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TextSecure Apk for Android Download – Private Messenger

TextSecure Apk Android App Download: Texting as we usually do is a way to risk our privacy since once we throw them into the system, we lose control over them. Who will read it? With TextSecure Apk download we will shield all these messaging, being able to send them with total encryption, so that our recipient has to use this app and a password to be able to make it readable.

TextSecure android

TextSecure Apk

TextSecure Apk is another application that offers extra security app for android when communicating with our smartphone. In the same way that RedPhone Beta does it with voice calls, encrypting them, TextSecure does it with texts written in SMS or MMS. Of course, it is another option for those with the constant fear that someone will take their messages.

Very simple installation of TextSecure Apk App

In the same way as RedPhone Beta, TextSecure is designed to be as accessible as possible. The fact that it is a complex encryption system does not have to involve complications for users who decide to download and use it.

Once we download the application, it will immediately ask us to create a password and, automatically, it will copy all the SMS and MMS that you have in your phone inside the database of encrypted messages.

In this way, even old messages that you save in your smartphone’s memory will be illegible to anyone who wants to read them by accessing your phone.

Your original messages will continue in the same place, although the application gives you the option to delete them.

TextSecure seeks, first of all, a total port of call for your communications, from beginning to end, and therefore the encryption of messages is done both when you receive them and when you send them through the telephony network to your interlocutor.

One of the things that will surprise us is that if we want to take a screenshot while using the application, we will not be able to. And, of course, if it is a security tool to prevent someone from reading our messages, the least they could do is keep them protected from start to finish. Something that, by the way,

We discovered when trying to take some images on the different screens of this app, in order to illustrate, as we always do, our review of this application.

Sending messages to security TextSecure Apk App

Writing a message with this application has a method very similar to the one we usually use when we do it without any security application. You write the phone number, or you select the name of the contact to which you want to send it, or you write directly the name of any of your contacts stored in the phone book in the space that the application has arranged for it.

Below you will see that you can already write the text of the message itself and if you want you can attach an image file to it. The application, as you can see, is also capable of handling group messages.

If you send a message to several recipients, those who have this application will receive it encrypted, while those who do not have it will receive the message as text, without further ado.

As with RedPhone, TextSecure is seamlessly integrated with Android. Once we install it, we can start sending messages completely encrypted from the messaging system that it includes, since from then this application will be in charge of managing them to give them all the security.

But, unlike what happens with RedPhone, this application of sending encrypted messages requires a mobile line, and cannot be used over a Wi-Fi network.

Every user who uses this app must always keep in mind that the messages sent from the messaging system of the phone will be automatically encrypted if the receiver of the same as the app already installed, and those messages will be copied within the base of encrypted data of the application.

Anyway, a normal text version we can have visible in the system of sending messages of the sender, something that we do not consider that it offers much security to the sent message, since as we see a perfectly legible copy remains in the mobile of the who sent it.

Unprotected messages on occasion TextSecure Apk App

When you receive an encrypted message from the phone of another user who has the application installed, if you have recently written the password to decrypt messages on your phone, you will be ready to read, landing without encryption, which shows that we do not have security at this point either, since the message is already fully accessible to anyone who wants to read it.

Although it is a way to expedite the use of this application, the messages are left unprotected. That is why it is important to set a time limit in which the application can continue to use the password you have entered and not require it during that time.

It is also important to bear in mind that this circumstance can be avoided since the application itself will indicate in the upper right part of the display when the system is open with the password that we have recently used, which continues to activate the automatic opening of encrypted messages.

With this, the application will be alerting us that the messages that reach us are potentially unsafe. To prevent the password from decrypting the messages that reach us during that time that lasts its “effect”, we must go to the notification center, touch on the option that tells us that the password is active.

From that moment, the messages will already be encrypted, and we will have to write the password to read them every time we enter one, and we will open TextSecure to read it.

From the TextSecure settings and configuration area, we can also select not having messages in the status bar, although they will still appear in the notification center.

If you have also decided to download RedPhone (the application with which we can make encrypted, secure phone calls), you will have a perfect tandem for your communications to have a total level of security.


  • A most useful app to send and receive secure messages
  • It’s easy to use


  • The person to whom we send an encrypted message must also have downloaded the apps

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