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How to Install WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet

WhatsApp Messenger for Android TabletIt usually happens that when we buy our first tablet , once we have installed the basic Android applications , we will download WhatsApp and it does not appear among the results that are shown to us. It is quite normal among users of this type of device.

WhatsApp is not compatible for tablets.It is one of the great faults that this messaging application has is the lack of multi platform support, limited only to use in smartphones or phones, when it could be really useful to be able to run this app on any device (tablet or PC) just like Telegram or Hangouts, which are their main competitors.

But we know that WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet has a section on its website where we can download the APK file of the latest version (does not match the Google Play), as they use this form as a beta channel where future improvements can be tested. the final application.

The best thing about this is that the latest versions that are hosted on your website can be downloaded and installed easily by having WhatsApp for tablet , it does not matter if it has 4G, 3G and / or WiFi connectivity. In today’s article we want to explain all the steps to follow to install this app on your tablet.

A note: You can not use your phone number for this since you will be without WhatsApp on your smartphone, so you will have to look for a secondary number. We started with this tutorial!

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet
WhatsApp for Android Tablet

Before starting the process, as you are going to install an APK file that is foreign to the Google Play platform, you must activate the option ” Allow Unknown Sources “ . Once done this now if we start with the steps to follow to have WhatsApp on any Android tablet.

  1. Go to the official website : The first step will be to go to the WhatsApp site and download the APK. You can perform this process from a tablet or from a PC and then pass the file. Does not matter.
  2. Now the file to be downloaded is installed .
  3. The third step will be to open WhatsApp on the tablet . You can see that it has the same interface as mobile phones but a little larger, as is logical. Now click on ” Accept and Continue ” and you will get a notice that says: ” Alert: currently can not be used on tablets .” No case to this, you give “OK” and continue with the process.
  4. It is time to enter the phone number you have previously obtained (remember that your current one is not valid) with the prefix of Spain, which is 34 and verify . As is logical, the SIM must be in operation since the SMS or the verification call has to arrive.
  5. !! Congratulations!! You already have WhatsApp installed on the tablet . What has been simple? The installation process is not complicated but I wanted to detail it so there is no doubt.

As you will be able to check, WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet has the same options you have for mobile. You will be able to see all the contacts, send videos, photos, exchange messages, … the only difference is that the interface adapts to a larger screen. If you have any questions you can always expose it in the comments of the article so that we can solve it.

How to install Whatsapp on an Android tablet without a modem

The WhatsApp messaging application has brought many advantages to the world of mobile telephony becoming an almost essential application for the vast majority of us, the users.

The following guide that I am going to show you teaches how to configure WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet on a computer (such as a tablet, although it could be any other device such as an Android TV) without it having a modem, something that in principle can not be done that the user’s login is the telephone number itself.

First of all let me say that this guide has been taken out of tutorialandroid and therefore the merit of it is theirs:

 Steps to install Whatsapp on the Tablet

  • On your mobile, install the Go Contacts EX application (from Android Market)
  • On the mobile, install the App Backup & Restore (from Android Market)
  • On the mobile, run the App Backup & Restore application, go to the Installed tab and select the Go Contacts EX application and press the Backup Selected Apps button. With this we can create an apk file of the Go Contacts EX application.
  • On the mobile, within App Backup & Restore still, we go to the Archived tab, and we left the Go Contacts EX application pressed. Select the Send option and select an email that we can visit from the tablet. With this we have passed an installable file of the Go Contacts EX application to our tablet.
  • On the tablet, we enter the email to which we have sent the contacts application, and download that email file. We execute it and install the application.
  • On the tablet, we enter http://www.whatsapp.com and install the WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet.
  • In the tablet, we configure WhatsApp, placing our mobile number and entering the code that we received in the SMS in our WhatsApp to activate it.

We already have WhatsApp installed, we just have to go to our Go Contacts EX application, and start adding contacts. When you click on them, the option to send messages via Whatsapp will begin to appear. Also from the same WhatsApp we can press the Menu -> Contacts button and add the contacts of the Go Contacts EX application.

