marathons until others to exercise your whole body or to do sports activities outdoors. All this in our top of sport apps.

Sports Apps
Sports Apps

Abs Workout – Daily Fitness

Abs Workout - Daily Fitness

The creators of Passion4Profession have jumped from Youtube, with its more than 50 million views, to Android, and they have done it in style. This app will help you train where you want, how you want and when you want. The Abs Workout – Daily Fitness app, with its exercise groups of 8 minutes each, stands out for its simplicity, innovation and real effectiveness.

The programming for each training will make you see how many times a week and for how many weeks you will have to do it to later go to the next level. Abs Workout – Daily Fitness has a list of exercises that make up the training. Each exercise will be explained to you through an excellent video.

The app shows a simple and intuitive interface, with easy access to each group of exercises and the explanatory videos. You can configure your preferences and save all your exercise planning to always carry your training with you on your Android.


Runkeeper is preferred by millions of people who love racing, hiking, hiking and cycling. The app records all your routes with the GPS of your Android and you can see the detailed statistics regarding your pace, distance, time and calories burned. For more functionality during your races you can receive statistics, progress and training instructions through your headphones, as well as listen to your favorite music in the meantime.

With Runkeeper you can also measure your heart rate with many of the available sensors or take pictures along the way to share and save during your journey. It allows this app to also observe a detailed history of your activities to see how you are doing.

As usual functionality in these apps you can publish the statistics of your activities, fitness achievements and training plans on Facebook and Twitter for your friends. You can also get detailed reports of your registered activity level, calories burned, weight loss and much more data. It is necessary to clarify that the continuous use of GPS in the background can drastically reduce the useful life of the battery.

BMI Calculator

The operation of BMI Calculator is very simple: it allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to know in what weight range you are.

BMI Calculator

It works just by sliding through the tapes of measures to enter your weight and height, and you will get the value of your body mass index, the weight category in which you are and also your ideal weight range.

These calculations can be done in metric and imperial units, and you can alternate in a single click between kilograms or pounds and feet, inches or meters.

Endomondo Sports Tracker


Endomondo is an ideal application for running, cycling, walking and for any other traveling activity. You can record any outdoor sports activity including length, distance, speed and calories.

Its operation is simple: you enter a practice manually and you get audio information every mile or mile during the exercise. Endomondo also allows to register the heart rate.

As usual in many modern apps you can post your practices on Facebook and see the latest practices of your friends. You can configure the application to pause automatically when you do not move because it is compatible with ANT + sensors of speed, cadence and heart rate and is integrable in SonyEricsson SmartWatchs as a SmartExtra.

Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava records your racing and cycling training with GPS. It allows you to follow the routes you have created or found and observe your activity map as you register them. You get statistics such as distance, pace, speed, altitude increase and calories burned.

Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming
Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

The app collects data of your heart rate through Zephyr’s Bluetooth HxM sensors and sets personal records and see what position you stand in front of your friends, local athletes and professionals.

Strava allows you to find your friends and share your activities on Facebook and Twitter and your photos during Instagram exercises.


Definitely Runtastic is one of the runners’ apps and will meet your expectations. Runtastic uses GPS to track your racing, jogging, cycling and hiking. The app shows an excellent design and navigation, as well as new and optimized functions. Runtastic allows you to configure training maps in real time with integrated GPS and monitor your progress and keep a personal training diary with all the metrics and detailed historical maps of your sessions using Google Maps.


Runtastic goes much further and joins Earth View that allows you to watch your training in 3D. You can also configure your Voice Trainer to help you better understand the graphs and data achieved.


Another feature is that you can share your activities on Google+, Facebook and Twitterand has a full integration with AndroidWear, which will allow you to see statistics and details of your session on your wrist.

Sports Tracker

This is another of the apps of our top focused on racing sports, with which you can turn your phone into your personal trainer just like millions of users have already done it. One of the fundamental strengths of SportsTracker is its social integration, because you can analyze your results and share training data and photos with your friends

Sports Tracker.

You can save the data of your workouts in your personal diary to then track everyone, from the calories burned to the average speed of training. With the use of maps you can calculate times and distances of each training section.

You can also obtain information by voice during the training and discover new routes, paths and adventures with your phone. With SportsTracker you can save an automatic copy with detailed maps and analysis views, friend training and much more.


After seeing this selection I think we can no longer say that the new communications technologies make us more sedentary. On the contrary, they will also help us in our efforts to maintain an athletic and healthy body. We just need to choose the one of our preference in our best android apps and best iPhone apps look for the way to help us to lose those extra kilos that we see in the mirror.

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