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Download Super Mario APK for Android & iPhone!

Super Mario APK: Still, do not know Super Mario for Android and iOS? The classic among the classics is now available for mobile. The endearing plumber is updated and decides to live his adventures on the screen of our mobile devices. On December 15, the Japanese company Nintendo published the Mario Run app for iPhone and iPad and since March of this year, it is also available for Android smartphones without having to download the Super Mario APK.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Apk

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Keep reading if you want to know more about this game for mobile and tablet.

Super Mario Run: is it the Mario Bros of all life?

Yes and no. It’s about passing screens as always, and saving Peach, the princess. A family environment updated and prepared for mobile screens and tablets.

But this time, we are facing a runner type game, that is, that our character does not stop advancing on the screen and we have to go jumping and avoiding all kinds of obstacles. Other options of this subgenre, to give you an idea, would be Zombie Tsunami, Minion Rush or Vector, among others.

Is it a free game/app?

Nintendo has announced that the Mario Run is for iOS for free. But with one drawback: in its free version, you can only pass phases 1,2 and 3 and twenty seconds against the final bad. The full version is 9.99 euros.

It works on iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, as long as the operating system is iOS 8.0 or higher. For now, it has no offline mode, so you see preparing data or a good WiFi connection. This is the point that, in our opinion, should improve, at least in one of the game modes.

Download Super Mario Run

As we have seen, at first Nintendo only released its iOS version, so only users of Apple devices could enjoy it. However, during the first quarter of 2019, it came out on Google Play, so you can download it for free if you have Android. It was time! We leave you the official links.

Gameplay and first tips

Super Mario Run

As we have already mentioned, the thing is very simple: Mario goes running and we, with only one hand, we dodge (jumping obstacles). It has three types of jump :

  • A finger touch: normal jump.
  • Keeping the finger pressed: jump higher.
  • If, in the air, we press again: it turns on itself (a kind of backflip to gain a tad of distance in case we have miscalculated).

The initial levels do not require great complication, so they go great for subway journeys or to spend some time entertaining. The objective of the levels is to find five pink coins of a single play: do you see yourself capable? After the roses come to the lilac ones, and if you unlock them, the ones of black color, to each one in more difficult positions.

There is a time limit, although not of lives. You will not have to worry about hearts, but for the seconds that go by. It is very entertaining and does not disappoint.

Android | iOS

Unlike the typical Mario Bros computer or console game, it is designed for vertical screens. The developers have taken advantage of every little corner to put a secret, a trap, a trick, coins or whatever.

Without a doubt, it is designed with great care and care and will not disappoint anyone. Each level has 4 phases, the last of which is a final bad (final boss). Also, you can play in Worlds mode, which is the classic with six worlds in total, or in Racing mode (Toad Rally), in which you can compete with players (and their ghosts) worldwide.

Finally, we have the mode My Kingdom (Kingdom Builder) in which, with the coins collected, we will build our castle, several buildings and up to a hundred different elements -some of them with mini-games.

Tips: How to unlock all the characters

In this mobile game, we can control up to six different characters, not just Mario. Do you want to know them all? Do you know what you must do to get to handle them? Do you want to see what is special about each one? Discover how to unlock all the characters  to enjoy it to the fullest:

  • Mario: It’s already available from the beginning. He is a very balanced character, as always.
  • Luigi: You have to buy Luigi’s House in the Special section of the Toad Store in My Kingdom. To be able to make it with her, you have to get a total of 150 green toads and 150 purple ones in Career mode. Luigi has the Super salty, a technique that allows him to jump more than any other.
  • Toad: Very easy! You just have to link your My Nintendo account.
  • Princess Peach: Overcome the 24 phases of the Worlds mode and you can rescue her from the clutches of Bowser. His special technique is the floating jump, with which you can float after jumping if you touch the screen without lifting your finger.
  • Yoshi: Buy the Yoshi House with 30 red and 30 yellow toads. His special movement is Fluttering. When Yoshi is in the air, touch the screen without raising your finger and you can spend more time floating.
  • Toadette: Buy the House of Toadette in the Road Shop with 200 red, 200 yellow, 200 purple and 200 green toads. Yes, it is the most expensive of all!

Mario’s jump to the Small screen

Mario is the icon par excellence of video games, especially if we talk about Nintendo. The company has already experienced a great boom in 2015 with Pokemon Go Android applications, and its ensuing success has not taken long.

Millions of downloads are expected, will you be one of them? Or will you be looking for Super Mario Run apk on networks? Take advantage of what is already available in Google Play and iTunes to make it. Tell us about your experience in the comments!\

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