Attending comments in the post, I update the news commenting both the tablets in which they have been able to install the WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet correctly as well as those that have not.

Verified the correct operation in

  • Mobile Samsung Galaxy Spica 5700 (2.1) with Tablet Lifepad (2.3)
  • Cruz 301 Tablet
  • Samsung Android Tablet 10.1
  • Tablet Arnova 10

Not working in

  • Motorola Xoom Tablet
  • Tablet Yarvik 420
  • Huawei Mediapad 7 “Tablet
  • Nexus 7 tablet
  • Woxter 75 CXI Tablet

If you dare to try it on your tablet, we will be happy to tell you about the experience.

Whatsapp for Android Tablet without SIM


After explaining how we can install Whataspp for our Android device, including if we do not have a modem, we want you to know how to have it when we do not have a SIM card.

To download WhatsApp it is necessary to have associated a phone number through which we can use the message service and access our contacts. In the case of not having a SIM card (a number) we may think that it is impossible to use WhatsApp although the truth is that there is a possibility to get it, which is simple and that we explain now.

The first thing you need is a mobile phone, yes I know we are explaining how to install WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet on a device (tablet) without a SIM card but you will need a mobile phone ( from a friend, a relative or an old one ) to receive confirmation messages WhatsApp sends when we are downloading the application and we register in your service.

Once this is done, you should follow these steps:

1-Enter the download page of WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablet and download the application on your tablet.

2-Once installed, you run the application . You have to accept the terms and conditions to continue.

3- Now comes the step in which the application will ask you to enter a mobile phone number so you must write the number of your friend, your father or the one you have left.

4- You will get a notice of failure in the verification (since WhatsApp checks if the device is the same linked to the phone provided) but do not worry as it will end up sending an SMS to the number that we have given it will be the verification code that you need.

This can last a while, even 15 minutes,  but if you see that no SMS arrives, press “Call me” (Call me) and you can receive an automatic call that will give you the verification code.

5-  Enter the code that arrived  on the device without the SIM card in which you are running.

whatsapp tablet android

In principle you no longer have to have any problem to run Whatsapp on your tablet without a SIM card.

Another option is to buy what are known as “virtual” phone numbers that online provide a number to register for services such as WhatsApp and others such as Skype.

For this we must enter internet pages with virtual numbers and we can even find them free. In this way you can enter “sites” like receive-sms-online.com, and select one of the numbers that are available to be the one that we give to the application once downloaded.

To that number, on the web page, the verification code will arrive so that once you receive it, you just have to copy it and write it on the Whatsapp that you have downloaded to your device.

How to install Whatsapp on an Android tablet with only WiFi

How to install Whatsapp on an Android tablet with only WiFi

After having talked about how you can have WhatsApp on an Android tablet through the website of the messaging application, and how to do it when we do not have a modem or a SIM card, we want to explain now how to do it with a tablet with only WIFI.

Through a series of steps , which seem somewhat simpler than all of the above, you can have installed WhatsAPP with only WIFI so that you can use the application when you are connected to any WIFI network, whether at home, work or any other to which we have access with our tablet and with this you can chat or send messages without needing to do it with your mobile . Obviously you will need a mobile phone number, but if you listen to us and follow these steps that we now explain, you will see how it is possible.

Steps to install  Whatsapp on an Android tablet with WiFi only

Whatsapp on an Android tablet with WiFi only

1-The first thing we have to do if you want to have Whatsapp on your tablet , will be to have a contact list that allows us to use the terminal or device as if it were a mobile phone. For this we have an option (free and simple) called Go Contact EX. so you download this alternative to the Android contact list; something you can do from the developer’s website.

2- Now you can download the latest version of Google Play . The best, or most recommended and easy, is that you do it through Google Play. You enter the Google store, you search Whatsappy and download it.

