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Best Valentine Day Apps

Valentine Day App: He approaches the day of Valentine so knowing how much you like to download applications of all kinds, also for Valentine’s Day we can recommend you apps that will help you live a valentine more romantic and both devices system Android as for those with iOS system. Then we recommend you how to Download the best Valentine day apps.

Valentine Day App

Valentine Day App

The next February 14 is celebrated a new Valentine’s Day so we can now look for applications that are related to love and lovers.

With these applications we will have a good alternative or a complement to spend the best day of the lovers. Some can even help you find love or as a gift for your lover or in love. Here is our selection of Valentine day apps for iOS and Android:

iLoveYou in 50+ Languages!

iLoveYou in 50+ Languages! is an original app that we can download for devices with IOS system and with which we can learn to say I love you in more than 50 languages.

Surprise your partner this year by saying “I love you” in all possible ways.


The SanValentin application is launched for iPhone and with it, we can send messages of love to the special person in our lives.

A cupid will appear on our screen recommending various love messages to choose from and which we can share through Facebook, mail or SMS.

Message of Love and Valentine

The message of Love and Valentine is a recent application for devices with Android system and that allows us to send a nice message of Valentine or Love to our partner.

A very simple app that allows you to create a personalized Love and Valentine message automatically and also, you have several poems and messages to send on Valentine’s Day.

Postcards for Valentine’s Day

Another free app that you can download for devices with Android system is postcards for Valentine’s Day and that allows us to create in a simple way personalized Valentine Postcards with phrases and messages of love.

All we have to do is choose a wallpaper, our message of love, and then share it with the person we love or love.

Cookie Doodle

A good app for a Valentine’s Day that is perfect is Cookie Doodle that was launched for devices with iOS system and that allows us to elaborate virtually beautiful cakes and pies to send to our lover or in love.

This app provides us with a mold for cookies, candies and all kinds of ingredients to create a delicious Valentine’s cake.


In the marge of applications to send postcards or messages in a virtual way, we can find some applications to share with our partner or in love or in love.

Avocado is one of these applications. You can download it for both iOS and Android devices , and you will surely be able to share the best moments with your partner.

Its operation is the simplest. All you have to do is download it and start sharing with your partner all kinds of data, text messages, images, task lists and emoticons that are created in the chat you have with him or her.

In this way, you can save all your information, chat with her, send photos, or other details, such as “hugs and virtual kisses” , a very particular way to share love with your partner and this application only for both of you.

iFrases Lite

iFrases Lite is another ideal application to celebrate as never before the day of lovers. Valentine 2019 for iOs devices with this app focused on love phrases.

All you have to do is download the application, and from it, you can send and share love phrases, as well as sayings, proverbs, and some famous quotes but not only about love but also about “Friendship” or “History”.

Valentine’s Day Coloring

This is another fun application for Valentine’s Day and, if applicable, for Android system devices.

It is an application that seems designed for children and although surely the little ones are going to have a lot of fun with it, it is also a great app for anyone in love.

It only consists of coloring different scenes of dolls or drawings that have to do with love.

Once you have painted it, you can save it or if you prefer, you have the option to share the drawing you have finished painting with your Valentine.

Valentine frame

For couples more in love, Valentine’s frame is an application that will allow you to make all kinds of frames to your photos.

In this way, you can share with you or your friends, the most romantic frames with their corresponding love photos for this Valentine’s Day.

We have a wide variety of frames, with all kinds of drawings, hearts, and even love phrases that add to our photos. It is available for Android system devices.

Love Calculator

Do you want to know what level of love you have with the person you are with? Or know if the person you like is compatible? This is the perfect application for this.

Available for iOs and for Android, the Love Calculator application allows you to find out the best percentage of love.

How does it work? Very easy, you must enter your date of birth and that of the person you love, to know if you are compatible.

Another way is to put your fingerprint and that of your beloved or loved one, and you will see how it gives you the percentage you have regarding whether you are or not, compatible in love.

Love letters from Talking Tom

Available for the Android system, this other application is starring the famous Talking Tom.

Thanks to him, you can make cards for Valentine’s Day, but not only that but also for birthdays or special moments.

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