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How To Get SPOTIFY PREMIUM FREE Unlimited and Without Advertising 2019 – Download apk

How to Get Spotify Premium Free 2019: Works! New free spotify apk premium launched in January 2019. Here we want to teach you how to have spotify premium totally free and unlimited. Thanks to this tutorial, you will be able to enjoy all its features and functions totally free.

If you had the old Spotify Premium Free APK to listen to free music from Spotify, you have probably received a message saying that they have detected an activity outside of the normal one in the Spotify application and that they will deactivate it. Since we wanted to find another way to download a new Spotify Premium APK with which you can have and enjoy all the free music.

how to get spotify premium for free

The goal of this site is that you can enjoy all the free music in 2019 on your Android phone or tablet. Thanks to Spotify Premium you will be able to access any song on your mobile or tablet, listen to the songs of any artist, create your own lists and access all the functions of the Spotify applicationfree and unlimited.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free 2019

Surely many of you know all the advantages of having Spotify Premium but, for those who do not know, we will make a short summary:

You will enjoy the songs without ads, we can also listen to all the songs that we want without having the need to be random or random. With this tutorial you will be able to download and have everything that Spotify Premium offers for free.

Remember that Spotify is one of the most used best android apps but its price is somewhat high, therefore, we bring you an alternative to have your free and unlimited Premium service.

Before starting the tutorial, you need to know that you must uninstall all Spotify-related apps that you have installed on your mobile and activate the function of installing unknown sources of the terminal that is in: Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources or Unknown origins -> Activate the option to install apps of unknown origins.

Download Spotify Beta APK

Why do you have to download Spotify Beta ? Very simple to answer. Spotify Beta is free and is a modification of the original Spotify Premium application. You will simply have to click on the download link of Spotify Beta and we will be able to have Spotify Premium totally free without getting annoying ads, being able to listen to our favorite music without random modes, access all the functions, …

The only downside that we find in this application is that the developers have not yet managed to download the music to our mobile or tablet to listen to the songs without having internet. The problem is that Spotify has all its songs encrypted and developers are finding it hard to find the key.

Download Spotify Downloader

Another option is to install Spotify Downloader. Once the application is installed you have to go to your Spotify and you will have to add all the songs that you are interested in downloading to a playlist, without limit, all those that you want. Once you have all the songs you have to go to “Your library”, looking for the playlist created and, after selecting it, you will give the three points that are at the top of the screen -> Share -> Copy Link.

Done this you will open the Api of Spotify Downloader, previously downloaded, you will click on the three points that appear at the top of the screen and click on “Add playlist”. Once there you paste the url and you can listen to all the free music of Spotify or download it on your mobile.

Here we show you:

Despite the above, the Spotify Beta application is very similar to the original Spotify Premium.

APK Spotify Premium Free: features and functions

If you browse through the Spotify apps that we have left you can confirm that they have absolutely all the functions that Spotify Premium has but modified so that you do not have to pay for the application. Except for downloading songs but you can solve with this tutorial to download free songs.

Inside Spotify Beta we can browse and find all the functions, from the most current songs to the most shared lists. In addition, you can make use of the radio. We can go to our multimedia library where we will find all our favorite songs organized as we want.

The interface is very simple and intuitive and works great.

Surely from now on, Spotify Beta will save you a lot of money. Many of you do not need the option to download songs and listen to your favorite songs with wifi in your home. You may be interested: How to have free internet to listen to music.

The best thing is that you try the application yourself and tell us how it goes.

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