3-When you have Whatsapp installed on your tablet, we open the application and see how you request a phone number for registration. To do this we must use a mobile terminal that is not registered, or use the FonYou application that provides you with a new number to make calls from your terminal, thus having to record the virtual number that we register with  FonYou .

Another option is to download and launch a text message application such as Text + or Text Free , or other similar applications available. This will give you a number that can be used to register in WhatsApp from your tablet.

After installing the text application, you need to use it to send a text message to yourself or another contact. All you need is the phone number Text + uses to send you a message back. Take note of that number, since it will be the one you are going to use for the record.

4- When you have written down the number, WhatsApp will send you a message to that number with a pin that contains 6 digits. Once you have received the pin you will have to enter it in the screen of access to Whatsapp on the Android tablet.

5-You will only have to wait then to load the system . With these steps and if everything has gone well, you should be able to have WhatsApp installed on your Android tablet with Wi-Fi only. In addition, your contact list should appear as if it were your smartphone and with which you can communicate through the message application.

Download WhatsApp for tablet

Download WhatsApp for tablet

We have, in addition to all the above, applications that will help us to have Whatsapp on the tablet . These applications can be downloaded on the tablet and emulate WhatsApp web service, working just like the web version of the WhatsApp application. The only difference you can find is that the windows of the conversations is through the same application. You can download the free application at the following link:

Download Tablet for Whatsapp for free

TabletApp for WhatsApp

TabletApp for WhatsApp

Similar to the one we just mentioned, we have TabletApp for WhatsApp , an application that you can download directly from Google Play, for free and through which you can have WhatsApp on the tablet as if you had it on your mobile.

In addition, its operation is simple. Once you download them, you must scan the QR code on TabletApp from the WhatsApp app on your smartphon and you’re done! You will see how all the conversations and chats that you keep on WhatsApp appear on the tablet and you can also receive and respond to any new message.

Download TabletApp for WhatsApp

WhatsWeb Tablet for WhatsApp

WhatsWeb Tablet for WhatsApp

WhatsWeb Tablet is another of the recent applications that we find on Google Play so you can see all your WhatsApp from the tablet.

In the same way that we have seen in the two previous applications, a QR code appears that we must scan so that we have access to be able to have WhatsApp on the tablet. In addition we can alternate the use of the WhatsApp app on both devices at the same time, although yes, we have to warn you that the only one that we find in this application is that there is enough publicity so that some may consider it annoying.

Download WhatsWeb Tablet for WhatsApp

WhatsWeb Tablet & MultiAccount

WhatsWeb Tablet & MultiAccount

Seguimso watching applications through which you will be able to have WhatsApp on the tablet, and one of the newest will be perhaps WhatsWeb, since it allows us to manage several accounts of WhatsApp at the same time, in case we have them.

Scanning the QR code that appears, from the WhatsApp accounts that we have, we will see how this app appears on our tablet, without having to close anything or change account. If you have two mobile phones with two accounts of WhatsApp each, both will appear on the tablet at the same time thanks to WhatsWeb and in this way you will be able to manage from a single device.

Download WhatsWeb Tablet & MultiAccount

Install watsap on tablet

Install watsap on tablet

Much simpler, or basic, is this other app that allows you to have WhatsApp on your tablet in just three steps.

First of all you have to download the application and follow the three steps indicated, similar to those we follow when we install WhatsApp on our smartphone . Yes, you may have a bug because sometimes the app does not go as fast as one would like or even ends up unexpectedly.

Download Install watsap on tablet

WhatWeb For Whatsapp

WhatWeb For Whatsapp

WhatWeb For Whatsapp is an application that through that step of scanning the QR code allows us to enjoy the famous messaging application on our tablet. In this way you can clone your WhatsApp to use it from your mobile or from the tablet, or you can also use it as an application with which to use WhatsApp from two smartphones.

Its interface is the same as that of WhatsApp, although ordered in a somewhat different way, depending, for example, on whether we have group or individual chats.

Download WhatWeb For Whatsapp

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