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Best Wedding Apps

Best Wedding Apps for Android & Wedding Apps for iPhone: Do not know where to start to organize your wedding? Do you want ideas for your wedding party? Well, you are in the right place, the technology advances more and more and you should take advantage of it, you will have a variety of Apps for Weddings.

Best Wedding Apps

Best Wedding Apps which you can easily handle so you can make your holiday without any setback.

best weeding apps


When you start planning your wedding you will need a task schedule or a guest manager, so you can keep track of how many people you want to invite.


Bodas.net offers that and more, is an app that also has a list of companies dedicated to weddings, articles to guide you, also with very useful tools such as a catalog of dresses of the best designers in the world and if that was not enough, You will always be synchronized with your profile on the Bodas.net website. Available for Android or iOS.

Android | iOS

My Wedding

Have you never organized a wedding? Well, you must know that both the preparation and the celebration need a lot of details and step, with MY WEDDING you are resolved as this app will explain step by step what you should do and take into account, also has a guest manager, organization of tables, task control, reports, and budgets. Available for iOS.

My Wedding

Wedding planner

With Wedding Planner you will have four functions necessary both for the preparation and planning, they have for you a single app everything that can be useful so that everything comes out in full force. Wedding Planner app Available for Android.

Wedding Planne app

  • Tasks: this is where the most usual tasks are already included
  • Guests: helps you manage your guest list easily and simply
  • Expenses: a simple way to account for expenses
  • Suppliers: for the amount of stress during the preparation of your wedding.



MyWed app helps you keep an agenda where you can write down appointments and tasks to do, as well as “a check-list” with some excellent advice on what you should do each month before the wedding, as well as control of expenses and budget, Guestlist, also gives you the option to configure the tables and where each one sits. And for the holiday will have a honeymoon planner, destinations, dates, travel agency. Available for Android.


Are there many things to do and accounts with people who can help you with one of those many things?

This is the correct app, because you have the option to delegate functions, it will also help you to organize your dates and times, add voice notes and videos, attach files, and if that were not enough, you will not need to connect to the Internet, You can do from the place you are, in a private way or if you want to share it with other users. Available for Android or iOS.



Do you have little time and you still lack the details? With Amazon you can buy online and you would avoid going from store to store, you would save time to rest or finish fixing other things, with this app you can buy from your mobile phone details for your decoration, banquet and your look, you can also make your Register of gifts for that wedding to which you were invited. Available for Android and iOS.



AllSeated Has the organization complicated you at the reception of your wedding? With this app you can send a photo of the site and they will send you a 3D rendered version in which you can mobilize and organize the tables, chairs and other elements that you want, after you have everything as you want you can send the photo of everything as I am your suppliers to corroborate that everything is perfect. Available for Android or iOS.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple

Appy Couple, an app that has a series of templates with modern designs and super chic and you can change them as many times as you want if you do not completely convince, you just have to attach your details and details that you want to be reflected in it, you do not need to know design or programming to create it, also has other benefits, attendance confirmation, gift registration, share photos before and after the wedding, your guests can leave messages of congratulations, hotel reservation and transportation to the event. Available for Android or iOS.



Pinterest, one of the most recognized app, with this app you can fill with visual inspiration for the big day, you must create an account specifically for your wedding, this will help keep everything more organized and out of the personal, you can also make boards that you can Share publicly with your bridesmaids or suppliers so they can capture the vision you have of your big day. Available for Android or iOS.


Do you want to capture every moment of your wedding? Ceremony you and your guests can share and print photos and videos of your wedding in a very simple, the first thing you have to do is create an event in which you invite everyone, who is responsible for publishing all the photos and videos, one of the advantages of this app is that you can manage your event including maps, directions and schedules, once ready this step can have access to your memories which will be well organized. Everything is handled privately and also free of publicity, as you wish. Available for Android or iOS.

And good? Surely with these apps, you will be surprised by everything you can do with them, it will be much easier to organize your wedding or if you are also invited.

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