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Best Spotify Alternatives

Best Spotify Alternatives Free: So far you must have read many of my guides in which I have discussed so many interesting things that you love to read.

I always focus on providing quality content that improves your knowledge, so today I’m here with a new guide that will help you use the different services that exist in the market and that can replace These Best Spotify Alternatives on your device.

Best Spotify Alternatives Free

Undoubtedly, Spotify offers many features such as brilliant management of playlists, user interface, songs with lyrics and much more.

But the more than 80 million users of this app also opt for a different alternative, since sometimes users get bored using the same app over and over again. I guess you must be bored using this app.

Best Spotify Alternatives

So today I am here with the great guide where I will list the best Spotify alternative that you can use and have many features found in Spotify and even more.

Well, there are many apps available in the market with many music streaming features that you may be looking for in the Spotify app. But I was looking for the app that can easily overcome the features of Spotify. Check out the apps below.

#1. Google Play Music

Today there are billions of users who are captured by this app and I hope you are familiar with this app, since I am even using it for a long time.

Google Play Music

This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and provides radio users with advertising support for what they are doing, how they feel or what they want to hear and many more things they will know after trying this. Great app on your device.

#2. SoundCloud

I am using this app for the last 7 months and I love it, since I found many features that I was looking for in other apps, so I am adding this to the list, since it is definitely the best alternative for Spotify.

Apps to Download Free Mp3 Music on Android Soundcloud

In addition, the interface of this app is quite addictive and you can find almost every new music in this app, your server was updated from time to time and you can easily find your favorite music.

#3. Deezer

Many of you should see this name for the first time, but this is the app that is attracting many users in a very short time and you can see a number of downloads of this and increase day by day.


The great interface of this app helps users to discover and play music of different categories and can easily transmit their favorite music in this app.

#4. Itunes Music Store

All iPhone users should be aware of this. This is the Google Play music of the iPhone that provides a series of functions to transmit music on your device. In addition, it provides many options for categorizing music. So you must try this.

Itunes Music Store

#5. YouTube Music

This is one of the best services I have used. This is the app that presents the best songs and popular hits of a variety of genres that you must try. You can easily get them from Play Store and App Store for your Android and iOS respectively.

YouTube Music

#6. Pandora Radio

This is the other best service that is a personalized radio station that a jukebox in which users create “stations” based on the stylistic similarities between songs and artists, and then the Pandora algorithm. So you must try this app on your device and you will surely love it.

Pandora Radio

#7. Tidal

This is the first music service with high fidelity sound quality. And you can easily create your playlist and add your favorite music there. So you should give this app a try.


#8. Amazon Music

Well, the Amazon music that used to be known as Amazon MP3 is another of Spotify’s best alternatives in the list that you can consider. The best thing about Amazon music is that it allows users to upload, download and access thousands of digital music in the cloud.

Amazon Music

Guess what? Amazon Music has around 30 million songs in its library. So, Amazon Music is definitely the best Spotify alternative in 2019 that you can consider.

#9. Gaana

If you live in India, then Gaana.com could be the joy for you. The platform affirms itself as the number one Indian music station. The best thing about Gaana is that it is available in the Android and iOS apps store and offers international and Bollywood music.

Gaana Music

Not only that, but in Gaana you can access songs from more than 21 different languages, including Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc.

#10. Saavn

Saavn is another best Spotify alternative in the list that is available for Android and iOS users. The good thing about Saavn is its interface that looks clean and well organized.

Not only that, but now Saavn has more than 40 million songs and 15 million monthly users. On Saavn, you can listen to both Bollywood and international songs. So, Saavn is another of the best Spotify alternatives you can consider.


So above is all about the 10 best Spotify alternatives you should try, so above I mentioned some of the best apps you can use on your device to stream your favorite music.

I hope you like the apps, since I have tried to mention all the apps that are better. If you have any new app in your mind that you have used and think is better, let me know in the comments section, I will add it in the comments section. Also, if you have a new topic in mind, let me know.

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