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Uno Download for Android iPhone & Windows – UNO™ & Friends

Uno Download for Android – UNO & Friends: Uno And Friends Online: the card game is passed to the mobile.

In the summer there are usually more hours for leisure and recreation than the rest of the year, when the routine does not allow interruptions for vacations and work days are shorter and more intense.


On the beach or in the pool, there is someone who kills time with a good book, with the magazine of the heart that is third or with the booklets of sudoku, crossword puzzles and soups. Little more extensive was the list a few years ago, but today the possibilities are unlimited if you have a smartphone with enough battery.

The Rise of Game apps

One of the most complete reports on the use of apps in Spain and in the world is from Ditrendia, which states that it already accounts for 54% of the time users spend in the digital world.

Although according to its latest report, based on data from 2015, the most used apps were those related to personalization, media and magazines, productivity and lifestyle issues and purchases, the growing use makes most game developers focus their activity on the mobile market.

The maxim is to offer a simplified form of play that allows you to get the most out of a small screen , which also improves the playback. This is how the success of games like the Candy Crush puzzle is explained, a mass success in the world.

In a presentation in the framework of the international fair of videogame and interactive entertainment, Gamelab, several developers analyzed the keys to the success of games on mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Factors that were later picked up by the Softonic website.

Those who play prefer that the game will surprise them little by little , discover new things little by little as it progresses. We also value the possibility of playing anywhere, and even share the game to do it in different devices.

In addition to that, there is the possibility of sharing the results online and competing among users. Winning them feels as good as exceeding levels at the individual level.

The narrative is also highly valued , within the framework of which the plot of the game is developed. The games of the simulator genre, especially, allows the user to create their own story.

Uno & Friends, the Fashion game Uno APK

Among the many possibilities contained in our website, highlights the game One Friends , the application of the One that allows, neither more nor less, play the One with the mobile.

How to play ONE? The rules of the game

The One is a card game in which players must get rid of all the ones they initially have to steal , and say the word “One” when they have only one card in their hand. For each one that the rest of the players still have in their hands, points are received, and the first one that reaches 500 wins.

To get rid of letters, you have to go overlapping the same color or the same number, paying attention to the black letters, the action cards. The player who must pass, has to take a card from the pile.


The rules of the One are quite simple, hence the success of the game. It begins with the delivery of 7 cards to each player. The rest of the cards are stacked in the center and the first one is discovered, placing it on the side of the deck. In this discard pile, the players will be superimposing in turn the cards that correspond with the same color or number of the discovered deck.

If during a turn the player does not have cards that match, he must take a penalty card from the deck, play with it (if applicable) or pass the turn to the next player.

Function of action cards

The black cards allow to make several interesting movements, since they consist of “action” cards. These action cards are the following:

  • +2 or “Take Two”: Forces the next player to take two cards from the deck and disqualifies him from playing during his round. You can only place the card if there is a match with the color or other “Take Two” cards.
  • Return: Change the direction of the game. If you play in a clockwise direction, from this moment on you will do the reverse. It can only be placed on a card with matching color or to counteract another letter of return.
  • Intermission: When placed, the player who continues to be “skipped” loses his turn and it ‘s up to the next. If it is drawn at the beginning of the game, the jump is to the left. It is used superimposing it on another one of intermission or with the corresponding color.
  • Choice of colors: Choose the color that follows. If it appears at the beginning of the game, the person who is located on the left of who distributes the cards will select the color.
  • +4 or take four colors: This card is the most valuable and the one that everyone wants. It grants the freedom to decide what color follows in the round and forces the next player to take four cards. If it appears at the beginning of the game, it is returned to the deck and another card is taken.

The penalties

If a player forgets to say “ONE” when placing the penultimate card and someone notices it before the next one makes his move, he will have to take two cards for his mistake. Whoever manages to place the last card will win. Then, the scores are added and a new game is started.

Other penalties are:

  • Making propositions to other players involves the punishment of taking two cards.
  • Placing the wrong card or playing when you do not touch is penalized by taking a new card from the deck.
  • The +4 is used only if the player does not have cards of the corresponding color. If there is any suspicion, the person can be challenged to show what cards he has. If it is verified that he really did not have cards of the corresponding color, the challenger must take 6 cards as punishment. On the contrary, if the player is caught cheating, he will have to take 4 cards from the deck.

Add the points

The winner of each game receives the score according to the cards that the rest of the players still have in their hands. The letter +2, the return and the intermission are worth 20 points each; the one of choice of colors, 50 points and that of taking four colors, 50 points. Whoever reaches 500 points first, wins.

From the table to the Smartphone

The game, which has provided hours and hours of fun, is now available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone, and has been developed by Gameloft. In addition, it has really incredible features that will fill with emotion those dead moments that we have throughout the day.

Among them, they highlight that it is an easy to learn game that is very addictive, compatible with the main platforms and with the possibility of participating in online tournaments. You can form teams of two and play online with others.

The game encourages creativity and refines ingenuity because it makes it necessary to develop your own strategies to defeat others. It also has a cooperative facet, allowing to level up the partners.

How to play online

In the flash online mode of Uno, three rounds are played. The objective is to be able to get rid of all the cards before the opponents, following the number, color or symbol of the discard pile.

You can press the “pass” button to end the turn without playing. If you do not have a card that matches the pile of the deck, take one and play (if applicable) or transfer the turn to another player.

When remaining with only one card, the player must press the “ONE” button. If you do not, you will receive a reprimand of two additional letters.

How to play with friends

UNO & Friends is the Gameloft apk that allows you to create games with friends on social networks and challenge random players around the world. You can download for Android, iOS and Windows Phone , get ratings and compete through Facebook Connect and Game Center. By participating in the weekly competitions it is possible to get rewards.

It allows to personalize the game session, changing the backgrounds, adding special effects or modifying the designs of the cards. It also offers the option to make private games with friends on Facebook. The chips to play can be won or bought with real money, or wait for the game to be provided from time to time.

How does the virtual currency system work?

UNO & Friends allows you to play using virtual currencies that are obtained as you advance in the rounds. You also earn currency by watching advertisements or buying them with real money. According to the details of the apk itself, there is the possibility of making purchases in the game from € 1.99 to € 39.99.

Other ideal options for summer

In TuApp, we always talk about fashion games, you know that. If you dig a little, you will see that we give you many other options in games, which adapt to the tastes of each one. The posts best rated by the users of the page are:

On the other hand, Pinturillo 2, Uno & Friends and Candy Crush Saga make up the podium of the most popular. And you, what have you been vitiated this summer?

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